I awoke to the loud,mechanical beepings of my metalic band rested on my bony wrist tightly,feeling like a vice like grip of long gone villagers in my fever clouded mind.i sniffle in disgust at the plasma that threatens to leave my nose,as I allowed myself to look in the antique hand mirror by my bedside lamp.

I look as poorly as before,only now my cheeks and nose are tinged a bright pink.I sighed knowing there was nothing i could i used my abilities then i ran risk of allowing to much chaos to seep would not be pleasant.I wouldn't be able to sleep for weeks,let alone /Think/.I would be nothing more than a crazed ball of antimatter in mortal form,only registering the pain coursing through my veins as I was torn apart and thread back together from the inside out repeatedly,yeah,like my already damaged mind could handle /that/ AGAIN.

I put a veil over my image,hiding my momentary weakness from view from anyone without magic in their veins,which,in this dimension,was a large portion of the i looked like my normal form,a mortal boy,all except the marking that were impossible to hide from view around my eyes,and my hair appeared to be back in it's horn like that accomplished,i accepted the transmission and allowed the chrome dome of one Lex Luthor to be seen.

"Luthor,what do I owe this annoyance?"I said,a smirk trailing on my lips.I both loved and loathed being able to speak to so called 'adults' like that.I knew the punishment in my lashings,and no supper for two children were aloud to let their manners writher to chaos that caused quickly grew stale in my mouth,no where near as sweet as it tasted when one had the gall to do so in my own time.

Lex simply chuckled,with only a slight disdainful glint in his eyes,"Careful witch /BOY/,one of these days I might just call your mummy to give you a time out."he jested crudely,before collecting himself,and beginning again.

"I was charged with the incovenience of reminding you of the meeting scheduled for this evening."he said,going silent for a moment,eyes scanning my face,causing my skin to prickle.I adhorrded starring...

"what,has the sun finally fried your stump of a brain?"I growled,arms and legs both crossing defensively,as teekl rubbed herself against my bare ankle and foot.

"Oh no,not yet,"he commented briskly,"that's just a interresting hair style you've chosen..."he smirked,barely containing his laughter.

my hand instictively went up to my left side,and to this he shook his hand and gestured to his moment my right hand lifted,it brushed against curling waves of inky black man laughed softly before shutting off the link without a moments notice.

I scolded,my charms were already fading and couldn't run the risk of casting too many,small though they be.

I sighed,and resigned myself to having to actually waste time on my appearance.I grabbed a brush,and conjured up some pins and hair tyes,and proceded to the hour and a half long struggle with my hair before it finally settled itself in it's rightful place,although it's true valume showed,and the smallest pieces curled at the nape of my neck and by my ears.

After dressing slowly so as to not jostle myself,I teleport myself to Lex Corp.s main office,and put on my best taunting smirk,and wited ofr Luthor,in his chair of course.

When he saw me,he didn't do anything but give me a deadpan expression and then proceeded to snap hs fingers for his assistant to get him a even more plush seat than the one I sat this I just pouted,before spinning in the chair,and asking in that whiny voice of mine,"so when will the others get here,i'm losing patience!"I called petulantly.

"we are already here"came the sultry voice of Queen Bee,fallowed closely by Psimmon,who !With his *man in the white van* as I call it,grin!That little worm is soooo damn creepy!

The fucking telepath would if the properties that make up my being causes him to have a inability to read my mind,doesn't mean he can't read my brain waves!He would of course know instantly I was in pain,or neural receptors would tell he would revel in holding it over my head.

Oh goody...I thought silently,as I absent mindedly stroked teekl,before she leapt off my shoulder to go hunt in her boredom.

How was I to know what trouble that would lead too?

*************Oklahoma City,OK ***************

A small boy sat on a mattress,which lay on a cluttered floor in a small,and slightly dank apartment.

They had shaggy hair with random lengths between the locks,the longest being to his mid thigh,the shortrst,curling gently around his couldn't tell what the hair color was,something between extremely light brown,to a dark strawberry blond,with random flecks of red and white,and auburn intermingled in patches.

pale limbs,yet ruddy red cheeks stared through large glasses at a computer screen,big frosty green eyes sparkled,and slightly bubblish mid-pink lips smiled softly at the words that danced across the screen as he read a comic online.

He wasn't a stick,nor was he had slight muscle seeable againsts his arms and legs,and slight baby fat like pouches on his sides,giving his seeable hip bones a little deffinition,and his waist a suttle feminine curve.

It was hard to distinguish his gender if it wasn't for the fact his ninja turtles sweatshirt held absolutley no hints of breasts,which suited them didn't care what people thought they were,as long as people treated them equal.

It was hard to believe that in a few months,this boy,no bigger than 4'11 1/2 feet tall,would be 17 in only five months.

His name is Blake,Abreham,Kirkland.