I have seen lots of emails from wordpress writers looking for a website to list their stories on and from readers who can't find any new stories to read. I have a website for Eric and Sookie stories that they and anybody else could do this on. Right now I have a list of 1,063 stories. Readers can surf around the site to find stories. All writers have to do is go to the New story page and copy the form on the page fill it out for each story and post it to the comments. Any writer can fill out the form. I accept stories from all sites. Including Fanfiction, Wordpress, blogger, Archive of my own, Writers coffee... shop, and any other website as long it is an Eric and Sookie story. I accept all types of stories, but if it is dark or has anything that will disturb some people, I ask you put a warning in the warning area of the form, for our sensitive readers. If you are a reader and are looking at the New stories, please pay attention to this part of the form, before reading.

My site is organized by Human(organized by Eric's job), Books(By which book), Tv Show(by Season), Time travel/ alt universe, 30 chapters or more, Godric, Eric and Sookie, Super power Sookie, my favorites, Completed stories, Missing stories and etc. After the story has been on the New story page for 6 months I will move it to where it belongs on the site, as my time allows. This is why I need the form filled out, so I will know where it belongs. Other wise I will have to read the whole story, before I can do anything with it, inorder to figure out where it belongs. Which would cause delays in updating the site, in a timely manner. Since I don't have time to read every single story.

I don't have a lot website design experience, so I am looking for someone to help me pretty it up and make it work right. The main page keeps moving and people go to a blank page instead of the main page when I send them there. Lucky you can find the main page on the side bar, but it is still annoying. I am a former accountant and data collection person, so data is my specialty, not making things look pretty.

I am also looking for help with going to every writers page for the stories I have collected from Fanfiction and finding out if their stories are listed some where else and place a link to that place.

I am also looking for some people who will be willing to mentor a writer who is sick of the hate and story deletions on fanfiction. If we can help them find a site they like, teach them how to use it and set it up to fit their needs, maybe they will keep writing. If you are interested in helping my email is on the main page of the site.

The link for the site is on my writer page. Since Fanfiction will not allow me to put it here.