"I have shot gun," said Jake Evans.

He was the manager of Cyber Town, a skateboard store.

Megan Hart was flipping the pages of her magazine in the back and Cory sat front passenger's with his shade down and looking cool as ever with his leather jacket. Mrs. Hart, his boss came over to them. "Jake, I need you to get back to work!"

"Right away and sorry Ms. H," he said hurrying into the shop to help unload the new skateboard gear.

Jason Lee Scott finally unpacked. He owned a hardware company. He sat his boxes down and stretched his tired legs. "Man, I can get that Dojo running..."

He hated hardware. It was a 'Billy' thing. Not 'his.'

But he was doing it for a friend. Yep, you guessed it, Billy Cranston: The one and only.

A news reporter was reporting a strange sighting of a fallen meteorite. The lady put the face of the camera to the sink hole where a glow resided. It was getting stronger.

Something caught the camera woman and lifted her up. She screamed all the way.

Jason just missed it and came back to watch Soccer.

But, Kim went into an underground cave secretly hidden by boxes. She opened it up and went into the door.

Hooked up the latch and went to work.

She hit 'onscreen' and the computer came to life, immediately zooming in on the tube of a 'so called' dead Zordon. She found him after her excavation of the ruined Power Chamber.

She used these rocks in her hands to trace the tube. It blared for a minute before dying to a small buzzing. She went back to work, drilling holes into a bunch of silver bracelets. She attached Crystals inside and then, called the teens downstairs. The girl she adopted came running in first. "Kim, is it ready...?"