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She really didn't mean any harm when she asked it. She doesn't even know why it had come up in the first place. All she does know is that she instantly regretted ever asking it and she knows that when Ezra answers, he doesn't know that it offends her and that he doesn't see the others stop what they're doing to look at him and she knows that he doesn't realize how deeply his words hit her because despite everything wrong with the universe, she knows Ezra is still a child and that like any other child he says the most obvious answer that comes to his mind.

She sees how he looks at the families they pass on the street while shopping for supplies and she sees how much he yearns to be praised and accepted by others and she knows that despite the time they all spend together now that it can never make up for all those years he was alone for and what he had to experience through them. She wished it could but she knows that for every wound they heal that there are two more waiting.

Despite knowing all this she still asked and now all she can do is watch as Sabine and Zeb attempt to change the subject to distract Ezra from thinking about it and how Kanan looks at her with the same hurt expression she's trying to hide at this very moment. Yet still giving her one of his reassuring smiles that she still finds comfort in, even after the years they had known each other but even then she can't help not returning it because even though she knows the subject is already dropped that just like her the rest of the rebel crew can still feel the cold realization that comes from their youngest answer and the aching feeling that follows it.

Because Hera knows that no matter how much it hurts her to deprive the boy she sees as a son something he so desperately wants that she can never replace the real thing and that all she can do now is pretend that she can. But even then what frightens her most is the fact that if she could give that child what he wants the most in the galaxy, would she be able to let him go? She doesn't know but what she does know that even just thinking about the smallest possibility of that happening hurts her so much and to think all of this came from just a simple question.

"If you could have anything in the world what would you wish for?" she asked, smiling.

Ezra grinned before saying, "My mom."

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