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It's been quite a few years since the events which leads to the demolishment of No.6 wall. Shion had been helping at his mother Karan's bakery. Needless to say they had been busy lately ever since his mom managed to grabbed the attention of the upper acheleon people. Over the years Shion had let his hair grows over his shoulder to his mid-back. The snow white hair that he gain from the bees incident had been the only evidence that he and Nezumi had bonded in more than one way. The last kiss that was given to him by Nezumi is still fresh in his memories.

"Shion, take these to the front please"

His mother said to him as she took another baking tray out of the oven. He tied his hair like a pony tail and rushed to his mother aid.

"Coming mom"

He answered from the display tables. Quickly he took the tray and strolled back and begun to arranged the buns and cakes. Suddenly the bells chime.


He greeted enthusiastically. A young man with piercing eyes and deep blue hair.


A deep voice greeted him. A familiar face swam into his view.


He smiled at him as he saw the familiar white haired man.

"Are you just gonna stand there, come here"

Shion ran into his embrace as the man hugged him back... At last they are together.

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