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Angel and Demon

The journey from Shmi's former home to the outskirts of Mos Espa had been a long and circuitous one. They had, for example, to stop in at Watto's shop and arrange for Anakin and Shmi's explosive implants to be shut down. Qui-Gon, showing a bit more class in Angel's opinion, said that he would have their implants surgically removed once they had reached Coruscant. Watto was angry with Qui-Gon and Angel, but had reluctantly paid his debts. The Toydarian junker was going to suffer through hard times after all of his failed betting.

Angel could clearly make out the sleek, silver vessel in the distance. It was very shiny and pretty but, like so many other things about this situation, it filled Angel with a deep sense of foreboding. And speaking of foreboding… The sense Angel was experiencing, that the other shoe was going to drop had solidified into a rapidly increasing sense of threat. In fact, the threat was now morphing into a clear and present danger to him and his companions. The demon within him was practically baring its fangs as like recognised like. A dark and evil presence was rapidly closing… too rapidly… "Run."

The group he was walking with, including Anakin, Shmi and the strangers, all looked at him with incredulity. Qui-Gon in particular seemed thrown by Angel's sudden comment. "Mr. Angel, what are you talking…?"

Angel cut off the Jedi, ignoring the man entirely. His whole focus was on Shmi. "Take your son and run. Someone is coming…"

The Jedi, the alien and the girl all wanted to know more details about this someone. Shmi knew Angel well enough to take his word on faith. She grasped her sons arm and fled toward the ship as quickly as Anakin could keep pace. The alien, a coward by nature, fled too. The girl caught sight of a black pinprick in the distance, closing rapidly, and made her choice to run. She exhorted her droid to follow her, which it did.

The Jedi stayed behind, staring into Angel's eyes searchingly. "What do you know?"

Angel snarled from beneath his thick hood. "Next to nothing. Just enough to know it's bad."

Jedi and vampire did not have long to wait. The rapidly closing individual was upon them in an instant. Angel found he was instantly dismissed from consideration as the foul creature focused all of its attention on Qui-Gon.

The demon, for that was what it seemed, fascinated Angel. Where many of the aliens he had seen had resembled demon species from his own world, this being was the first being that had truly felt evil in every way. It wore darkness like a cloak, in a way that went much deeper then wardrobe. The red lightsaber was what gave Angel some pause. He had only seen one in his life… Darth Vader's… That did not bode well.

Angel allowed Qui-Gon and the demon to fight it out. This was not because he had no desire to help, but rather because he was trying to work out how it was best to do so. His knowledge of Star Wars was fairly old and half-forgotten, but he did remember that lightsabers could lop off limbs with a frighteningly casual ease. That meant he had to be careful. Luckily the Jedi and his opponent appeared to be moving at speeds that were within Angel's ability to reach. It was just a matter of waiting for an opportune moment.

Angel's moment came when the silver ship finally started lifting off of the ground. Qui-Gon manoeuvred himself to a spot between the demon and the ship and the demon made a fatal error. He turned his back to Angel, granting an opening. Angel went into gameface and charged at vampire speed into the fray, slashing viciously at the demon's hamstrings.

The demon, having dismissed Angel from consideration, only barely managed to avoid being crippled, desperately leaping away from Qui-Gon and Angel. The demon fired an ugly look in Angel's direction, limping slightly as blood ran down one of his legs. Angelus crowed from inside Angel, happy to have taken first blood. And then a second blade extended from the lightsaber's other side. Angel shuddered. Darth Vader's lightsaber had never been able to do that.

Luckily, the silver ship was flitting into the area. Qui-Gon and Angel, using the Force and vampire strength respectively, took the opportunity presented and leapt aboard, leaving the raging demon behind.

As Angel walked unsteadily up the gangplank, he was unsurprised to see Qui-Gon collapse upon the floor in exhaustion. It was nice to know that the Force could only boost a man so much. The lightsabers were a real problem, though. He frowned. He would have to look into a way to combat them on an even level.

Angel managed to refocus just soon enough to hear Qui-Gon introduce Anakin to another young man… Obi-Wan Kenobi. Now wasn't that an interesting turn of events. "Funny, you look more like a Ben to me…"

Young Kenobi turned to match gazes with the vampire with a soul. "I thank you for helping my master, Sir, but I can assure you that my name is Obi-Wan."

Angel nodded agreeably. "Of course, Obi-Wan. My name is Angel. And no…" he said, shooting a chastising glance in Anakin's direction, "I am not from Iego."

Anakin had the good grace to look embarrassed. "I never mentioned that to him, you know."

Angel smiled indulgently. "I know, Anakin, I'm just reminding you."

Darth Maul bowed before the image of his master, the flaring pain from the cut into one of his legs burning slightly to remind him of his failure. "The Queen and her party have escaped, my Master."

Darth Sidious stared fixedly at Maul from beneath his hood. "How came you to fail in your task, Lord Maul? Were the Jedi more than you could overcome alone?"

The stinging insult riled the Zabrak Sith, but he kept his temper firmly in line. Lord Sidious did not tolerate backtalk. "No, My Lord, I am certain that I could have overcome the Jedi had he been alone." This was patently false as far as mission success went. The Jedi had managed to keep him busy long enough for the ship to escape. He felt he could have killed the old Jedi, but he knew that the Queen would have still escaped him regardless.

Lord Sidious apparently did not notice this apparent shading of the truth, instead focusing where Maul was attempting to direct him. "And who interfered in your battle that managed to foil and wound a Sith Lord?"

Maul winced at the comment, but could not deny the fact. "That is why it has taken me so long to get back to you, Master. I have been searching for that information. I believe the being to be a common labourer known as Angel. He appears to be human, but this is a disguise. His employer did not know his actual race. I can tell you that he is strong in the Dark Side. I could sense it strongly. It is why I made the mistake of presenting him my back." The confession was like ashes in his throat, but he had to be honest with his master. Sidious would know if it were otherwise, he was sure.

Darth Sidious shook his head in faint disgust. "You should know better then to present your back to anyone, Lord Maul, least of all a fellow servant of the Dark Side. We will discuss this more later. For now, make for Naboo. I sense that I will have need of you there, before the end of this."

"It shall be as you bid, my Master."