Disclaimer I do not own any charecters (cept ceil n Hack ) mention they belong to their Creators..

"ceil do you know what Amiibo is?" a boy typed on gaia and waited for a reply "Eh sorry for late reply Hack. i was watching something 0w0...and no..." ceil typed while looking on youtube until she noticed the screen go funny when she click on the first part of the first twighlight movie...unaware while she was looking at the screen hack was typing to her "Ceil Carefull ceil remmber what happend last time"he typed and when he sent the Pm Hack and Ceil Blacked out.

once they came to they where met with a white ceiling "... Ok when was the ceiling a giant Marshmellow" said ceil as she shook her head and looked around until her eyes landed on a Blonde Hair Hack who was also looking around the room " Probubly not a Marshmellow ceil but i think we are ether at a Hospitle or in a school nurses office" said Hack which made ceil's eyes widen "Are you sure we arent just in a room made of Marshmellows?" ceil asked hack who was shakeing his Head.

Mean while in a class Room

'How dose the nurses office look like a Giant Marshmellow' a boy thought to himself while avoiding a brown haired girl

..until he went smacked face first into a wall when he heard ceil say something about Marshmellow Turky's...

One shot Collection!