A/N: This collection contains uncorrelated freeverse poetry for several different challenges (and possibly competitions too). Each collection will contain 25 poems, all related to the Stravaganza series.


Stars Unite the Sky
a collection of poems


Character(s): Laura Reid
Challenge(s): Mega Prompts Challenge, word prompt 61 - quince



Blood and Life

It was more than she could pay,
more than she could afford
but blood and money
never went hand in hand
to her

Except those old tales
of Robin Hood or assassins
or kidnappers
after gold

But that wasn't the case here
at all.

And she didn't know
at first, but she learnt
where gold became silver
and life became a sharp
little sword

And she meets a man
whose life is a gilded flower
mourned in two worlds
and sees the stack of corpses
from war

And learns blood is that valuable
after all.