Chapter 3

August 2013

4 months later

Since Dr. Lopez was the guest of honor, Brittany wanted to get him an appreciation gift. The man has been Lily's doctor since she was born and now that he's retiring she wanted to get him a gift to show her appreciation for everything he has done for both, Brittany and Lily. The fact that he put more thought into caring for her daughter and never once treated her differently from other children; and to make sure Brittany was okay with everything she's going through.

As much as Brittany would love to bring Lily with her to Dr. Lopez's retirement party; she also knew how exhausted the little girl can get. While the blonde will be out on her own at the party, her mother Susan will be caring for her daughter for the night.

The party was being held at Miguel's house. Through all the years that Brittany has known Dr. Lopez this will be her first time at his house.

After sitting in her car for half an hour staring at the doctor's house; Brittany decided to make her entrance. Walking along the steps to the door, admiring how beautiful the house looked. It was one of those old Victoria homes that still had its historical charm. Brittany admire the doctor he wasn't just Lily's doctor he was a real doctor he practiced everything. There were times when Brittany had to drive out to meet the doctor elsewhere due to the doctor making himself available throughout the eastern side of Connecticut.

Glancing once more at the front door before pushing the doorbell. Brittany softly ran her hand through her dress. The blonde wore a dark purple dress that stopped mid-thigh, beige heels with straps, a pair of black earrings, a charm bracelet her and Lily share, and a black waist coat keeping her warm. Brittany slowly inhaled a deep breath as she lightly pressed her clutch to her stomach, letting out a sigh as she rang the bell.

"Hola Brittany," Miguel greeted once he saw it was Brittany standing on the other side of the door.

"Good evening Dr. Lopez," the blonde replied.

"Oh please, Brittany we're outside of the clinic and I'm not Lily's doctor anymore so call me Miguel,"

"Sorry it's a habit,"

"It's okay come in come in,"

Once Brittany walks through the door she's in awe with the inside of the house. At the entrance of the door hangs a beautiful crystal chandler; to the right is the formal living room and to the left is the formal dining room, pass the dining room is a chef kitchen that has everything you can ask for in a kitchen, after the kitchen is an immaculate room where most of the guest are gathered. Brittany makes a nervous gulp; feeling like she's out of place for being invited to such a formal event. After all she only knows Miguel Lopez at the clinic or when he's admitting Lily's needs.

"Don't worry Brittany, you'll fit right in. I wouldn't invite you if I didn't think you be comfortable," Miguel says lightly patting the blonde.

Looking around the room observing everyone that's there, the blonde slightly nods.

"Come on I want to introduce you to some people,"

Miguel guides Brittany to the side where several important people in his life are chatting away.

"Where's your sister?" a woman with thick Spanish accent asked.

"I don't know. You asked me that like 5 million times the past 2 minutes," another person replied.

The woman frowned at the person "I did not. I asked you that 3 times the past 20 minutes."

"See you even keep count,"

The woman rolls her eyes "whatever, where the heck is she. She knows how important tonight is."

"Mom, you know Santana she likes to make an entrance,"

"Oh please your sister's been busy since she opened that company,"

"She's been busy since Jr's death,"

The woman sighs "don't remind me please, tonight is supposed to be about your father. No negativity tonight please."

"Ladies, ladies I want to introduce you to someone," Miguel interrupts.

The women smile at the person next to Miguel.

"This is Brittany. Her daughter Lily was a patient of mine," the doctor introduces.

"So you're Lily's mother. I heard so much about you and your daughter. I'm Amelia, Miguel's wife," Amelia shakes Brittany's hand with a smile.

"All good things I hope," Brittany replied

"Oh trust me Miguel can't stop gushing about how amazing your daughter is. I've been wondering when I'll meet this woman is that according to him "she's a single mother raising her daughter by herself"," Amelia bragged.

Brittany chuckles, "well I appreciate everything he's done for us."

Amelia smiles at Brittany, "and this is our daughter Natalia."

Brittany nods shaking Natalia's hand.

"Where's Santana?" Miguel asks

"I'm not sure. I hope she shows up," Amelia said

"Well until then let's enjoy the party. Brittany make yourself at home and don't worry Dr. Jones will be here as well." Miguel said

"Thank you and don't worry about me go attend to your guest. I'll be fine," the blonde said.

Miguel excuses himself from the ladies and mingles with the guests.

"So Brittany tell me about yourself. I know Miguel spoke highly about you and your daughter but I would like to get to know you myself." Amelia said

"Well you ladies have a lovely chat, I will attend to some of my guests that just walked in," Natalia said pointing at her friends who were waving at her.

Amelia rolls her eyes at her oldest daughter, "well one less problem for me," watching her daughter walk away.

Brittany chuckles.

Amelia smiles at Brittany, "why don't we go to the other room for some privacy, that way we can hear each other," the Latin woman said.

"Sure," the blonde said following Amelia to the formal living room.

The ladies take a seat on the couch next to each other.

"So tell me about herself,"

"What would you like to know?" Brittany asks

"Who Brittany is and what defines you?"

"Lily defines me, without her I wouldn't know my own strength. She's amazing, she's stronger than I expected. She makes me who I am."

"And who exactly are you? If you don't mind me asking?"

"No not at all. I enjoy talking about my daughter, she gives me stories to share with people."

"I don't mean to sound out of line here but is caring for Lily all you do?"

Brittany shakes her head, "you're not out of line. As much as I enjoy caring for my daughter I also work two jobs."

"Good grief, I know caring for her is hard but I didn't think you needed two jobs for that." Amelia said

"Well the state pays for Lily's disability, unfortunately it's not enough to cover everything. So while her benefits cover her, I need something to cover myself and pay rent. Plus I'm saving up for a disabled car." Brittany explained

"Can I ask, what's wrong with the car you have?"

"You can ask me anything. The car I have is good but I need a mobility vehicle, more of a van where it can lift Lily in her wheelchair instead of me having to take her out of the wheelchair, load her into the car, load up her wheelchair, and having to do it again but this time unloading it from the car."

"Oh my, that's a lot of work," Amelia said

"It's a lot of work but I wouldn't trade it for nothing. She's my life,"

Amelia squeezes Brittany's hand, "and you shouldn't. You are a brave woman Brittany. I can see why Miguel is so passionate about you and Lily," the Latin softly smiles.

Brittany returns the smile, "he's a great guy Amelia you're lucky to have him."

The women chat a little more before Amelia is called to the other room. Since Amelia has left to mingle with the other guests. Brittany takes a tour of the living room. She catches two pictures next to each other in a frame. In one picture has three young people each holding an ice cream cone smiling big. In the other picture has the same people but this time they're much older with the same smiles, hugging each other.

For a moment Brittany thought she was alone.

"That's a picture of me and my siblings," a raspy voice said.

Startled by the sudden sound, Brittany almost drops the frame.

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to scare you," the voice said.

"It's okay," Brittany said with her back still facing the person. She puts the frame back in its place then turns around to face the voice of reason.

"Hi, I'm Santana," a young Latina said holding her hand out to Brittany.