Sorry, this one's already taken though I'll update when I come up with new characters. You can also add characters that you might want to be used by other authors here in case they don't go in forums or something. Obviously I'll give you full credits for the characters you make. You also don't have to make full skill trees for them, just don't half-ass your bios and it'll be fine.

The bio

Name: Heather Chrysanthem.


Class name: Myrmidon

Appearance: Long purple hair and pink eyes. Her clothing depends on the situation. Casually wears a violet hoodie with black denims with the hood over her hair. No glasses except for reading. Skin is extremely pale although spending much time outside. Less casually, a.k.a, during important fights, protective gear like Zero's except a little less skin-tight but similar in appearance. Also a violet cape, just cause she likes it that way. Her appearance in general isn't her priority as…well Pandora doesn't exactly pull any punches. Fairly slender and short at 5'2.

Back story: Heather was born on Eden-5. Her parents are named Harry and Cheryl. Her family isn't rich... just not to say they're turbo-broke. Seeing this situation, Heather wants to help and enlists herself as a subject for Maliwan experimentation, leaving her family and her best friend Gaige behind. After 2 years there, she leaves with mastery of fire, corrosion and shock. Instead of being sent back to her family though, she is sent to the order of the impending storm that will train her in combat to test out the efficiency of Maliwan's tests. She trains there for 4 years before being sent on a battlefield on another planet. This traumatizes her as she was far from ready to see all manners of people die around her. Her fear will make her lose her mastery of her elements, locking them, never wanting to use them to harm anyone ever again. Additionally, she suffers from various traumas resulting in a spike of her cerebral activities that release a massive shockwave around her. As this once happens while she is in her bath, she almost kills herself, also giving her a phobia of water she only learns to sustain for short periods of time by age 19. Seeing this deplorable first attempt on the battlefield, the order sends her back to Maliwan who spends some time trying to unlock her mental gates that keep her away from her talents. They only succeed in stopping her panic attacks and control her shock abilities to a certain extent. They also take the opportunity to try and implement her already fairly mutated body, despite it showing no sign of it, with slag. The tests being primitive, they succeed but also forever change her brown hair and eyes respectively purple and pink. At 17, she's sent back to the order now in better control of her emotions. This allows Sophis to start looking up to her talent making her a bodyguard to the fearsome Siren of Athenas. She keeps this job for 3 years, years she spends bonding with Maya to the point of them becoming almost like a mother and daughter. When Maya betrays the order, Heather follows suit. Together, they take the next ship to Pandora.

Action skill: Heather releases her seal on her shock powers. Using a sword as a lightning rod, she creates a electrical field around herself, protecting her from oncoming bullets. The radius of the skill is 600. Additionally, enemies finding themselves in the radius will take steady damage equal 65% of her melee damage every second then applying a malus or buff. While the skill is active, she gains additional 300% melee damage however loses her ability to fire regular bullets (white damage bullets). She also leeches health equal to 2,5% of all damage dealt.

Duration: 20 seconds

Cooldown: 100 seconds.

Skill trees overview:

Sword art: This entire skill tree bases itself around her melee damage. Being able to attack rapidly with reduced override cooldown, master her own powers to apply slag, fire or corrosion with every attack or simply throwing the damn thing to hurt a lot. The top tier skill (if a siren can do it…) gives her a 50% chance to cause a slag explosion after every melee attack that deals 20% of her regular melee damage.

Gunplay: really self explanatory. Much like gun lust for the Gunzerker, gunplay is all about dealing massive amounts of damage in a single shot and even self homing bullets in case the player lacks any aim to speak of. The top tier skill (13 rounds of massacre) gives her next 13 shots an extra 150% gun damage upon her action skill ending, a great combo with defensive layers, another skill that triggers your action skill for 3 seconds upon your shield emptying.

Ascendance: Ascendance is all about not dying,,,ever. Every skill ups the survivability of the entire party making her a great supporter. The top tier skill (feel no pain) makes your entire party unaffected by fight for your life. The timer still goes down but you can still aim, throw grenades, run or use your action skill

Skill trees:

Sword Art:

Tier 1:

Gunless Effortless: Increases melee damage and critical hit damage, 5 levels, 4% increase for melee per level, 3% for critical hit damage

Zoning out: Increases the radius of your action skill, 5 levels, 50 increase per level

Tier 2:

C-c-c-combo!: Total melee damage reduced when action skill is unnactive but severely redues override cooldown rate between rapide-fire melee attacks, 5 levels, one more attack can be chained for every level up to 6 attacks, the skill will mot trigger while your action skill is active

FTL: Increases the shock damage of your action skill equal to a percentage of your own melee damage, 5 levels, 5% increase in damage for every level

Tier 3:

I stole it from Gaige: Enemies within the radius of your action skill that are hit by a melee attack will catch on fire based on your melee damage, 5 levels, 3% increase in damage for every level

The batteries are leaking!: All melee attacks now deal bonus corrosive damage. Every melee attack gives you an acidic stack which are lost after 3 seconds that determine the damage of the corrosion, 5 levels, max stock:10, 0,5% damage per stack for every level up to 2,5% damage per stacks. Damage is based off of regular melee damage.

It's just a really big bullet: Holding the melee button allows you to throw your sword for 700% of your average melee damage however you cannot use melee attacks for 10 seconds. If you use this skill while in your action skill, you will prematurely end it but will instead deal 1000% bonus melee damage. 1 level

Tier 4:

Can't contain the sword hand: Decreases the cooldown rate for your action skill, the fuller your shield, the higher the decrease, 5 levels, up to 6% cooldown rate per level.

Defensive layers. Your shield depleting causes your action skill to trigger and last three seconds however boots your shield recharge delay by 2,5 seconds, 1 level

Tier 5:

Full control: You gain immunity to shock DOT while your shield is empty. Additionaly, it heals you, 5 levels, 5% of shock DOT heals you per level

Tier 6: If a Siren can do it: Every melee attack has a chance to trigger a slag explosion that deals 20% of that melee attack's damage.


Tier 1:

Too good at this: Increases your gun damage and reload speed, 5 levels, 3% increase to each per level

Vlad would hate me: reduces your fire rate but massively increases gun damage, 5 levels, -15% fire rate with a 1% increase leading -10% fire rate at level 5 to and 6% gun damage per level.

Tier 2:

Sneaky surprise: Increased critical hit damage when ennemies have not spotted you, additionally as a chance to not aggro nearby enemies if the first dies in one hit, 5 levels, 10% crit damage and chance for enemies to not be aggroed per level.

Taking the shot: Not shooting your gun while in combat gives you a stack of taking the shot. Each stack increases critical hit damage, 5 levels, max stacks: 10, you gain a stock every 2 seconds, 1% critical hit damage per stack per level.

Tier 3:

Rampant rampage: Increases the number of bullets that are fired in a shotgun blast but also reduces shotgun accuracy, 5 levels, 10% more bullets per level, -10% Shotgun accuracy per level down to -50% accuracy.

We need more EXPLOSIONS!: While holding a non explosive gun, deal extra explosive damage while firing a gun at point blank range however reduces your bullet speed, 5 levels, 2% of the gun's damage is converted then added as explosive damage per level, -3% bullet speed per level

Next...: Killing an enemy makes your character automatically aim at another enemy's critical spot, additionnaly, you gain a 10% gun damage bonus for 1 second after this skill triggers, 1 level

Tier 4:

Top tier shape: The higher your health, the higher your gun damage however when your health drops below 25%, lower your fire rate as well as your aiming speed, 5 levels up to 7% gun damage per level, steady -5% fire rate and -10% aiming speed as the skill progresses

I just really, really need it: You can fire your gun while in your action skill however lose 300% melee damage and lose your ability to aim, 1 level

Tier 5:

Don't mind everything up there: every stat reduction your character suffers in this skill tree is reducedbut also slightly reduces gun damage, -15% to all negative effects per levels, -2% gun damage per level

Tier 6:

13 rounds of massacre: Upon the end of your action skill, gain an additional 150% gun damage for 13 shots fired except for rocket launchers, reloading prematurely will end the skill prematurely. The gun damage is lost after 15 seconds


Tier 1:

I like it rough: increases you maximum health, 5 levels, 6% health per level

Lord of sacking: reduces your enemies' elemental effect chance, 5 levels, 5% reduction per level

The order: Regaining health gives you a the order stack, each of these stacks increases the health you regain, 1 level, max stacks: 33, 0,3% increased healing per stack, steady health regeneration does not give stacks

Tier 2:

Irrelevant hemorragies: entends your party's fight for your life time, 5 levels 8% increase per level

It's not very effective: Reduces the elemental effect damage you take, also lowers you chances of getting slagged, 5 levels, -5% damage per level, -10% chance of getting slagged per level

Tier 3:

Troll skin: Every second you aren't hit in battle gives you a troll stack, you take reduced damage for each stack you have, 5 levels, max stacks:100, 0,1% damage réduction per stack per level, getting hit removes 5 stacks.

Nailing CPR: Allies within the perimeter of your action skill will slowly get revives, they may still shoot will this is going on, 1 level, acts like a regular revive except with more bullets

Blood blade: killing an enemy with a melee attack heals you, the lower your health, the greater the healing, 5 levels, up to 8% healing per level

Tier 4:

Active regeneration: whenever an action skill is active in your party, you and your teammates regenerate health, this skill does not stack if multiple action skills are active at once, 5 levels, 0,6% health regen per level every second

Confirmed: Upon capping your the order stacks you start losing them at the rate of 1 every second. For each stack, you create a healing nova that heals for 3% of your ally or your total health. Also, allies hit with five consecutive novas will get a second wind.

Tier 5:

Outrage of the deathless: Upon getting a second wind, you and your teammates are healed for a percentage of that person's total health. Also reduces shield recharge delay upon getting second winds, 5 levels, 15% extra health per level, -20% shield recharge delay per level

Tier 6:

Feel no pain: Your team is completely unnafected by fight for your life mode, 1 level.