Okay these are my first Warriors Drabbles so do not hate! I DEMAND YOU DO NOT HATE! This was actually my third grade vocabulary story. You know, when you hafta write a story with all the words you get on a list? I did that. Each chapter uses another list of words. Didn't and won't change a thing from my third grade drabbles.

Disclaimer: I do not own Warriors


As Dovewing padded on with her friend Hollyleaf, Hollyleaf suddenly halted. "Can you believe it?" she asked.

"Believe what," Dovewing answered.

"I'm finally Mousewhisker's mate!"

Dovewing sighed. "I'm being flustered by my powers!" she whispered.

"But there is always a new life," Hollyleaf mewed softly, nosing a light blue bluebell.

"What?" Dovewing blinked.

"I'm expecting Mousewhisker's kits," crooned Hollyleaf. "By the way, have you sniffed this flower? It smells very fragrant!" Suddenly the ferns quivered and Ivypool (who is Dovewing's sister) crashed through.

"Have you seen Blossomfall?" she asked worriedly. "She was absent when she should have been with me on the border patrol!"

Dovewing shook her head. "We haven't seen her," she meowed.

"Okay," Ivypool sighed and went on with her search. Right after that, the three apprentices who were brothers named Cloudypaw, Bagderpaw and Bearpaw rolled through.

"I'd like to hunt before we go to camp!" Cloudypaw purred.

"Does the camp know of Blossomfall's absence?" Bearpaw asked, his voice trembling, lip quivering.

"I don't know," Badgerpaw answered anxiously. The three apprentices went on their way, talking to each other.

Dovewing and Hollyleaf bounded to camp. Dovewing halted in the clearing. The fragrance of mouse was making her mouth water. Suddenly Bloodyheart broke the silence.

"So you're helping your useless sister," he sneered at Bumblestripe. Bumblestripe flashed a defiant glare at Bloodyheart.

"I will always help Briarlight," he meowed coldly.

I think Bumblestripe is intelligent, thought Dovewing. She padded into Bramblestar's den. Bramblestar was talking to Squirrelflight.

"And intelligence is needed everywhere else..." Bramblestar was saying. Dovewing backed out of the den. She was wondering where Bumblestripe had gotten that look of defiance.

"I need an assistant," meowed Dovewing aloud. "If I get kits, I'd like them to be obedient. Obedience is needed." In the distance, a shape was heading away from clan territory. Hollyleaf suddenly brushed against Dovewing.

Dovewing recognized her fear scent. Fear was the dominant feeling amongst the nursery queens when they had the feeling something bad was going to happen. Something bad was about to happen, Dovewing realized.

She looked closely at an elder called Mousefur. Something was different. She gasped. The difference was that Mousefur looked like a skeleton. She was gaunt and frail. Her fur was ragged. She was shaking her head. She seemed tired. Her eyes had a distant look.

"No," Mousefur rasped. "StarClan's dominance is too much."

Dovewing looked around for the other elder called Purdy. "Mousefur needs assistance," she told him when she found him. Purdy ran to Mousefur with a flick of his tail. Dovewing could not help thinking about the distance in Mousefur's eyes. But then both Mousefur and Purdy dropped dead and were buried quickly by Daisy and Spiderleg.

Squirrelflight literally ran into her. "Sorry!"

Dovewing didn't see the confidence in Squirrelflight anymore. Squirrelflight stumbled away from her. Seeing Squirrelflight so blank had told her not to be confident about getting kits. She sighed. She would have to be patient. The prominent Briarlight would have to tell her something.

"Prominence isn't too good," she told herself. She stumbled into the forest. She would have to wait to get kits. But would her patience stay? She wasn't so sure it would.


Haha! Weird drabbles! I had a messed-up-always-thinking-changing-subject-in-writing-like brain in third grade. I admit. I was a weird kid.