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What if Louis gives Donna a cat…

Marlowe The Cat vs. Specter

My human is Donna Roberta Paulsen.

The great Louis Marlowe Litt as peace offering for his recent "behavior" gave me to her. Louis is a King amongst men and I do not question the motives behind this transaction since he is almost as smart as I am.

While my human does not know how to warm my milk to the proper temperature, or how to brush me correctly as yet, I will admit is far prettier and smells better than Louis. She will learn these tasks or take my anger out on the torture device she puts on her paws. The things with red bottoms, she wears in the mornings before she leaves me alone.

Where she goes all day and what she does at this "work" thing as she calls it, I do not really know, nor do I really care. I get her warm, comfortable bed to myself. Okay, so maybe sometimes I do miss her when she is gone. Who else is going to rub my head, scratch my stomach or constantly tell me how handsome I am?

Most nights she comes home when the sun is gone, she looks tired and is alone. These nights are the best because I have her all to myself and I get whatever I want.

Some nights her human friend who she calls "Rachel" comes over. All they do is talk, it is hard to get attention from anyone during this female bonding ritual, but it is okay. I do not mind Rachel, as I have grown accustomed to her. She is just as pretty as my human and she has found the spot behind my left ear. Plus she always brings me these fabulous gourmet feline treats from the high-end pet store that Louis recommends, not CVS that I know my human sometimes goes to. They drink their milk, which is an odd dark red colour in fancy bowls and talk about everything possible from work to school, about Rachel's mating partner Mike and something called a "Harvey."

Tonight she comes home and a new human is with her, I have never seen this human. It is a male human. He is tall, and he wears a suit like Louis but not like Louis because his has three pieces. Who is he? What is he doing here? Where did he come from? Where did she find him? Is he a stray? This is my territory and I will not share my human tonight. They are still at the door; shoes and jackets are being taken off as I make my way over flicking my tail.

She spots me and her face lights up. I brush against her legs and purr as she bends to pick me up, whispering her usual sweet greetings to me and giving me my kisses that I secretly live for, but only from her. I make sure never to take my eyes off the stranger. What does he want with my human?

"You have a cat?" he asks in a surprised tone.

How dare this fool call me a "cat", I am not just a "cat," he clearly does not know who I am and he certainly would not be able to comprehend my direct lineage to Snowbelle from the movie Stuart Little. I am a Silver Traditional Persian from the best breeder on the east coast. I hope my human does not plan on mating and having a litter with this dumb fool, who has a goofy hairstyle.

"I do. His name is Marlowe," she says proudly.

"Marlowe, where have I heard that name before?" he asks confused.

"Yes Harvey, like Louis's middle name."

Aha! So this is the "Harvey" she talks about. I do not like him. Not one bit. This is the man that keeps her away from me. That makes her stay at work, when she should be home with me. That calls at 2am and wakes us up from our beauty sleep because he needs a meeting changed or that he misplaced an important file. He needs to leave.

"Why would you name it after Louis of all people?"

"Because he was a gift from Louis."

"Wait, what? Louis gave you a cat?"

"Yeah, kind of like a personal peace offering."

"And you're okay with this? I didn't take you a pet person."

"I'm not or I wasn't…but what's not to love about this cute guy?"

"It's from and named after Louis!" he exclaims as he throws his hands up in the air.

"Harvey, grow up!"

"This is unbelievable. You got a cat as a gift and all I got is him taking my client…"

She takes me into the kitchen; sets me down and prepares my food as I continue watch them. He is right on her heel with something that smells like the shitty Thai food that she loves.

She leaves my food dish in the usual spot by the sink, but I will not be eating tonight. Not if he is still here. I would rather starve and defend her honor. They move to the couch with their food and I curl up in a ball by her feet as they eat. They laugh about Louis teaching Mike to drive and talk about how things finally seem to be getting back on track. They clink their glasses as he says "to a long over due celebration for us weathering the storm that is known as Litt," seriously who is this guy? What an idiot, there is no storm outside.

They finish their food and she gets up to grab the remote and the Star Trek Blu-ray that I might have scratched when I was bored. I look up at him and catch him looking at her; his eyes smile as he looks at her, the way mine smile at the red light she has. He is up to no good. I use this moment as my chance to strike. Before she makes it back to the couch, I jump up on the couch and stretch making myself as long as possible, my eyes on him the entire time. We stare each other down. He needs to recognize that I am the man of this apartment and that Donna Paulsen is mine, I do not share. All of a sudden he leans over and flicks my ear, instantly I'm on all fours, my tail goes straight up and I hiss. I hiss like I have never hissed before, I try to pounce and scratch him but he moves too fast, you would think he is some sort of boxer. She sees all of this of course and she does not look pleased at him. That of course makes me happy.

"Harvey don't" she scolds him as she picks me up.

I look at him; he has a wide smirk on his face. If I could just reach over and take a swipe his lip would look more like the Joker when I am finished with him. He got his strike in first and while he might have won the fight, I won the war. I always win. She is cuddling with me as the movie plays and as they fall asleep. I do not sleep, not while he has been trying to inch closer to her all night. He thinks that he is slick and that I would not notice but I notice everything Harvey boy, what kind of name is "Harvey" anyway?