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It wasn't supposed to end like this.

Silver light of the moon shone, like hoarfrost upon the ground. The wind was whispering to her, but she couldn't figure out what it said.

Just like she couldn't truly understand his heart.

Belle stared at the dagger. It was just a dagger, but now it ruined their happiness.

She thought about the time when he handed the fake one to her, telling her that he trusted her and he would never use it. She thought about the time when she found he had been lying to her shamelessly.

She thought about that morning, when he woke her up and told her the trip to New York, her eyes lightened with happiness. She remembered what happened just now. She commanded him to leave Storybrooke, using the dagger, which she hated the most in this world.

It wasn't supposed to end like this. It was supposed to be a romantic dream, a fairy tale, a story about overcoming obstacles and getting true love.

But here it was. Cruel, really cruel. The reality was always cruel.

She didn't turn back. She was afraid of seeing his desperation, which hurted her more than anything could.

No, he deserved this. She chose to be with him, to love him, to help him become a man, but what he did to return? He betrayed her, betrayed all her efforts, kindness and love.

Now everything was broken. Tears streamed down her face on Belle's way to Granny's, where Red left an empty room for her to stay when she needed. She always believed that as long as she tried, she was certain to make it, to win this battle. However, she felt she was abandoned by God.

The night was tranquil and lovely, but she cried and cried until finally merciful sleep came to comfort her. In her dreams, the dark one's castle was still full of sunshine, and she was reading a fantasy story, with a smile on her face.

But her pillow was wet .

Next morning she entered Granny's with swollen eyes.

'What's wrong with you, Belle?' Red asked with concern.

'Oh I am fine. I just stayed up yesterday.' Belle answered and gave her a forced smile. She wasn't that kind of girl who complained a lot when bad things happened. When she was young, she read loads of heroic stories and always wanted to be a person with enough courage. That was why she agreed to be Rumpelstiltskin's maid and helped killing Yao Guai during her adventure. Thus, she just lied to her friend.

Why she thought of Rumpel again? She couldn't help imaging what he was doing and what he was thinking. Is he busy with his bloody horrible magic ?

Red looked at her carefully for a long time before finally said, 'You are not OK, I can tell. '

Emma came in at this moment. 'Oh, Belle you are here. What happened yesterday evening? I couldn't find you so I went to Gold's shop. Neither of you was there. '

'He has gone and he will never return.'

Belle told herself that she would be brave enough to face all these, but she could not bear it. Her friends' words were warm, however it sounded so harsh now. She rushed into her room, buried her head under the pillow and cried desperately. She hated him. She should hate him. But her love was much more than hate. And worries. Is he safe without that damn dagger? He has so many enemies and any of them has countless reasons to kill him. What the hell I did yesterday! Suddenly she began to regret.

Red came, sat next to her silently. Belle hardly noticed that. After a while she looked up and saw her friend's loving eyes.

'He will understand. Belle, you should try to forgive him. He has changed. You know, the more power he needs means the more vulnerable he is.'

'I know.' Belle was still sobbing.

Belle started a different life. Everyday she had breakfast with Red and then headed to the library. She spent the whole day reading and serving as a librarian. She did a nice work and she thought she was happy again.

But the key to the library always reminded her of the man she loved. Whenever she thought about him, a sense of pain and guilt would grabbed her heart. How could she leave him in the darkness?

Gradually she realized it wasn't only him that had betrayed their vows.