Chapter 17: A Friend to the End

Fluttershy busied herself in the back of the animal shelter, restocking dog can foods, changing out some bird and hamster cages, setting up on the charts that some people will be stopping by for adoptions, leaving just her to handle to this, seeing as it was a Friday and a horrible skeleton staff. Hoping at times that Tealove will come in because she was bored, beyond missing Infinity since his new job took off and left, then there was Lucky Clover popping in because he had a gut feeling, Fire streak just strutting because he just could, there was also maybe that Blue Cutie and Rubinstein just show, no doubt easy to tell crush on each but won't say anything, and just hope one will tell of how the other feels.

"One is about to break . . ." Fluttershy stains in short mutters, as she worked in fast pace, just wanting to get back up front and handled those files.

Rushing by the calendar as she did, noticing most dates marked off, letting a sigh exited from her, having to check on what was going to happen next month, seeing as the month now, was very lackluster. Graduation was the calmest, longest, boringness day ever, filling it was and happy to see some faces also there. Shaking her head to move on from the thought, moving onto the next month, seeing that Pinkie Pie went out of her way, once more; in signing up herself and the others for Canterlot Town's Summer Games, knowing right away, that was going to be draining, but really, what real harm is that going to have.

Fluttershy took a moment to find a pen, writing the down the times and dates she'll likely not being showing up, and a reminder to have word with Lucky Clover to see how it will go. Before, she was finally able headed up to the front desk, and handled the paper work.

Sorting them out on animal cares, supplies, upcoming adoptions, and what else was there that was mostly for Lucky Clover to handle when he ever decided to come in. not now at best. Leaving for Fluttershy to just place them in his file cover, going to on other things, while minding her own business in getting papers done and over with.

Not even the even the sound the door opening and closing brought her to look up way, the person that opened the door didn't moved, only the small rustles of paper folding echoed in the main entrance, soon it stopped, again Fluttershy didn't look up. Yet, she gave a jump when feeling a smooth curve of paper graze her bare arm that was folding in to hold her up, as she leaned against the wide counter.

That made her glace up and give a smile, standing up more proper now, waving out for the other come close, while she soon grabbed the paper plane that landed near her.

"I haven't seen you since the graduation, Night Stripe . . . you have to tell your parents me and others were glad you could finish." Fluttershy stated out, while she unfolded the paper, when seeing the other asked her to.

Night Stripe gave a smile in returned, waiting for the other to read what was in the unfolded note.

"Today is your last day . . . oh, I see." Fluttershy replied back, placing the note down, showing sadness for the other to see, who now was in front of her, soon reach for the note, switching it over, grabbing for a nearby pen.

While he wrote down some things, Fluttershy filled in the quietness for them both.

"I hope you and your family stays safe while heading up north . . . though knowing you, you'll go prancing in it . . . ouch, hey no poking, I was only stating the truth . . . do you think you'll come and visit, just you know, come by and see a movie or something . . . though I guess there is no point in that is there?"

Finally Night Stripe was done writing, smiling softy at Fluttershy, he replied to ease some of her worried, adding a quick jab at himself, for how she was overacting on him.

"Milieu wallflower doesn't sound like a nice saying, take that back." Fluttershy said back with a pout, soon to added in. "Why did you stop by . . . your parents are waiting for you right? You better be going."

He gave a nod that she was right, but he had one last thing to do, pushing the note back to her, stating that writing what he wanted to say, was easier than having his shaky hands do it.

She reached for it out of his fingerless gloved hand, taking her time to read it, though she did notice to each line as its own. To which she did, and couldn't help but replied back after reaching just the first one

"I still think it was rather silly."

He gave a shrug, moving a bit of his vest to show her his pendent that she made for him, taken with good care, soon he asked her to keep going.

"I'll be sure to put that number in my phone."

Night Strike nodded his head, which would work just fine for him, though he grinned when she looked right at him in the eye, for when she replied back.

"I thought I was already one to you . . . but somehow you just saying it mean a lot more now. You're a good friend too, Night Stripe Inkwell."

His smile grew, reaching out to pat her on the hand close by, about to leave, but was quickly pulled into the hug by her, over the counter. Something neither thought would happen, yet, he didn't pull away. No matter how his body wanted him to, fighting off the shivers, he wrapped an around her, stroking her shoulder his left hand rested closet to, in hopes, the small motion was good enough for her.

"I'll miss you."

He gave her one more pat, before pulling away, enough to sign to her, just as the note said.

You're a friend to the end, Fluttershy you are one I will never forget. You or the others, thanks for putting up with me this long. Coming to this school was well worth the hay fevers . . . and heartfelt coercion.

She laughed at his light humor jab at himself, letting him have at this one, just once, before asking the other, before he decided to go to the door.

"This isn't goodbye, right, I'll see you soon?"

Night Stripe gave a nod, heading back to the front door, turning back once more and waved to her, in which she returned. And out the door he was, starting a new chapter for himself, just his family, friends, and life itself. Starting with only one step, in the right path, which at times, there seen that no one can find, without others to guide through, in the armament of what kindness could bring, with just a hint of silent encounters that feel only as curiosity.

The end.