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It is a late Friday afternoon and Pearson Specter Litt is unusually slow and has been all week. Funny thing is Donna's phone has been ringing off the hook but nothing is getting transferred to Harvey so either she is beyond efficient and is handling everything with no help or she is up to something. Harvey does not mind, after everything they have weathered during the past few weeks he is thankful for some down time before it all picks up again next week and from what he can see in his calendar next week will be busy a one.

He has been sitting at his desk pretending to work; while he really has been looking for retro basketball jerseys online for the past two hours when Donna quietly walks in. She is up to something and he knows it, she has that innocent look on her face that gives it away.

"You can stop pretending to work, we both know you haven't done anything in the past two hours" she says.

"How do you know?"

"Because I haven't heard my name. Donna I need this or Donna I need that…or well, just Donna in general." She says smugly knowing she is right and he knows he was caught red handed.

"You're interrupting my jersey searching time. Come look, this guy has a retro Jerry West." He points to his screen and his face lights up like a little boy on Christmas morning.

"I need favor."

"Depends what kind of favor you have in mind…" he says and flashes her the Specter grin.

"Get your mind out of the gutter Harvey. I got a last minute call to cover someone in a play tonight. Do you think you could drop by my apartment after work and feed Marlowe for me?"

"Ask Louis, he's the one that gave you the goddamn thing."

"Do I really want Louis alone in my apartment?"

"Okay point taken. Ask Rachel?"

"She has school."

"Ask Mike?"

"He's staying late to work on something with Jeff."

"Ask Jessica?" He laughs out loud, realizing just how stupid that sounds.

"You're not funny and I don't want to get fired again! I'm only asking because you have a key already."

"Your cat doesn't like me," he shouts.

"Don't be silly, Marlowe likes everyone," Donna states matter-of-factly.

"He tried to kill me last time I was over."

"Because you flicked his ears," she yells.

"He was staring at me…"

"Will you help me or not?"

He has her exactly where he wants her. Donna does not ask Harvey for anything, it is quite the opposite. He is the one that asks and takes and she is the one that answers and gives. It is a balance that might seem unfair to others but they understand how it works for them and not just as boss and employee but also as friends. Not so long ago he realized just how much he needed her and how little she really needed him. He was going to take this small request of hers and run with it. Milk it for all he could and really try to get under her skin. She needed his help and the truth is he would do anything for her big or small and they both knew it. He just wanted some fun at her expense first.

"Say please," he says as he stands up from behind his desk and crosses his arms over his chest, staring her down.


"Say please Harvey."

"Listen here Specter, this isn't 50 Shades of Grey. I'm not going to beg you…but I'll have you know that starting Monday you can get your own coffee in the morning." Just like that she wins, just like how he always closes his case she always closes him.

"FINE I'll do it, but if something happens to me or if I have fur balls on my suits after..."

"You're scared of a cat? Just do what you do and close, give him the Specter special, show him who is in charge" she challenges him.

"I'm not scared of a cat, it just doesn't like me and it has claws."

"Stop call him 'it,' his name is Marlowe."


"Thanks. Anytime after 6pm but before 7:30pm okay?"

"Seriously it has a feeding schedule?"

"Yeah, Louis is showing me the ropes of being a cat owner, I never had a pet before. Everything is on the counter, just follow the instructions."

"Anything else my Queen?"

"Nope…but I'm leaving early, okay bye!" She says all to quickly as she spins on her heels and rushes out leaving him looking dumb founded in his office. He realizes Donna Paulsen has just played him, again.

By 6:05pm, the office is a deserted and he decides to pack up and head out as well. He makes it to the elevators and he gets a text saying "appointment with Marlowe Paulsen" he shakes his head and thinks that his cat lady thing is really getting to her. He spots Ray waiting outside for him, tells him that he is going to take a walk and gives him instructions to take a break or grab something to eat, then to pick Donna up after her show, same theater he drove them too before. On the way to her place he stops at a flower shop to pick up a small bouquet of roses. He remembers the last time he saw her on stage. He is not Shakespeare fan but he was a fan of hers and she was fantastic as Portia, the girl got two curtain calls and he felt great getting a chance to her arm candy that night.

He makes it to her apartment just as the thunder clashes and the rain starts to pour. He figures he will feed the cat and wait until the rain passes. He takes out the key she gave years ago when they were young, dumb and working in the DA's office for Cameron. He puts it in, turns and the door opens with a small squeak.

"Here goes nothing," he says to himself and braces himself for another meeting with the infamous Marlowe.

It is almost 7:30pm and she is not home. Where is she? I am stating to think something happened to her. Maybe she is hurt somewhere. Maybe a taxi driver abducted her? Maybe that idiot Harvey is holding her captive against her will again? Yes, that has to be it.

I am so hungry and the rain and thunder are not helping. The rain is pounding against the window and the thunder sounds like Louis when he sleeps. It is not like I am scared of thunder or anything. Okay, so maybe I am terrified as I bury myself deep in blanket she leaves on the couch as I hear another loud bang outside. Where is she? All I want is for her to be at home with me right now.

At that moment it was like God himself sent me a miracle, I can here a key turning in the lock and the door being pushed open. I jump off the couch and race to the door only to stop dead in my tracks. It is he, the spawn of Satan himself.

She is definitely not with him if he is closing the door and locking it.

"Surprise! Not who you were expecting huh?" he says with a wicked grin as he takes his jacket off and throws it on a near by chair.

I just continue to stare. What is he doing here? Is she not coming home? Is she upset with me? Is it because I did not use the litter box last week? Is it because I damaged her iPhone? What did I do to deserve to be stuck with him?

"Okay, listen I'm just here to feed you so don't try anything with me Louis Junior and Donna isn't hear to save you" I hear as he walks past me and into the kitchen.

I see that he has brought flowers; he really is trying to make a litter with her. It starts with flowers or chocolate in all the girly movies she watches with Rachel, I know how all this works now. Starts with a gift, then the bedroom door is closed, then a litter comes along and soon enough I am long forgotten and out the door. Today is the worse day of my life. I might need to take a day off tomorrow.

The sound of thunder is heard again but I cannot show any sign of weakness at the moment. I have to play it off like the strong, independent feline that I am. He leaves the flowers on the table and starts taking my food out. I move slowly to the kitchen, watching him to see if he will try to poison my food. He finishes and put the plate down but not in its usual place by the sink.

"Eat" he says and points to the bowl.

Maybe I can use this to my advantage. I will not eat and he will get in trouble because she will think he did something to me. So I sit near the bowl and we continue to stare at each other. One of us will cave eventually and it will be him. Five minutes turn into ten and then fifteen minutes pass, this is going nowhere. He is still standing there and I am so hungry that I could eat my paw.

"You need to eat right now, Donna will think I did something to you if you don't." This is exactly what I want her to think you fool; he is so close to breaking I can feel it.

"Fine don't eat, suit yourself. But I'm hungry and don't feel like starving," as he opens the fridge door to see what there is.

"Damnit Donna, Thai again? Is this all you eat woman?"

I let out a loud meow by mistake but it is in agreement with his statement. It is all that she eats. He looks at me like he understands. He takes the container of pad thai out, opens it, smells it and makes a face but he still dumps in into a plate to heat up.

Minus our one second of mutual understanding, I still have not eaten. The microwave dings and he takes his plate along with a beer and goes to eat in the living room. I can hear the TV playing in the background and the light it admits adds a warm glow to the entire apartment. The rain continues to come down hard and the thunder seems louder than it was a couple minutes ago.

All I want is to eat, curl up in a ball on the couch and wait until she gets home but I cannot even do that he has taken over my entire apartment.

This is crazy, I'm just going to eat my food and he can leave. Hopefully he can leave, get soaked by the rain, catch pneumonia, die and leave us alone. Okay, well that might be a little harsh but he just needs to leave. So I eat my food as fast as possible and walk back into the living room to reclaim my couch and blanket.

The TV is still on, his shoes are off, the plate is on table and not in the sink, Donna will not like that and he is sprawled out, half on the couch half off. My blanket is somewhere under him. Maybe I can choke him with his tie. The thunder roars and I jump up on the couch without second thought. I land on his chest and he bolts upright, well at least I woke him up. It rolls again and I put my pride aside and try to bury myself in his arms.

He laughs. "I think I found someone's weakness, little Louis is scared of thunder," he says as he lies back down with me.

At this point I do not really care anymore, I just want the thunder to stop. I hate to admit it but I feel safe with him, he is big and warm, his arms are strong and he smells like the expensive aftershave that I like. Okay, so maybe he is not that bad and I can see why Donna might like him. He starts to rub my head and we both fall asleep. Both of us tired after a long day.

It's 11:35pm by the time she makes it back home. Much to her surprise Ray was waiting outside to pick her up after the show as a request from Harvey. The first thing she notices is that the TV is on and that Marlowe hasn't made his way over to her as yet. She walks over to turn the TV and that is when she sees them huddled up together. Harvey squeezed his long frame on the couch and Marlowe is curled up with his face buried in Harvey's neck with a protective arm draped over him. That is when she realized it must have been the thunder, Marlowe is terrified of it and he tries to hide in anything he deems fit. It was a sweet sight that she came home to, so she snaps a picture to send to Louis and Mike in the morning, puts her flowers in a vase, she moves Marlowe back to her room and covers Harvey with a blanket. She goes to sleep that night glad that all her boys both at work and at home are getting back on track and that Harvey actually closed a cat.

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