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-Of Angel and Devil-

To Sawamura Eijun, Takigawa Chris-Yuu is a saint inside out. The way that he treat him is so good that if the good won't put him in heaven, Eijun would probably makes the god pay for it. Chris is a gentle person with great personality. At first when he is introduced to him, Eijun didn't like him even for a bit. The cold outward had made him look like a villain straight out of the shounen manga. But after learning about the man past and history, Eijun look upon him as a role model. He aspired to become a man as good and intelligence as Chris. To him Takigawa Chris-Yuu is an angel clad in white symbolizing purity and determination.


Miyuki Kazuya a name that makes his heart aches every single time. At first Eijun thought that he is a good man but after a while his true nature surfaced. Sadist, egoist and utterly despicable is among the words that Eijun had designated just for him. The sadistic feature had been the most on 'things that surfaced' on Eijun list. The habit of manipulating people is one of the traits also bullying the newbies. Needless to say Miyuki Kazuya is the dark side of Seidou's baseball team. Miyuki Kazuya is a bad omen for those whom knows him, the devil.


Sawamura Eijun is standing right in front of a bakery, looking at the menu. It is a must for him if he had a free time to go and enjoy it at the nearby cafe.

"Miss, I would like a slice of cheesecakes and a cup of coffee"

He said to the beautiful waitress.

"Make it three please"

Suddenly a familiar voice appears and the two familiar figures sat down beside Eijun. The older ordered a vanilla chiffon cake while the second year ordered a slice of chocolate mousse cake. As both of then sat down on the other side of Eijun's sit, Eijun's stunned. The angel and the devil at the same time. After a while the waitress come back with their desserts.

"Sawamura, never knows that you fancied this kind of place"

The second year started the conversation. A tick mark appears on Eijun's forehead.

"It's none of your bussiness Miyuki"

Eijun snapped back and took his fork massacring his cheesecake.

"Miyuki, please watch over your manners please we're in public"

Takigawa slipped forward before the arguments make it worst.

"Sawamura how about having a bite of my dessert"

He asked him sweetly before Eijun could answer anything Miyuki stepped forward.

"He should taste mine first"

He argued with Chris. As both of them argued and ranted at each other, Eijun scooped down his cake and downed his coffee. He leave his the money and bills on the table, ignoring the fact that the once matured senpai had gotten a bit retard for today.

"Both of them are like polar opposite, so much differences"

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