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(Ceil and Hack are 12 in This story)

'...Grrr STupid Market Place... if i see onemore thing thats higher then it should im going to chew on the market place.=-= ' a long brown haired Girl Typed on to the Computer to a Boy with Blond Hair..'Don't chew on the Market Place Ceil...' The Boy Typed to the Girl while she was looking on youtube."hmm.. Episode one of Naruto nee? " she said to her self as she copied the link and shared to the boy.

'Nee Hack look NINJA! ' she typed and sent to the Boy who clicked on the link and watched...

As they Both watched The Video They Both Noticed That The Coloring of the Episode was change and as they got closer to look they where both sarounded by a bright light...once the light Faded away they where gone..
some where unknown" ok... This Is strange wasn't i Just at the computer?" a Girl with starlight hair said out loud while she looked around unaware That she woke the boy next to her.." why..so loud.." a boy who had blonde hair and gray skin said as he opened his eye's to be met with a cloudy sky and Tree's "...Must Be dreaming...Good night.." he said as he closed His eye's which made the girl sweat drop... "ok im going to make a wild guess and say that your since you look like His avi.." the girl said making the boy open his eye's and look at her and stood up" ok.. im not dreaming..." he said as he went to stand near her but stopped as he almost tripped over something and looked Down with wide eye's." ok i really think i am Dreaming.." he said as Ceil looked at him then the Ground where layed two case's Both Attached To a Bag." eh.. That or we are in a Fanfiction..."she said as she took the Case That Had Her Name on it and Opened it While Hack opened His " it's our innovatory on Gaia!?" Ceil Exclaimed loudly while hack was looking Through His." Not Just That... a Little Port For The Gaia Bank and Shop's as well." hack Said while closing his Innovatory accidentally pressing a button which made it Shrink..." well that's useful " He said Putting His Innovatory in His Pocket and then Pressing The same button on ceil's innovatory who then put it in her pocket..

" ok Now What Should we Do...?" ceil asked Hack who looked to a Path..and Started walking without a Word..with Ceil Behind Him.. once They where at The end of the path They looked on With wide eye's as They where Met with a Village..." We..are Dreaming right?"ceil asked Hack who shook His head.." i dont think so ceil ..we are in Konoha..."said hack while started walking a head with ceil next to him " were we going now?" ceil asked while they kept walking.." to see the Hokage"he said as they walk to the Hokage tower..

Time Skip.

Hokage Office

"You want to sign up for the Ninja Academy?" the Hokage asked Them Both getting a Nod from them "Im sorry but you two around the Graduation age ..the genin exam is a bout to start and i dont think you two are trained or know anything to join the exam..." he said the two... without giving up Hack looked at Him"Then let us take The Exam?" he said making ceil nod in agreement..The Hokage looked at them and gave a Grandfatherly smile.."Be for Anything.. what are your names?" the Hokage asked Them making them both look at him" Im Ceil Count and He's Hack Kusanagi " ceil said to the Hokage who nodded writing down their names and then looked at them "I will Need You to past The Written Exam Before You Can Go on To the Genin Exam" He said to them passing them the test paper's...

time Skip

" Impressive..." He said looking at Their Test and Then To Them " tomorrow Meet at The Academy early as possible " he said to them making them nod and left..

once they where gone the Hokage called an anbu and Handed Them a scroll " Take This To Iruka at the Academy* He said to the Anbu who Bowed and left leaving to look out the window. " This Will Be very Interesting." he said smoking His Pipe.

Time Skip.

Ninja Academy.

" Ok Everyone Before We start We have New Twi Student's Who Will Be Joining The Exam" Said a Man With Brown Hair catching every one's Attention ." But Sensei That's Not Fair!We Had To Take Test's and practice For Years and Then Can Just Join The Exam?" Whined a Pink Haired Gril as Other's Agree making the Teacher SIgh

" The Hokage Himself Tested These Two.." He said Making The Students Talk Among Them Selves as he stared at The Door " You Two Can Come In Now." he said Making the class look to the door and Gasp..as a Boy with Blonde Spiked Hair and Gray skin and blackish red eyes Wearing a Black short sleeve Hoody with a white Tank and Pant's with Stander Ninja Shoe's and a Girl with Long Starlight Hair in a Braid and Crystal Blue eye's Wearing a White Long Sleeve Shirt and Black Ninja Pant's with stander shoe's Came Through the Door.. " ok You Two please Introduce Your Self" The Brown haired sensei said To Them Which made The Boy look at Him Then the student's "Im Hack Kusanagi..." Hack said introducing himself to them..then went to sit in the back of the room leaving ceil to introduce herself " My Name is Ceil Count" she said Introducing Her self and went to sit with Hack Unaware she was Being stared at by 5 pair of eye's.

Once the Introduction was over The Teacher Began The Exam..


"Hi im Naruto Uzimaki! and I will Be Hokage!" said a Orange wearing boy Name naruto who sat next to them making every one snicker " Yeah Right Naruto Baka like a Baka like you can be Hokage" a snooty girl said while she annoyed the moody boy "right sasuke kun?" she asked him as he glared at her .. Naruto mean while stared down at his feet which made Ceil look at Him." Nee Naruto.. Never Give Up You Dream" said ceil as Hack Nodded in agreement which Made Naruto smile brightly..


Should i?