Chapter 1: The Library; part 1

Rushing in quick steps, through the hectic hallways, teens littering the halls all ready for the weekend, chatting away plans with their groups of pals. Each one that slips through differs or compare just the same. Maybe seeing a movie, going to or planning parties, school projects needing done or likely coming due soon, while some others were planning for, let alone setting up dates, and so on the list grew as one of many just tried to mazes their way through.

"Fluttershy, wait up!" A voice shouted behind the named girl as she kept onward to her needed destination.

She glance over her should once, giving a meek wave along with a smile, finally reaching where she needed to get to, and waiting in the small clearing for the other.

"Hello Twilight how was last period?"

Twilight gave a smile, brushing few strands of purplish hair out of her face for a moment, a wide grin in place.

"It was good. I got Deep Blue as my partner for the science project. We're still debating on either being about atom structure in plants that grow in different climates or surgical animal bone marrows density of large animals that hold the same amount of its smaller cousins." Twilight stated her day, shaking her head a bit, with some unsure doubts.

Fluttershy took some noticed of it easily.

"Is there something wrong with those choices?"

Twilight gave a blunt look before saying. "Would it count of cheating to have those kind of things preplanned for the sake of science that couldn't go unobserved and that should be turned in? Or would a fresh start be the wiser choice?"

"Umm, I don't think I am the person you should be asking that. Perhaps a second look of it, and widening the scope of it?" Fluttershy replied, treading on egg shells for mostly, those were subjects that her class didn't teach yet. Then a new thought came and she voiced it. "Why not find a new topic that hasn't had a clear look of, Deep Blue really loves the ocean, from what I saw in art class maybe that could work?"

Last second ending bell ranged, signing for lingering students that it was time to clear the hallways. With that, Fluttershy sneak into the library to escape, for at times, Twilight's babbles of science throw her off too much, to really be a clear help, even for the easiest things, Twilight never made it look easy.

Brushing it off, into screeching for a list out of her bag, she had her homework to do, finals around the corner, and some last minute rechecks. Finals at time, just took too much out of people, leading them astray at times.

The library was open for another hour at best before locking up, for the weekend, it was best to get the books needed and go straight home. Study as much as she could, set her alarm ready to work at the animal shelter in the morning, rest up the day after, cram through the week, try to have a social life with friends during all that mess, and repeat until finals.

In quick pace, she moved the long and tall shelves of books, looking for all the right subjects she needed. First shelf in, found two books in basic need for her first period class, only eight more to go, with forty-five minutes left.

"Oh drat, move Fluttershy, move." She said to herself in a hush tone, picking up her pace, resulting into bumbling into a book cart, knocking off her footing and dropping a few of things in one go. Letting the muffle a word slip pass her, as she bent to grab her things.

So fumble in trying to collator her things, she ended up missing a spare hand helping her. When seeing the white fingerless gloved hand near eye view, it jolted her to look up and see the person help out, face down, gathering everything carefully and quietly.

"Oh, thank you."

The face nudge up to eye back, small smile on a dark tone face of a male, with ruffle up sallow hair with a deep red Mohawk streak going down one side of crump bangs, while a forming droopy cowlick matching hue of the streak rest just above the goggle rims, behind the sky blue rimmed wide goggle glasses where gray eyes were outlined with lighter shade of red thick circle shape markings like eye shadow, yet the formation match of obscure birthmarks.

Silent still, Fluttershy over glancing that she was staring, before he held out her things, waving them a bit for her to take. Soon she got the meaning, snapping out that she was being rude, shaking it off, and also another at the same time, that made her frown a bit.

"You're a mute." She stated, as they slowly moved to stand at once, all things back together, and while in height difference was nearly a foot apart.

His smile was still in place, pointed at her, than at his head with a now forming grin to her.

After a small pause, she understood what he meant, and fumbled her words a bit. Brushing none exciting dust off her poodle fairly light lime green skirt, along with her white short-sleeve blouse, bring together her knee high lime green hue cowgirl boots at pointed forward turn. She soon spoke.

"Well, I didn't mean to insult you or anything . . . it's just . . ." She stopped, wanting the flush from her cheeks to simmer down, even though he gave her a complement, it was still rude to be so blunt about it.

The other shrugged off, glancing to the cart and then to her, with a sheepish smile. Unknowingly tapping on his throat, as well, later moving the cart farther away from them both, to clear a path for her, ushering that her way of path was open for her now, that there was no problem between them.

"N-no, it's my fault, I should have watched out where I was going. Finals and everything has got just a clamp on me, I got blindsided."

The other made the swirl motion with his hand, with a knowing look.

"Yes, the whole student body is like that, huh? You too, huh, aren't that why you're here?"

One hand slips into his light blue midway zipped sleeveless vest jacket front left side slip pouch, a white shirt under it while those sleeves went passed his elbows, but left space where only the wrists were seeable between sleeves and gloves, bunch as he bent his arms in a more conformable matter, demy jean clan legs leaned a bit forward to Fluttershy, while the other pointed to a name tag on his right breast pocket. It read Night Stripe.

"I see; you're covering for Chelsea Porcelain the librarian that covers on Wednesdays, poor woman." Fluttershy started with before adding on. "Out put her hip, trying to get the young ones settle down for a screen about the ABC's, huh?"

Night Stripe's eyes went a little wide from his once still face, nodding his head, having a bit of shutter of a memory of when being informed of the matter, of why he was taking this shift. Soon looking back at Fluttershy, pointing at her and later swirling his hand around the area.

"I'm just looking for some books for my classes, but closing time is coming and I need to get home . . ."

Night Stripe held out his hand, gesturing to the paper that was hanging loosely from one of the books, Fluttershy had already gather his meaning, and without speaking handed it to him.

"You don't need to. I can come back Monday and take care of it than. Really, no problem at all, I can do it later." She somewhat lied, and sadly it didn't go unnoticed to the other.

With a sigh, he tapped his name tag again; very much waving off any other pled she was going to give. Glancing at the list of books she needed, started to heading to the shelves they were hopefully in and not checked out.

Fluttershy only followed, waiting quietly, now and then being handed a book. At one moment, stepping back when Night Stripe had to get the rolling ladder to reached on a higher level for a certain book. In the space of silence, only the creak of the wood steps filled in the space.

Fluttershy nerviness, while eyeing the clock every so often, missed when a book was near her, only knowing it was there, when the side of her forehead felt. Shocked by the unknown, jumped a bit, scared for a second with a huff scream, calmed down just so-called brave to look up and see it.

"Oh thanks, sorry for that little episode."

Night Stripe stepped down at level ground, pushing the ladder along with them, passably shrugging to Fluttershy, that it didn't bother him.

"Sorry for keeping you."

Another shrug was her only reply, while the lack of oil wheels filled between them. Night Stripe finally stopping, looking to the shelf, bugged a bit in confusion. Motioning off side, for Fluttershy to go take a seat, while he wanders off to computer data chart, looking from what she could tell was the last book.

Clicks if typing, hummed of the computer, and the slow ticking clock were the only sounds now.

A soft sigh left Fluttershy, finding how now, with such loud and boastful friends, this silent meeting she got herself into, was a nice change. Finally there was someone, other than maybe Vinyl Scratch that hardly spoke a word.

The sudden sound of skin slapping against skin, brought her back from the little daydream she was having, to see Night Stripe rush near her, rough scratches from the carpet awoken while ashen colored, shoelace-less sneakers skidded across the floor in jagged stepping, to where alongside the long table there rested a backpack, that was swiftly opened, and being searched into.

As seeing there, in the vacant room was only the two of them, it was likely his.

To that, finally a book was pulled out, hurrying back to the computer, signaling for Fluttershy to join him, as, he typed up some changes from last time.

Sparing a moment to make a swipe motion for her to see, looking into her side bag for her card. An opening waited for it to be placed there, while the typed, slowly than before, but still getting the job done, when the card was in hand, finishing up the last moment.

Both ending up at the checkout area, having the small beep being the new sound that echoed through the large room of books, smoothly it went. Yet the time that pasted, didn't go ignored.

"Again, sorry for keeping you, I didn't think it would take this long. I hope you don't get in trouble about this. I remember of what to last person who once covered on Tuesday. Did the projector really go to smokes, mid way of slide show of . . . umm; I'll take that as a no."

Fluttershy's tuned changed, when seeing Night Stripe's shoulders shake a bit, a smile that was being fought not to show, but it was enough for her to copy as well.

"Still a no, huh?"

A nod was given.

"I thought so, yet my friend, Pinkie Pie was making like a great battle was taken place here or something."

The shudder of his shoulders shook a little harder after that.

"But anyway, thank you again. You'd just saved me a few hours of sleep because of this."

With the last book checked out, a slide of the card for the new updated data to show of who was owning the books, he gave her a smile, calmed now from his jitters of joy. Sparing a moment to glance at the clock, seeing the time, and then back at her, giving a small wave.

"I'll see you Monday?"

He nodded, but gave a tapping on his name tag with a shook head.

Understanding, Fluttershy gave a nod back, heading for the door, to let Night Stripe close up, taking the exit door that let to court yard closer to the parking lot.

"I'll see you on Monday. Have a good weekend Night Stripe." She said to him, not looking back and out the door she went.

To as the weekend pasted, Monday coming the morning soon, Fluttershy was hoping to meet her new friend. Yet, when morning and getting to school, she hadn't seen him anywhere during the first two classes, but recalling the book he had, he would likely be there or had it and was in another period to take it. When the former didn't give her an answer, she asked, the teacher in saying she had something of a boy, named Night Stripe he forgot last week.

The teacher stated; he didn't have any student with that name in any of his class periods. A bit of lost and not sure what to do. Thinking that maybe he was returning the book for a friend and forgot at the last moment, he was maybe a little older and didn't go to this school, but was on the list for aids for help, the quietness was getting to her and the moment at library didn't happen as it did.

For now, it was just a silent encounter, with an even more silent person.

"Fluttershy, hurry up, or we'll be late for gym!"

The loud spoken words that broke through the hallway, following the first warning bell, Fluttershy hurry up her stepping a bit more to be right side with the other.

"Sorry, Rainbow Dash, I was just thinking, lost in thought, is all."

"Rough morning, huh, yeah I know that, this month hasn't been that kind for anyone right now."

"You could say that . . . umm, Rainbow Dash, may I ask you something?" Fluttershy asked, as they walked on, turning a few corners until finally reaching gym in and getting to the lockers.

"You already did." Replied with a teasing grin; heading for her changing locker, not long later.

"A different one than, do you know anyone by the name Night Stripe?" Fluttershy asked, doing the same.

"A person named Night Stripe? Going to have to say no to that, ask Pinkie Pie, she knows everyone. Why? Is someone messing with you again?" Rainbow Dash asked, once done changing into some gym cloths, facing Fluttershy across and down a few lockers.

"N-no, n-n-no, no, not like that at all, just thought to ask you. And he doesn't seem the type."

Rainbow Dash, gave a raised eyebrow to that.

"It's a boy?"

The tone alone, made Fluttershy shot up to stand straight from bending to tie her running shoes. Side glancing Rainbow Dash, whom wore a smirk, and the kind of smirk; that made Fluttershy groan a bit on the inside.

"Oh please, don't starts this, rough morning remember?"

A weak entreat that would soon later be forgotten. But for now, it was dropped.

Yet, there was still the rest of the day, to understand this encounter on her time. Better that way. Or the sake of where this could go, maybe it was best to never bother with it, too much as going on as it was.

"Let's pretend this never happen, okay?"

"Did this guy hurt you?"

She shook her head, still giving a pleading look.

"It's not worth it."

"If you're sure, just saying you can talk to me or any of the others, you know that?"

"I do, but what happen last week, was maybe just the finals talking is all."

"Fluttershy, are you sure you're . . ."

Outside of the locker rooms, the shout from the gym teacher was heard, ready to do roll call. With that, the remaining people rushed out, carrying on the day like any other.

That encounter by the end of mile run was long forgotten, just as Fluttershy wanted it.