You can take this one whenever you want. It was inspired by Admiral Bahroo's ideas on what would make an interesting character. I don't think it would work too well in-game, especially the first skill tree, but it's worth trying out.

Name: Red


Class: ripper

Appearance: a black hood covers he equally ebony hair and bloodshot, blood red eyes, permanently looking sad and depressed. She wears a pristine traveler's cloak. Said cloak hides a plain attire of a shirt and pants. These are not so pristine, instead looking like the uniform of an overzealous butcher after a very busy day. She's marred everywhere with taints of dried blood, not all being to herself. Her bland appearance makes her unnoticeable and unremarkable to the bandits of Pandora. Exactly what she wants.

Back story: born under the name of Elizabeth, Red had an easy childhood. Living as the future heir of the Somervald monarchy, she had little to no responsibilities to uphold. Constantly guarded, however,she lived under the impression that she had no freedom of her own. Additional, to back up that believe, she was trained in weaponry since the planet of Somervald greatly values prowess on the battlefield. Despite her best effort, she could never best her teachers. To get her mind off of all this, she often reminded herself that by the time she'd reach the age of 25, the kingdom would be hers as it was estimated her parents would have most likely passed away by then. So she waited all this time, feeling increasingly aggravated at what she felt was a lack of freedom. When she celebrated her 25th birthday. Her parents were still very much alive. Thus, everyone agreed it was best for them to stay in power. Red now also felt she was infuriatingly powerless. Forced into waiting even longer, she started going through a downward spiral. Deciding that she did indeed have power. Power over the wildlife. Power over the flora. She just didn't exhibit it yet. Frustrated beyond belief, she made herself a small Kingdom in her mind where she was free to do as she pleased and had all the power she wanted. Seeing their daughter slowly become more and more insane, her parents realise she isn't fit to rule until she fixes these issues. Red was less than pleased to hear that. Her downward spiral turned into a straight line to insanity. In her dit of rage, she murdered her parents and several guards until she was apprehended. She was exiled to Pandora as a punishment for her crimes, weapon less. That, however, didn't stop her. She raided a bandit camp in which she found two daggers and a pocket knife which would become her melee weapons. Wandering around the planet, she was given enough time to sort her thoughts and become somewhat lucid again, discovering that physical pain and exhaustion helped her stay sane. Her hatred for her parents morphed into an indifference to human lives. She wandered for 3 years before settling into Sanctuary were she does little assassination jobs, taking the nickname Red during these, and usually stays away from everyone.

Personality: Red is extremely passive when out of combat and a little antisocial. She cares very little about the ones around her and doesn't deign to pretend she does. She prefers solitude most of all. In combat, though, another side of her resurfaces, she becomes mean-spirited, cruel, tactless and brutal. She could kill her parents without a second thought just because she's bored during a night. She's a sociopath most would likely prefer to stay far far away from no matter the circumstances.

Action skill: Memories of Red's past come crashing back, making her lose her grip on her lucidity. To stay in control, Red cuts her left wrist open before going on her rampage. During your action skill, you constantly lose health at the rate of 5% every second. You action skill ends either when Red is at 25% health or it has lasted more than 45 seconds. During your action skill you gain double the damage, 40% movement speed and 75% damage reduction.

Skill trees:

Backstabber: if you're not a team player then this is for you. This skill tree allows you to harm your allies to make yourself stronger!

Tier 1:

back stab: you can now hurt your allies. For every 25% of their health you deal to them, you gain a stack of traitor. Each traitor stack gives you 5% reload speed, fire rate, damage and critical hit damage. Stacks are lost while not in combat

Max stack: 25, 1 level. This skill doesn't trigger in duels.

Sneaky Sneaky: increases your melee damage drastically for a single attack that has a 15 second cool down. 4 levels, 12,5% melee damage per level (animation is similar to the spy's backstab in tf2)

Tier 2:

Ty for hp: every traitor stack now grants you overloaded health (overloaded health does not impact percentages based on your health. For example if you have 100 health and 50 overloaded health, so 150 in total, and you trigger your action skill causing 5% of your health as damage every second, you will still only lose 5 health every second in this scenario.) this health can't be restored. 5 levels, each stack grants you 1,5% of your total health as overloaded health. Each level rises that percentage by another 1.5% up to 7,5% overloaded health per stack.

Laceration: your melee attacks now cause bleeding. A bleeding target slowly loses health (this health counts towards gaining traitor stacks), 5 levels, 1% of melee damage as bleeding damage every second, +1% bleeding damage every level. Bleeding lasts for 10 seconds.

Tier 3:

Well I didn't like you either: your teammates can now harm you. For every 10% of your health they take away, the cool down of your action skill is reduced by 5 seconds. 1 level.

Left in dead silence: whenever one of your allies die, you gain increased gun damage and accuracy, 5 levels, 10% gun damage and accuracy per level. The buff lasts for 15 seconds.

Do you like to play with fire?: allies hit by your attacks will now catch fire (5% of your melee damage a second for 10 seconds ). While they're on fire, their bullets are incendiary. 5 levels 2% of their gun damage converted to incendiary damage per level. Damage taken by your allies while on fire contributes to gaining traitor stacks.

Tier 4:

I'm gonna betray you twice over: increases the maximum amount of traitor stacks you can gain. 5 levels, 5 extra stack per level.

Last minute redemption: upon dying, you lose all your traitor stacks, your teammates gain 0,1% health regeneration for each stacks you lost for 1 minutes. This skill has a 300 second cool down. 1 level.

Tier 5 :

I can't backstab a dead person!: every time you gain a traitor stack, your allies gain overloaded health . This health remains until your allies lose it. (it can't be regenerated.) 5 levels, 0,5% of their health as overloaded health per stack per level

Tier 6:

consume spirit : using 2 melee attacks on an ally in fight for you life mode will instantly kill them. You gain every stat bonus in their skill trees. (raw bonuses only. Stack-based skills, kill skills, melee alteration skills and whatnot aren't stolen.) the effects lasts for 1 minute. You cannot stack this effect by killing multiple people or the same person in 60 seconds.

Soothing sanity: In case you're not into killing your allies or yourself. Soothing sanity makes you a jack of all trades character. The skill tree to go to if you just have a point to waste in something

Tier 1:

Steadfast aiming: increases your accuracy and weapon aim speed, 5 levels, 6% increase per level.

Controlled chaos: increases your grenade damage and blast radius.5 levels, 6% damage and 30 radius per level

Extremely important skill thingy: you can now high-five an ally, 1 level (has no impact in fighting)

Tier 2:

I know these guns pretty well actually: increases the damage and fire rate of Bandit weaponry (this excludes rocket launchers), 5 levels, 3% increase per level.

Good thing I'm wearing protection: increases your shield recharge rate and capacity. 5 level, 3% increase per level.

Tier 3:

We're cool now, right?: your action skill no longer causes you to lose 5% health per second but you lose the full health upon triggering it. 1 level.

I will fight with honor and retribution: alerting enemies of your presence before shooting them gives you an all around damage buff for 30 seconds. 5 levels, +6% damage per level.

Bullets are expensive: emptying a clip gives you a chance to regain the amount ammo there was in your magazine, 5 levels, 8% chance not to consume ammo per level.

Tier 4

Not a pretty princess anymore...: killing an enemy with a melee attack causes other enemies to be stunned for a few seconds ( in confusion of seeing a friend die), 5 level, 0,4 seconds stunned per level.

Tier 5:

Math fanatic (weirdo) : every percentage in this skill tree is multiplied by the amount of point invested in the skill tree. Multiplier: 1+0,05X(skill point -20), 1 level, it's a small meta game, one people will hate me for

Now just an over trained human being: your action skill now instead buffs all your stats by 50% and the cool down I reduced to 75 seconds but doesn't cool down any faster by killing enemies anymore.

Tier 6:

I want some of that and some of that a nd...: slightly buffs all your stats, no level cap, 1% buff per level.

THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: you can now bro fist allies. 1 level.

Revel in the gore: there's only one amount of health that's relevant: 0%. Other than that health is expandable

Tier 1:

It makes me feel alive: your max health is reduced by 80%. Kill skill: killing an enemy grants 100% of your health as overloaded health (you cannot have more than 1000% extra health) overloaded health cannot be restored, 1 level.

Blood-soaked bullets: melee skill alteration: using a melee attack while aiming down scope, a percentage (in bottom right of the screen) rises. This percentage is the amount of health you're trading to deal extra gun damage (it resets when you stop aiming) each 1% health you're trading will give you 3% extra gun damage. You lose health and gain your gun damage upon firing a bullet. This trade-off must be done for every bullet fired. The percentage rises by 5% every time you use the melee attack while aiming down scope. This does not use shield units. 4 levels, up to 25% extra health can be converted per level up to 100% health traded into gun damage.

Tier 2:

Elements are for pussies: increases your gun damage while wielding a non-elemental gun: 5 levels, 4% gun damage per level

I might have slight Parkinson: increases your fire rate but lowers accuracy, 5 levels, steady -10% accuracy, 4% extra gun damage per level.

Tier 3

False swipe: your melee attacks can no longer kill opponents, instead fatal damage gives you overloaded health (enemies stay at 1 hp), 5 levels, 3% of damage as overloaded health per level

Blood batteries: when your shield depletes, lose 40% of your health to restore some of your shield. This skill has a 30 seconds cool down, 5 level s. Restores 10% of your shield unit per level.

Anemia: doubles all stat buffs from your action skill but you now take 10% of your heath as damage. (if you spent a point on we're cool now, right? This skill will take 5% of your health every second instead)

Tier 4:

Bloody retribution: Whenever you take 100% of your health as damage, you release a damaging nova around yourself. The nova's damage depends in the level of this skill, 5 levels,

Tier 5:

Bleed...: dealing gun damage to an enemy while you're not aiming gives you overloaded health, 5 levels, 0,8% of the damage converted as overloaded health.

Tier 6:

Hey, sugar : all your weapons now convert 1% of their damage into shield units

I realise you can abuse the bee with this character but real men use other shields.

Funny thing is, this character still feels a little underpowered compared to other characters.