I do not own Superman, Batman, Robin or Kid Flash, Hermione Granger, Diagon Alley, Gotham City or the idea of zombies. This is a very stupid one-shot that I wrote in art.

Kiki was a zombie. She was not a nice zombie, she ate human flesh. She liked to rip people's heads off; it was her job to exterminate the human race. Kiki lived in an old apartment, in Gotham City, the windows were smashed from the many times she had jumped through them to attack unsuspecting passers-by and the lounge was covered in blood from her many kills. She lived with her zombie friend, Barney, every night after the sun set, they could not bear sunlight, every night they would go out and kill people, sometime in their zombie lives, a stupid, now deceased, person drew a smiley face, in permanent marker, on Barney's face, it's still there, they used to have another friend called Hermione, they met her in Diagon Alley, but she was killed by a rival group of zombies, they ripped her head off and flushed it down the toilet, somehow it fit, now her head is bobbing around in the sewers.

One night Kiki and Barney met an alien, she was a zombie alien, his name was Bob, he was also Barney's cousin, and they were both from the zombie planet Jupiter.

They became a zombie team, one day they met Superman, after several minutes of intense fighting they over-powered him, that night they had Super-steak. Once they came across a day-care centre, within seconds the fight was over and the zombies were chewing child-flesh. They were a very fierce fighting team. After all their meals they had a period of free-time we shall refer to as chat-time, this was when they had their conversation.

"Brains" Barney moaned.

"Brains." The other two agreed.

This was how most of their conversations went. What was odd about the zombie trio was that they liked to cook their food, while other zombies ripped hunks of flesh off bones and shoving it into greedy mouths.

One day they met Batman and Robin, the dynamic duo were patrolling the streets of Gotham when they came across the zombie trio.

"Brains." They moaned in unison as they leapt for the dynamic duo.

Robin cackled "Someone's not feeling the aster, you're not whelmed, you need to get traught, and you should be feeling turbed, and here's a new one-"

"Shut up Boy Blunder." Kid Flash, Robin's best friend, cut into the conversation as he skidded to a halt next to Robin, after a quick (and incredibly immature) exchange of insults the young sidekicks ran off to play video games.

This left the Dark Knight himself, Batman, the Caped Crusader threw his batarangs at the undead monsters, effectively blowing them to smithereens.

"Wow! Mr Batman, how did you do that?"

"What do you think about these recent zombie outbreaks?"

"Who were they before they were bitten?"

The news reporters continued with other questions such as these until Batman held up his hand to stop them.

"I'm Batman."

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