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"So your transfers?" Hermione asked after the three shinobi gave vague answers about whether they were first years.

"Yes!" Naruto practically shouted "yes! Transfers! That is what we are"

In hindsight they should have thought about that part of their cover.

"We're from a small school in Japan" Sakura lied "Dumbledore thought that uniting our schools would be a good idea"

"Really? Interesting ..." Hermione and the two boys seemed to have brought their story.

"Yeah, it has something to do with an event thing that Hogwarts is hosting this year" Naruto spoke "something to do with some other schools coming here"

At this the trio exchanged curious glances. Obviously they had some knowledge of the Triwizard Tournament, but not enough to really know what was happening this year at Hogwarts.

"Malfoy said some stuff earlier about something happening this year" Hermione said "that must be what he was talking about"

"Not fair that he know and we don't" Ron huffed, still bothered by the teasing he got from Malfoy earlier that day.

"Can't be helped" Harry pointed out "and anyway, we'll find out sooner or later"

Silence fell over the compartment, neither trio knew what to say.

Until Naruto spotted the garment that was covering Ron's owl's cage.

"That is one hideous dress" he blurted out.

"Is not a dress!" Ron shouted back "it's my dress robes" he face reddened at the thought of them being his "not that I'll ever wear them"

"Oh there not that bad Ron" Harry snickered at his friends misfortune.

"Dress robes?" Naruto asked confused "so basically it is a dress?"

"NO!" Ron yelled.

"It's what we call our nicer robes that are worn for special occasions" Harry tried to explain "Ron's are just quite ... uh ... old fashioned"

"That's one way of describing it" Ron muttered unhappily.

"Anyway" Hermione said loudly, changing the subject "do you know what house your going to be in?"

"No, I think we're going to be sorted along with the first years" Sakura explained.

Another silence filled the compartment.

It wasn't till the train pulled into the station that Sasuke broke the silence.

"We should go join the others" he announced as he stood.

"Yeah, that's a good idea" Sakura spoke, then added "this was way to awkward" in Japanese.

Her two teammates nodded in agreement.

"Well I guess we will see you later then" Naruto grinned "maybe we'll end up in the same house"

The shinobi re-grouped on the station platform.

"It seems that we are to join the first years journey to the school" Shikamaru declared "although it seems pretty stupid since that Potter kid is going by carriage"

"Nothing we can do about it" Hinata stated "it would be a bit suspicious to be following him around so soon"

"That's true" Shikamaru nodded, his next words were drowned out by a loud booming voice.

"First years over here" Hagrid yelled over the crowed of students "and Konoha transfers" he added a little quieter.

"Guess that's Hagrid, the grounds keeper" Sai said.

The six of them joined the group of jittery first years who seemed stunned by Hagrid's appearance. The shinobi weren't fazed in the slightest by Hagrid since in their society there were quite a few odd looking people. It was normal to just accept it.

"Alright, we all here?" Hargid asked "good, now follow me everyone" he led the group down to the water front were a dozen or so small boats waited for them.

"Naruto-kun please stop moving around so much" Hinata begged as she gripped onto the sides of the boat tightly.

"Sorry Hinata-chan" Naruto apologized as he sat down in the boat "there's something big in the water and I want to see it" he explained.

"Your going to tip the boat if you keep that up" Sai pointed out "stay still till we get to shore"

"But it's huge!" Naruto whined as he tried to look into the water from his seated position "and maybe magical!"

"You will see lots of other magical creatures while we're here" Hinata reassured him as she took his hand "there's no need to rush"

"Your right Hinata-chan, sorry" Naruto sighed, dragging his eyes away from the water and to the gigantic castle that was slowly getting closer "is that castle the school?"

"Seems like it" she replied "magically folk seem to be fairly old fashioned, a little more then Konoha is"

"How old fashioned?"

"They don'y use electricity" Hinata said.

"The how do they cook their ramen?" Naruto asked, a touch of panic in his voice.

"Naruto-kun" Hinata gripped his hand tightly then said "I don't think that they have ramen"

"I think Hinata just told Naruto about his precious ramen" Sakura said after an angst fulled scream echoed across the open water.

"We will not be hearing the end of it" Sasuke sighed.

"He's lived without ramen before" Shikamaru stated "I think you two are being a bit dramatic"

"You just don't understand him completely yet" Sakura informed him "you haven't really been on long missions with him when he doesn't have his ramen"

"The guys obsessed" Sasuke said.

"Just you wait Shikamaru" Sakura warned "after this mission you will be stocking up on ramen"

Shikamaru just shook his head tiredly "this mission is already a bother"

The three stared up at the castle that was now looming above them.

"This place is much bigger then I imagined" Sakura spoke "how are six of us going to do this mission?"

"We can always get reinforcements if necessary" Shikamaru pointed out.

"Looks like that would be ideal" Sasuke spoke as he looked up at the castle with his sharingan activated.

"You shouldn't use the sharingan when your around the students or teachers" Shikamaru stated "also Hinata shouldn't use the byakugan and we need to tell Naruto not to mention Kurama, he could come across as insane"

"He already does" Sasuke muttered, causing Sakura to hit him.

A strict look women in a pointy hat stood before the group of first years and shinobi.

"I am Professor McGonagall" she announced "shortly we will enter through these doors into the Great Hall, where each of you will be sorted into your houses" behind her the large doors swung open and McGonagall indicated for the group to follow her in.

The hall was brightly lit and returning students stared at the advancing group. Most of them chatted loudly with those next to them but most stared blankly. One the group came to a stop in front of a stool with an old ratty hat on it that suddenly burst out into song, once the hat was done singing McGonagall pulled out a roll of parchment and then spoke.

"I'm going to call out your name and you will place the Sorting Hat on your head and take a seat" she then proceeded to call out name after name. Eventually she came to a stop and only the six shinobi remained in front of McGonagall.

Dumbledore cleared his throat from his position at the center of the staff table "I have a couple announcements to make this evening, one of which is that this year Hogwarts is taking part in a transfer program with a school in Japan" his voice carried out over the hall "the other announcements can wait" he then sat down and nodded for McGonagall to continue.

"Haruno Sakura"

With a sharp push from Sasuke, Sakura walked up to the stool and place the Sorting Hat on her head.

"What do we have here. An undercover shinobi?" the hat spoke "how interesting. Now lets place see where I should place you ..." after a few minutes of consideration he declared "Gryffindor!"

Sakura quickly placed the hat on the stool and strode over to the table that was cheering.

"Hyuga Hinata"

Nervously Hinata placed the hat on her head.

"Another shinobi, I'm going to assume that you transfers are all shinobi ... anyway, where shall I put you ..." it wasn't long before he called out "Hufflepuff"

After a glace at Naruto she hurried over to the cheering table.

"Nara Shikamaru"

Shikamaru sighed then slowly made his way up to the sorting hat.

"Oh this is an easy answer" the hat spoke happily "Ravenclaw!"

Shikamaru lazily made his way to the Ravenclaw table.

"Uchiha Sasuke"

As Sasuke walked to the hat multiple girls gawked and whispered.

"A tough one" the hat muttered "not sure exactly where to put you seeing as you have had a change of heart but since you still have a long way to go I'll choose ..." he waited a moment for dramatic pause "Slytherin!"

Th girls at the Slytherin table cheered loudly as Sasuke strode over and took a seat.

"Uzumaki Naruto"

Naruto practically bounced up to the hat and crammed it onto his head.

"Another difficult one I see" the hat said unhappily "I think that you would be best suited in ... ... ..." he seemed to be thinking it over then shouted "Hufflepuff"

Naruto happily made his way over to Hinata and took a seat next to her.


Sai calmly placed the hat on his head.

"Good lord you lot are annoyingly hard to sort" the hat was happy that Sai was the last of the shinobi "Slytherin" the hat announce.

Sai made his way over to where Sasuke sat, sitting close but not too close to the Uchiha.

Dumbledore announced the feast and food suddenly appeared on the tables.

Naruto could be heard cheering happily.

Once the feast was over and the tables cleared, Dumbledore came to stand at a podium and cleared his throat.

"I would like to announce our new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher Professor Alastor Moody" he indicated to a man seated at the staff table who had an odd protruding eye and chunks of the flesh on his face missing.

The students clapped politely without much enthusiasm.

"Also this year the Quidditch Cup will not be taking place this year" the hall erupted in displeased shouts "because this year Hogwarts will be hosting the Triwizard Tournament. A competition where three champions, one of each representing Hogwarts, Beauxbatons and Durmstrang, will take on three very dangerous tasks. The winner will receive a thousand galleons." the students displeasure turned into excitement "however since the Tournament was discontinued years ago due to the deadly nature of the tasks, no one under the age of 17 will be allowed to enter" many shouts of anger filled the room "those of age that wish to enter, write your name on a piece of parchment and place it in the flame of this special goblet" one of the teachers brought out a large spectacular goblet that had a flame filling it.

"It's getting late so off to bed everyone" he clapped his hands together and turned away from the students.

Later that evening the six shinobi gathered in Dumbledore's office. Dumbledore himself had left to gather the staff and talk to them, leaving the shinobi alone to talk.

"Why are we all split up?" Naruto pouted "I was hoping we would all get put into the same house"

"That would have looked very odd though" Hinata pointed out "it's better for our cover to be split up"

"Not to mention this means we have all four houses covered" Shikamaru added.

"I suppose your both right" Naruto sighed "and the Hufflepuff house seems really cool!" he suddenly grinned.

"The Slytherin students are a bit of a handful" Sai spoke "not all of them, but enough to be annoying"

"Especially that Malfoy kid and his followers" Sasuke said.

"Keep a close eye on that Malfoy kid" Sakura said seriously "he seems to be trouble and his father is a Deatheater according to what I heard from Harry, Ron and Hermione"

"Noted" Sasuke and Sai both said.

"You keep close to Harry" Shikamaru said to Sakura "the other two could also be helpful to stick to"

"Yeah I know" Sakura said "I've already gotten fairly close to Hermione, the boys will be a little harder it think"

"Good, now we need to set up shifts for patrolling the school" Shikamaru declared "night would be best but it does mean that we will be working on little sleep during the day"

"If we do split shifts then we would be too tired to be completely alert" Sai spoke "maybe we should have a couple of us to an all nighter one night, then the others the next, this way we'll get some decent rest"

"Good idea" Shikamaru nodded "two of us patrolling each night is the best we can do for now"

"Do we really have to go to classes?" Naruto asked.

"Yes" all five answered him.

"But why?"

"Because it's part of the cover, of course we wont have to attend all of the classes, just the ones that Harry is apart of. We can use clones for the others" Shikamaru explained, making Naruto visibly relax.

As they discussed the patrolling shifts and classes, Dumbledore re-entered his office with a couple members of staff behind him.

"You hired CHILDREN?" McGonagall said the moment she saw the six of them.

"We're not children!" Naruto replied before anyone else could say anything "we took a potion to make us look younger, we're really 19" he said proudly.

"Children, Dumbledore?" McGonagall said to Dumbledore, clearly 19 still is a child in her books.

"They may be young but they are well trained and are more then capable for the task" Dumbledore reassured her "now" he turned to the shinobi "I would like to introduce you all to Professor Snape, our potions master. Our healer Madam Pomfrey and our Caretaker Argus Filch" he pointed at each in turn "I understand that you will be more likely to encounter these three, then the other members of the staff"

"So these are the ones I have to just allow to wander the halls whenever they please?" Filch asked, clearly not pleased with the idea.

"Yes, they would be the ones" Dumbledore nodded "now I understand that two of you are capable of healing?"

"I know some medical ninjutsu but Sakura is the one who is our main medic" Hinata explained "both of us are happy to help out in the hospital wing if needed" she offered and Sakura nodded in agreement.

"Thank you" Madam Pomfrey smiled "I'll certainly need help once the Triwizard Tournament starts up"

"Yes, now I believe it has been a long day for you six" Dumbledore said to the shinobi "I should bit you all goodnight"

"This place is freezing!" Sakura shivered "stupid castle"

"You should have brought warmer clothes" Sasuke replied.

The two of them had bee placed on first patrol and since it was just the first night, they deemed it pointless to split up just yet.

"We'll we weren't exactly told that it would be icy here" Sakura huffed "these clothes are normally fine in winter"

"And here I thought you were smart" Sasuke smirked.

"Shut up!" Sakura hit his arm "I can see you shivering beneath that hideous poncho of yours"

"This poncho is fine" Sasuke said defensively.

"It's hideous Sasuke-kun" Sakura informed "you should burn it"

"You never said anything about it before" he pointed out.

"Yeah but that's because your normally wearing it when you leave or just get back" she states "so there really wasn't much of a point saying anything, of course now that I have to see it every time we patrol it's a different story"

Rather then replying, Sasuke simply shook his head.

The two fell into a comfortable silence as they walked through the castle. As they traveled down to the dungeons the air became chillier.

"Ugh this is just ridiculous!" Sakura suddenly shouted.

"Shh, the Slytherin common room is down here" Sasuke remained her.

"I don't care" Sakura said stubbornly.

After a few moments of silence, there was a rustling and suddenly a large amount of warm fabric fell over Sakura's head and shoulders.

"There, now you can stop complaining" Sasuke spoke.

"But you'll be cold without your hideous poncho" Sakura stated.

"I'm not bothered by the cold as much as you are" Sasuke explained "just leave it be"

"Fine ..."

After a few moments "Thank you Sasuke-kun"

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