Life as a broken unicorn #11

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I woke up on the muddy ground. It must have been raining… I smelled the air. It was so fresh. Nothing like the air in Canterlot. I must have been in pony Ville! I tried standing up but then collapsed again as my head was in pain. I had to get used to that. I sat there waiting for someone to notice me and help out. Luckily someone did and faster than I expected. "Are you okay sugar cube? Here, let me help you out." I looked up to see an orange mare at a young adult-ish age. I shook my head and dirt flew out of my mane. She had kind eyes and helped me up instantly. "What happened sugar-cube? Are you okay?" she asked. I didn't answer as I was dazed by her appearance. A blonde hay-ish mane and freckles and a cowboy hat. She was definitely a cowgirl type of pony. She brought me inside what I think was her home. She handed me a blanket and we sat down in the dining room.

"You must be freezing out there in the cold! Tell me honey, why are you out there? And why in the hay were you collapsed?" she had a Texas accent which sounded so soothing compared to the posh accent we have in Canterlot. I sipped from the tea she gave me and started explaining myself. "Gosh you've been through a lot haven't you? And all that just because you wanted to pursue your dreams. Let me tell you something, I have a little sister and you remind me of her but you must be older slightly. Tell me how old are you?" I told her I was 11. "Hmm yup! Just as I suspected, you are 3 years older than my Applebloom." "Applebloom?" "Yup, my younger sister. Oh! I should introduce you to my friends. Ever heard of princess twilight sparkle?" I nodded excitedly," Don't tell me! No! Your friends with the princess? How, I mean why, I mean-""Now, now, sugar cube. Don't get too excited. Before meeting twilight how about finishing your tea and meeting my sister." I nodded and gulped the tea down. What a kind mare and all this trouble I caused her but yet she is so kind. I looked up at the clock. I had 45 mins left of free period which was enough for a meet and greet.

I followed the mare up to what I presumed was Applebloom's room. The mare knocked on the door and we entered the room. "Oh hey applejack! Can scootaloo and Sweetiebelle come over and play?" The first thing that came into my eye when I saw her was a bow, her bow was like mine but in pink. Applejack. That was the kind mare's name. "H-hey, who's she?" Applebloom asked pointing her hoof towards me. "This is Coffee Cake. She came all the way from Canterlot to pony Ville." I nodded blushing. "Hi…" I said in a soft shy voice. "You remind me of flutter shy! Hehe! All shy and your mane is so silky and long." I shook my head," actually my hair was cut recently. Your hair is way better than mine! So nice and stylish." She giggled and stood up. She was the most cheerful filly I had ever met. "Applebloom, we are going to meet everyone. Want to come?" Applejack asked. Applebloom shook her head, "no, I'm going to stay inside. Everyone will call me a blank flank. She whimpered as she stared at where her cutie mark was supposed to appear. I turned away, she must have a rough time at school. I want to tell her everything is okay but I didn't want to make big expectations when I really don't know. We exited the house and turned to what applejack called sugar cube corner.