It was night time. It had rained whole day; but the sky was marvelously clear now-no trace of cloud, and white moon was surrounded by the pale looking stars shining brightly. Ranveer sat silently on the roof of his house, lost in his thoughts: how he had once promised Chirag to convince Ishani for the marriage. He had feared throughout his life for this moment believing it might not come to pass. But his worst fear had come true-the day had come...

Taking the notice of the moon he thought, "It rained whole day, today (very unusual these days), as if the sky was weeping on my behalf; but it has turned into something different as if it is given a reason to smile."

And the sky certainly had a reason to smile: Ishani was getting engaged tonight. Ishani, after long efforts, had fallen in love with Chirag. To Ranveer, it felt that the entire universe wanted to wish Ishani a happy life, and had participated in her happiness. He smirked at his own fate. There used to be a time when he would look at her and believe these memories would remain with him forever: a comfort for him in the sad times; but now those memories were but painful experience.

He did not cry. He had made a promise: a promise that he would not cry because if he did, it'd mean he doesn't appreciate Ishani's happiness enough. Despite his silent sufferings, he was fighting a battle in his heart (and knew he was fighting a losing battle); he was screaming inside but it all went unnoticed. He wished somehow no one should notice him; he did not dare attend the ceremony. How could he? Ranveer stood up and wiped away his tears-He had done his best to keep himself from crying; but unknowingly it had just happened.

Suddenly he heard the sound of the footsteps. Hearing the footsteps he carefully wiped his tears. Cool enough, it was Ishani. Ranveer, for the first time, in the evening, saw her and was taken aback by her beauty. Ishani looked fantabulous. To him, it felt that moon and stars had stolen her beauty tonight and she still remained the most beautiful person he had ever seen. He kept staring at her until she loudly said something to him. Coming back to his senses he asked if Ishani needed something.

Annoyed with his question she said, "You are my best friend, Ranveer. I didn't know you couldn't talk to me as a friend. I'm sorry if I disturbed you."

Seeing Ishani offended Ranveer asked her not to get angry. Ishani unexpectedly hugged him and said a "Thank you" to him. Ranveer did not touch her, this time not because she was the daughter of his master, but because she now belonged to someone else.
They broke; Ishani went on, "Ranveer, do you remember, once I had asked you to save me from this marriage and my family?"
Ranveer nodded, "I did."
"But I did not know what I was missing that time, I thank you for making me realize the importance of the man I'm going get engaged today. Without you this wasn't possible."

Ranveer fought with his tears, but gathered courage to smile, and said, "Ishani, Mota Babuji had appointed me for the job, how do you think I was going to say 'no' to him? I had faith in his faith, so I did what he asked me to."

Ishani glanced at her watch and asked Ranveer to come along as it was time.

Finally Ishani and Chirag got engaged. Ranveer standing aside thought to himself, "It's the last time, perhaps, I'll look at her this way; I have no right even to see her in the old way anymore."

Very silently he slipped out of the place, without being seen by anyone (as they were all busy with the new couple); and came to his room. He sat there deep in his thoughts, thinking of what the next day has in store for him. Ranveer then fell into an uneasy sleep dreaming of the girl he had loved but could never confess...