Heys guys, It's Valentine already had anyone received chocolates this year, or maybe roses and cards. Truth to be told my family planned a vacation without consulting me so almost all of my stories are left back at home. Overall I hope that all of you'll enjoy the story, read and review everyone.


10 uses of chocolates...

1- to be used for a gift to everyone you love, Kazuya always give chocolates to Eijun cause he knows that Eijun'll be happy for those.

2-as a medium in overcoming hard moments. The first time Kazuya ate some chocolates is when Eijun got into hospital. The brunette had begged him to eat some. That is it when he realized that chocolates triggers happy memories and makes him feel a lot better.

3- it is used to differentiate between friends and lover. Kazuya would always eat Eijun's homemade chocolates although it tasted bad because he knew that it is different than a mere gratitude choco.

4- to enjoy happy moments. Although the rain had wetted them from their hair to toes, both of them are happy eating some chocolates and enjoy the romantic moments.

5- as a tool of pure torture. When Eijun had to go to the dentist, Kazuya had threathen to threw away all the chocolates if Eijun doesn't limit his portion.

6- use it as a bribe. Eijun bribed Kominato Ryosuke whom accepted it with open hands and planned to trick the catcher.

7- to use it as an act to skipped school. Kuramochi pretend to be sick because of too much chocolates consumed until he received one that makes him to be in the toilet for hours.

8- to be used as token to the children. As their adotep twins running on their backyard Eijun called for them to be right beside him for some chocolates.

9- to be use for intimate use... Well for example as a lube?!

10- used as a marriage proposal. When Kazuya proposed to him he had given him a band of silver ring and a box of chocolates that they shared through their kiss...

And CUT! THANK YOU FOR READING THE FIC. I hope that all of you'll like it. Roses and biscuits for everyone and have a nice day.