Chapter 2

The bath was refreshing and unknotted all my stresses. I walked across the bamboo hallway wearing a blue Yukata with a black sash around my waist. Walking down this hallway, I enjoyed how the floor was cool against my bare feet making it feel nice. I had noticed after getting out of the bath that my clothes were taken away. I wasn't too confused by the sudden disappearance. It didn't happen often, but I was aware of what it signified. The disappearance of my clothes is an indication that I was meant to stay over and truthfully, I didn't mind. I smiled; suddenly feeling like this was a perfect time for me to relax. It was a perfect chance for me to get away from my problems. These small escapes were well-deserving no matter how irregular they were.

The corridor I walked down was dim-lite, I followed Kusakabe's instructions of how to reach Kyouya's room. Although, I have been to this base countless times, I have never been to Kyouya' room before. I remember asking him about it before but he said something about how no one was allowed in his room without permission. And apparently, I might be the select few who knew. So it was a bit odd when I thought about it. What had Kyouya make a change of heart?

Though I don't really mind since I am just a guest and I won't have much say in where I rest. I didn't let that thought float about for too long because truth be told; it was making me feel giddy. I felt as though we were going to have a secret sleepover. I shrugged my shoulders at that thought almost playfully and stopped in front of the paper bedroom panels. I was a bit nervous, a grown man like myself was embarrassed. I have never been into Kyouya's room before. Anyone would be a bit raddled up for going inside. I gathered my nerves and slide the panels open.

I wasn't that surprised at noting that his room matched the rest of the traditional Japanese look of his base. Kyouya's back was facing me as I stared openly. He was sitting at what seemed to be porch and it was night time. I was a bit confused by this, we were underground. But knowing Kyouya, he defied all logics. I noticed he had also changed into his usual yukata. A small table was placed beside him with a white porcelain bottle – what I could assume was sake – and a single widen cup. I noticed the way Kyouya's right arm moved up as his head dipped slightly back, and couldn't stop the pout my lips pulled. 'Ah? So Kyouya is already drinking without me.'


I said, hoping my excitement for the evening was hidden behind his name. I knew he was aware of my presence, there was no need for him to indicate it. We were in his domain, he would know everything about it….and he knew my presence.

Hibari turned around to stare at Tsunayoshi. He gave a look of acknowledgement before facing up to the projected moon again. Hibari could hear the soft steps move closer to him. Tsunayoshi sat beside Hibari and admired the night sky with him as the man drank sake. With the reminding sight of Tsunayoshi sitting beside him with only a small table between them, Hibari welcomed the enveloping silence of comfort.

"Care to explain how you managed to kidnap the outdoors down here, Kyouya?" I asked, with a bit of a smile. I heard him make a small noise before answering me.

"It's a projector, Tsuna. Did I beat you senseless that you couldn't notice that?"

I quickly spoke up for myself. "Oi! Kyouya! I was just starting a conversation!" I also added that he hadn't beaten me senseless…idiot.

The conversation took a still when Tsuna began to enjoy the drink. Although it was rather quiet, Hibari had a few thoughts in his mind, thoughts he would rather do without. It wasn't so much as a wild thought for Hibari to know what had happened to Tsunayoshi. Hibari has been watching Tsunayoshi since he could remember so he knew what the problem was. That baby – well, he was an adult now – was doing something stupid by messing with Tsunayoshi. Hibari didn't know why they were even together but it was done and all he could do was watch. He wasn't in his place to say anything. They were both adults, and Tsuna could do whatever he wanted. Of course, that didn't stop Hibari from intervening when Tsuna needed him to.

Hibari glanced over to take a look at Tsuna's profile. The young boss sat on his knees very still and Hibari knew it came with practice. He liked that about Tsuna, he was able to pull off anything with enough expertise once he had put his mind to it. Tsunayoshi was…something to be reckoning with and it made Hibari confused. How did someone like this struggle with Reborn? None of the guardians seemed to have noticed Tsuna's and Reborn's explicit relationship. He knew if it wasn't for them slipping up, he wouldn't have noticed it. Hibari sipped his sake before looking away back up to the night sky. Why was he so concerned over this matter?

They sat silently in quiet drinking. No words passing through.

Looking at Kyouya under this night sky, artificial or not, I took note of the redness of his ears. I wonder if this is my first time seeing him in this way. There was something about being with Kyouya that made me feel safe and good. Save it for Kyouya to come to my rescue, it seemed that every time I had stress and needed intense sparring Kyouya seemed to always be there and never turned down any of my fights. When we first started to train, I could tell that the man was going easy on me but later on as we progressed he had been more intense. Now as of late with the few years that passed by, my body no longer took up any life-threating wounds from him. Well, there would be the occasionally one and I would still get light bruising.

I stared at the liquor that swirled in my cup. "Thank you Kyouya for helping me once again." I said, looking at him.

Hibari was a bit surprised by what Tsunayoshi had said. Hibari turned to face Tsunayoshi although he didn't lift his lips, at the moment his eyes glinted. It was silent again as Hibari gazed up at the man beside him. He was going to make himself more involved in this affair.

"Tsunayoshi, I'm going to save you."

I was baffled as I stared at Kyouya in well, shock. Was he being serious? Did I hear that correctly? I stared deep into his determined ones and I knew it – I could see the strength in them – he was serious. Serious and possibly influenced by his drinks. It was only a single phrase but it was enough for me to know that Kyouya knew; he wanted to help me. That thought lingered as if my consciousness was feeling through it, absorbing something of the utmost importance.

With those words settled in my mind, I swallowed down my drink feeling my body warm up when I finished. I placed the cup away and stood up. I lifted my arms into the air, interlocking my fingers as my back stretched into a deep curve, gosh that really felt nice. I relaxed releasing a deep sigh and walk back further into the bedroom. In a tired, content voice, I spoke.

"I'm going to bed, Kyouya. You should probably stop drinking."

Hibari looked after Tsunayoshi walking away and chucked down his sake he had just poured as Tsunayoshi was stretching. He placed the small cup back on top of the table before getting up and faced the night sky once more. As he closed his eyes to sigh, he was shocked to hear the familiar old shriek that he hadn't heard since many years ago and above all his last name was called.

"Hieee! Hi-bari-san..?"

He turned around to see a flustered brunet backing away from the laid down futon. He was amused he had to admit, he missed the herbivore brunet. With an unconcealed smirk, Hibari walked gently and swiftly behind the slightly quivering brunet. He sneaked up behind the younger man and titled his head down to whisper into Tsunayoshi's ear.

"Talking as if you are young again, would you like me to call you 'herbivore'?"

Hibari spoke with a teasing nature something of which usually happens when he drinks.

I couldn't stop myself from releasing that 'Eep!' I moved forward a bit giving me enough space away from the body behind me. I looked sideways catching a small glimpse of Kyouya smirking at me and I quickly looked away.

"Uhm…Hiba-Kyou..ya...Why is there…only one fu..ton?"

I've had experience sharing a bed with others but never with Kyouya. It was dangerous and unheard of! This man would go off on you if you made a mistake being awake but asleep? I didn't want to experience that wrath.

"I requested it to be like this."


He didn't say anything as I watched Kyouya off the light and slip under the covers of the futon. He lay down propped up on his right elbow facing me side way as his right hand pulled the quilted blanket back as if inviting me. At this very moment I think I'm more terrified of a playfully amused Kyouya vs a pissed off blood thirsty one.

"Hurry and get into bed already, Herbivore."

Kyouya was already under the blanket comfortably perched up on his elbow waiting for me to get in. The sight was slightly mocking and it was so bluntly obvious that he was teasing me, especially calling me a herbivore! I was contemplating whether it was safe and fast enough for me to run out of the room but quickly got rid of that thought when I realized I was in Kyouya's home base. I wasn't going to escape alive unless I got permission too. I nibbled on my lips for a moment in thought before finally sighing as I reluctantly gave myself up to his wishes.

I passed the small space that separated us and as I reached the white futon, I made sure to avoid all eye contact. It would be a lie to say that my behaviour at this moment was in complete resemblance to my ten year younger version of me. I mentally cursed Kyouya. Taking a few breaths, I slowly lowered to my knees and timidly crawled under the blankets sliding my legs under the cool blanket accidentally brushing Hibari's feet. I lay down on the pillow and as I rested there slightly awkwardly, I kept reminding myself that everything was going to be okay. I just had to not move and accidentally get into Kyouya's way and all will be well.

I lay there facing the ceiling and although I was concentrating to go to sleep, I couldn't stop thinking about what was going on with Reborn. At this moment if I hadn't denied Reborn what he wanted, what would we have been doing now? Well, that was already obvious to what he wanted but would he have stayed long enough after it? Would he hold me and kiss my pain away? Would he finally utter those three words to me and make me feel complete? Oh god, Reborn. Why are you so difficult?

I didn't see it but I could feel Kyouya's hand cup my face and his thumbs caress up my jaw, over my cheek and just below my eyes. Once it touched below my bottom eyelids I felt something wet against my skin. Had I cried? I looked at him in silence. I could hear the rumbling of his deep voice as it buzzed around me but I wasn't focusing at that – no, I was too busy soaking up the warmth that emitted from the palm of his hand.

"Do not let thoughts plague your mind at night, it isn't good for you. Now go to sleep."

It was a soothing whisper; the way his voice buzzed gently as it reached my eardrums. It was only a short pause when he spoke but it was gone as my eyes closed and the feeling of warm, smooth lips kissed my forehead. I could feel it, the course of warmth spread like a forest fire. He held me in his arms tightly securing me in place and I fell asleep in his embrace.

My eyes hurt and I'm so tired but I feel too content in sleep. I opened my bleary eyes, waiting for them to clear up on their own accordance. I nudged my head further into whatever I was sleeping on. I noticed it felt hard yet surprisingly warm, as I sighed blissfully I got wind of the scent of this pillow, it reminded me deeply of a particular cloud gaurdian. I mumbled something incoherently and using my elbows that seemed to be on something else hard I lifted myself up. To my sweet embarrassment I found myself cuddled in Hibari's arms; this would explain the heavy grasp I could feel around my waist. I should have realized that it wasn't the blanket. On top of sleeping on top of him, I realized that I had to get off him before he woke up to kill me!

Hibari woke up when felt his arms being roughly moved around. He grumbled as he opened his eyes to see Tsunayoshi struggling to pry his arms off him. They both stared at each other, Tsunayoshi in embarrassment and Hibari in confusion. A knock from the panelled doors interrupted them and they pulled away to look at the doors.

"Kyou-san, I'm sorry to interrupt but someone is here requesting to see you, they said it was of the utmost importance."

Breakfast was brought in as soon as Kyouya was changing so I ate as Kyouya was getting ready. I asked him if he'll have time to eat but informed me that he'll do so after this so-called urgent meeting. I walked over to the entrance and picked up the basket in which my folded clothes lay. I moved further into the room and began to change. I had already removed my Yukata and pulled my boxer and freshly pressed dress pants on. The clothes smelled really well kind of like a lemon spring scent? Hmm, I'm not exactly sure…I should ask Kusakabe what he uses. I picked up my white vest and was about to pull them over my arms until the door opened.

My back was facing that and at first – for a split second – I thought it was Kyouya until I felt the presence behind me and knew that it wasn't him, no instead it was,

"Reborn, what are you doing here?"

I felt his aura as he entered Kyouya's room. I don't know if he has permission or not but I'm not in the mood to see him, as a matter of fact my happy mood was just killed. I could hear the soft padding of his footsteps near me but not near enough so I would say it was a good 5 feet away.

"That should be my question Dame-Tsuna, what the hells are you doing here?"

Well, that isn't much a surprise, he's annoyed. Let me guess, it's because once again I decided not to tell him that I was going to stay at Kyouya's place. Seriously, I'm not stupid but Reborn gets upset when I don't tell him my plans. He's acting like a domineering parent over a teenage rebel.

"Nothing Reborn, I was sparring with Kyouya and he offered me to stay here to rest." I pulled my arms through my vest and brought it over my shoulders.

"Sparing, huh?" Reborn eyed the pale bruises covered all over Tsuna's back in distaste. With a sneer he continued speaking. "I need to discuss something with you and it cannot wait, I'll see you in your office in ten."

Reborn turned to walk out but stopped at Tsuna's voice.


Reborn turned back to see Tsuna's back covered with a white vest as he bent down to pick up another piece of clothing from the basket below him. Reborn did not like that Tsuna wanted more time here and repositioned his time limit.

"In 10 min-"

"30 minutes and that's final, Reborn."

Surprisingly, he was interrupted by a very composed and strong counter response. Reborn assessed Tsuna's entire figure before nodding his head although, Tsuna wouldn't have seen it if he wasn't focusing.

"Very well." With that Reborn walked out of the room curtly.

I sighed when Reborn finally left the room. I finished buttoning up my shirt but I started to feel anxious. I needed to feel safe; I needed reassurance. I turned around and walked out of the room, closing the panels behind seeing as Reborn left it open. I closed my eyes, bowing my head. Okay, all I need to do is relax, relax and to carry on. I opened my eyes and was ready to walk down the hallway but was surprised to see Kyouya casually leaning against the wall in front of me.


I don't know what he saw in my face to make him furrow his brows but it was all it took to get him to pull me in for a partial hug. I wasn't too sure what to do, so I just stood there with my arms to my side. It was short-lived but it was enough to make my anxious feelings disappear. I felt a shift from above as Kyouya moved and he spoke.

"I'm here, if you need to talk."

I couldn't let him be responsible for my relationship problem. I would need to fix it all myself. What I have with Reborn was stem from convenience and dependency, and right now I had to make a decision.

"I know Kyouya, thank you."

Author Note: Editing this chapter was a pain but I'm somewhat okay with how it is now. This chapter was getting too long so I had to split it in half. The next chapter has some intense scenes.