A/N: I wrote this for my ELA homework, but I figured, 'Why not share this with everyone?' So...that's how I came to typing this up for the world to read. :) Enjoy!~ And if you like this, follow, favorite, or review!~ ;)

FYI, the line breaks indicate a new stanza.

I remember that time when all peace between you

And your clan was gone, instead it was replaced by

Anger and distrust

Your brother, one who was so innocent, so oblivious

To everything, was just joyful in your presence

Until that fateful day

I remember your feelings of remorse

And the look on your brother's face,

One of pure horror and terror,

At your actions against your clan

And your family, one that he will not forget

One that he will carry until the day he dies

I remember the feelings of hate

That your brother harbors

I remember the way he was avoiding the truth,

Asking and begging you that it wasn't true

But alas, it was all the painful truth and reality

I remember

I remember it all

So clearly, that it soon dawns on me

How painful this was

To remember