My Love

Chapter 3: What's next?

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As I stare at Mayumi's naked form for the first time, all my blood goes to one place. And as I start to blackout, from blood loss no less, all I can think of is "Wow." Next thing I know is that I wake up in Mayumi's lap. I wonder how I got there, but for now that can wait. I look into the eyes of the love of my life and smile. She smiles back knowing that I'm ok.

I look around to find myself in her room. She says she'll be back soon; my gut feeling is that she went to tell her parents that I just got up, and doing fine at the moment. I look around Mayumi's room and find all her pictures of me; but knowing her since she is part of the newspaper club at school, that didn't surprise me in the latest. She startles me when she comes back into her room and I drop the pictures that I'm holding.

"I see that you've found my secret stash of pictures," Mayumi said to me

I was shocked at first before replying, "Yea sort of."

"Don't be, I was going to tell you about them sooner or later."

"Why is that, it really doesn't surprise me that you have them"

"Well I thought you might find it strange, and I didn't know you even liked me at all," Mayumi said.

"Well I do, I love you with all my heart"

I start to see her cry, and I carefully start to rub them away. I start to tell her why I love her so much. Not from the way she looks but the inner beauty; from her personality, the way I can tell she is hurting on the inside, even if she denies it. I can tell she looks on the bright side of things. I tell her that it hurts me too when she is upset, or emotionally down. Such as when Itsuki always harps on her bout being flat chested. I apologize sincerely on my hands and knees that I deeply regret for being part of that group sometimes.

Mayumi just stares at me blinking in disbelief. So she tells me everything she fell in love with; from me not wanting to hurt other people's feelings, like the so called harem I'm with. And that I would do anything to help others in need, Primula being a prime example. I am taken back with what she is telling me, just like she did when I was telling her my feelings. Then we get into the issue in the bathtub, and how I came to be there. I just remember her cursing out not to long ago, for not being a full demon and therefore had no powers to help me when I needed it. It occurs to me, and I tell Mayumi that somehow our hearts and minds had the same thoughts/feelings at the time and merged to some point. And a miracle of some sort happened; that because of that, her latent power came forth and made her wish come true. Mayumi thought about that possibility, and seemed to agree with me on that point.

I finally realize that I'm not naked anymore, stupid of me I know, so I ask Mayumi how I am dressed in someone's clothes. She replies to that saying it's her shirt, but her father's pants. How she had to drag me from the tub, to the living room, and from there to her room. I ask about if her parents are ok with me being here alone with her. She obviously says yes to that stupid question and begins to explain. Her parents where ok with it because I'm basically the only one she talks about love with her parents. So I guess it's actually normal among demon kind, but that is only my guess.

I then start to tell her about today's incident at school and what happened after that before meeting her in front of her house. I start to tell her when she ran over/ fell on me that I actually liked the panties she wore, and how I didn't want to act like a pervert or anything. I told her the reason why I didn't want her to remove my pants because I didn't want to see her reaction to my hard boner and think I only liked her body. Then I must have said something embarrassing for her when I talked about how I could both see and smell her little arousal, I would be too in this situation. Then later when she was at the restaurant, I wished I could have seen her with that little accident. And what I found inside the package Kareha gave me, and what I did and wanted to do. By this time my face was flushed and I just couldn't look Mayumi in the face. I was so scared how she would react to the truth.

My fears were put to rest when she took my face in her hands, gently lifted up my chin, and before I knew it gave me a kiss on the lips. I was frozen in place at the shock, with this being my real first kiss and all. Not to mention it happened with the one girl I loved, put my hart aflutter. When she let go, I could only stare wide eyed at her. My mind totally went blank for a few seconds. Then I heard her say, "Don't ever think I would think any less of you. I don't care what you think or do, or how your body reacts to me. I kind of like it if you just tell the truth and all. And don't beat around the bush so to speak. And FYI I'm getting a little exited right now, and I can tell you are too."

I couldn't say no to that because it was the truth. I then pull her gently into a hug and start a heated kiss with her. Next thing I knew was that we started using our tongues to intensify the feeling. Next thing I knew where feeling each other up, still kissing like we haven't felt live before. Once we break my I could feel my heart beating a mile a minute, and by the look of it, Mayumi was in the exact same state that I was in. After the kiss I told her I love her and if anyone hurts her in any way, I'll come after them for her. She seems to like what I said, because she had her hand across her hart and leaned into me.

I grab hold of her shoulders and gently push her away slightly. She gives me a pouting look. I just say to her we need to do it proper and with that I come out and say it. "Mayumi Thyme; will you do the honor of being my girlfriend, now and forever?" Mayumi puts a finger to her lips in a mocking, and I could tell she already had an answer to my question. And without any hesitation she replies; with a "Yes" knocking me to the floor. I get her off of me with a little difficulty; I rub my sore head as I get up. I tell her take me to her parents so that they would know. She reluctantly agrees with me, so I followed her out the door and down the steps. We enter the living room where her parents are still up watching what who knows on the T.V. Mayumi gently gets their attention as I quickly stand next to her.

"We have a little announcement to make," we said

"Out with it already," her father seems to know what is to be said.

"Dear; I can't wait as well, but try to calm down a little." Her mother replies.

"Ok" her dad said visibly calming down awaiting or news.

"We are now dating," Mayumi says without hesitation.

However I kind of shocked myself when I just got down on one knee and said, "I know this is out of the blue and all, but after all we confessed out undying love for each other. I know I don't have a ring yet, but will you marry me?"

All I could see where her tears falling as well as sobs, "Yes I would love to."

With that her parents come forward with congratulations, and bout time. "I always wanted a son; and now if you don't mind me calling you my son, I will" her dad tells me.

"No I don't mind at all, if you're ok with it as well as your wife then address me however you want."

"That settles it my boy" as he slaps me in my back.

I just can't wait for the future ahead, and I know Mayumi is as well. I just can't wait to see everyone's faces, but what we do here on is yet to be seen. Although I do need to tell them my unique situation before we start off though, which I am a little scared of doing. It has to be done.

"I feel like I must tell you all something," I tell them

"Go Right ahead my boy we are listening to you", he replies….