My Love

By: Mike Kromer

Disclaimer: I do not own the anime/ characters

Chapter 1 Rin's POV

All of a sudden I was hit by a blinding light; the next thing I knew I was in Mayumi's bathhouse, the women's side at that. As I came to, I started to remember what just happened to me. I remembered this day's events slowly little by little. I remember it was a hot summer day and I and the girls planned to go swimming at in the school pool. I remember going into the school and walking ahead of the others. The next thing I knew I was on the floor, by none other than that Mayumi. I knew she had summer school, but wasn't expecting her to bowl me over with her green striped panties staring me in the face.

I liked what I say and was getting a boner as I sat there hoping she wouldn't find out. Well Mayumi being who she was, started to tease me by wiggling her ass in front of me in the sprawled out position we were in. She started to say something along the lines of, "If you can see my panties, I can see what you are wearing." So when I see her going for my zipper, I naturally react to stopping her. Hopefully she wouldn't know how "turned on" I was by the whole encounter.

Well Mayumi left finally left after seeing the other girls show up, explaining how we were playing "Doctor" for Primula's sake. Next we headed for the pool for some fun in the sun as it were. Time flies by fast and we say buy to each other, I don't want to go home just yet. As I head out, I bump into Ms. Nao. She seemed preoccupied with something as I look at her. She seemed to find something just lying on the floor. It just so happens to by Mayumi's wallet, and I said that it happened when we kind of bumped into each other earlier that day. I offered to return it to her personally, being the nice person I am, so agreed and let me go.

Now it just happens to be early evening and the sun is just beginning to set, when I wander into the café that Kareha works at part-time. As usual she is her care-free self, boy if only I could be so care-free and happy all the time. When it came time to pay, kareha stops me and hands me a small paper bag that she says Mayumi left earlier. And it was very important to her too, if my hunch was right. I pay and see ya later to Kureha, turn a corner, and bump into Ms. Nao again that day. I know what the odds of that happening in one day are. She asks if I seen Mayumi since the last time we met; I say no, so she offers me a ride to her house.

I get out of her car and went to the front door, knock, ask if she is home, which of course se wasn't. I head back to Ms. Nao and tell her I'll wait for her around here, avoiding the "I can drive you home" line. I don't want to be too much of a bother to her, I'm Shure she has things to do without me around. I say "good by" to her as she leaves. I take the small bag and give it a little peek inside, and I was right what the contents contained. Inside was her cute, green striped panties and bra from earlier in the day. With her beautiful sent still fresh in my mind. I really wanted to take them out and do naughty things with them; come on I am a teenaged guy after all. However I restrain myself and put everything back in the bag.

Just then I see Mayumi rounding the corner and she looked surprised to see me there in front of her house. I know I'm blushing slightly from what I was thinking about, and I could tell she was too. She was walking up to me slowly because of her "going Commando" thing going underneath her skirt. Although I wouldn't have minded one bit just to see a little peek, "Come on wind just a little breeze," I kept saying in my head. I said that I had something important to give to her, and handed back her wallet and the bag. Gave her a slight hug, and said, "Good by," to her and walked away Mayumi being stuck in my mind. Did I love her I just didn't know, but that feeling never went away.

As I enter my house, take of my shoes; say "I'm back" to my family and walk to my room exhausted. I change into more conferrable clothes, eat, and get ready for bed. I go to the bathroom and take a bath, boy does it feel good, I tell you. I feel all my tension and thoughts just disappear. The last thing I asked myself if I truly, honestly loved Mayumi. And what I got from my heart was the first honest answer I had, yes I did Love her with all my heart. Then as soon as I realized this some kind of mist or portal engulfed me, and here I was back at the beginning, my mind now caught up with where I was at the time. And the worst part was Mayumi, the girl of my dreams was in the bath but naked in her birthday suit across from me. Now what do I do?...