Weird third grade drabble I found in a dusty shelf. Abrupt ending. No changes.

Disclaimer: I do not own Percy Jackson

Clarisse painted the Ares Cabin roof red. This isn't a fictional story. The outside walls were painted a metallic gray with red pouring down. Accidentally, Clarisse had knocked over a can of red paint and red was running over, and the cabin did the same.

Percy painted the roof of his cabin light blue. He had had a heroic musical arrival, and his brother, Tyson, was painting the outer cabin walls blue, and hanging up Global Warming signs.

Jason felt poetic. He was hanging up comical pictures of Leo juggling fire and Zeus yelling at Hephaestus for giving Leo the gift of fire. Jason had painted his whole cabin a magnetic white. His father's betrayal made him sad.

Piper had an angelic face. She was often dramatic, and wore jeans all the time.


That's all in this drabble, folks! Weird, right? (So weird, I guess I was a crazy person in third grade)