Karen awoke to the smell of bacon. Which was awfully odd, considering Stinky (known as Theodore on his better days) the cat was currently her only roommate.

Terra was off visiting her parents again. Nicco had a key to her apartment, in case she was off-planet and needed cat sitting, but he lived about a twenty minute subway ride away and would never barge in unannounced while she was home. Even Bruce, Dick, and Helena had more sense than to try and enter her apartment, even if it was to cook delicious, salted meats.

She swore to Rao if Vartox was in her apartment, she would punch him to the moon. Literally.

She rose from her bed and turned off her alarm clock before it could start its shrill morning ritual of beeping loudly. Shoving her feet in fuzzy, Streaky the Supercat-shaped slippers (those agencies turned pretty much anything Super-related into merchandise), she floated crankily out of her bed room and into the kitchen, where she found...

Absolutely no one. The kitchen was empty, save for a steaming plate of waffles, eggs, and (yes!) bacon. Oh, and a massive bouquet of a dozen...no, thirteen red tulips and a single orange orchid.

Karen blinked in bafflement, scanning the room with different kinds of vision. X-ray. Infrared. Ultra violet. Nothing. No sign of a break in, no sign of anyone, not even a single finger print. The stove was still hot, though, but all her pots and pans were clean and in their place.

While she screwed her eyes up, looking at the room in as many ways as she could, Stinky had scrambled up the counter and was now happily chewing on the stem of one of the tulips.

"No, bad boy! Get down!" She slapped the counter-but not hard enough to damage it-in an attempt to scare the cat away. Instead, he sauntered over to the hot plate and began to munch contentedly on some bacon.

Karen sighed and sat down, shooing him away. "I guess at least I know nothing's poisoned?"

Stinky looked up at her, blinked, and then meowed, as if to ask for more bacon.

She gave him the strip he was chewing on and ate the rest herself. It really was very good.

Karen dressed and took the subway to work. She stood and read a book quietly, while the train rocked the morning commuters softly. She was thankful that everything else in her day seemed to be normal, even if the busker at her stop in Brooklyn had started singing a very rude version of "Love was Made for You and Me" as she walked by him.

To be fair, that was, more or less, her normal.

At work, Nicco greeted her. "Morning boss. Happy Valentine's Day." He returned to his clip board, reading something with rapt attention.

"Oh?" Something clicked. "Oh! Oh. Is it really Valentine's Day."

Nicco looked up and raised an eyebrow, bemused. "Yes. It really is."


Nicco rolled his eyes and headed over to Dexter Nichols, who was fiddling with some wiring in the wall.

"Dex," she called over. "Do not put the yellow to the green wir-" she was cut off by a spark and subsequent sizzle that came from Dexter touching the yellow wire to the green wire.

"Oops." He smiled, embarrassed, and adjusted his hat. "Sorry Miz Starr."

She sighed, "it's okay, Dex. Power's still on, so no harm, no foul." She made her way to her office and sat down at her desk.

In the center of which was a snowglobe she had never seen before. It was certainly not one of hers.

There was a small, typewritten note attached to the base: "it's yours"

That was it. Again, no finger prints, no sign of a break in, no heat signal hiding behind the wall.

At least she could cross Vartox off her list of secret admirers. He was anything but subtle. And he would have certainly made it known ten times over that he had victoriously (or not) wooed the woman of power.

It was a nice snowglobe, though. It was 30 Rock, with the sparkling ice rink lit up like it was in winter. Obviously store bought, but a little pricey. She did love sitting on the gargoyles over 30 Rock in the winter and look down at the tiny ice skaters making nonsensical trails.

So, maybe whoever sent this knew that?

Or maybe she was just being paranoid, but...

Did she have a super-stalker.