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So Looking back, I made even more mistakes here. I'll remedy that. (Gotta get my shit together) I'll be rethinking and redoing this again with a slightly less complex story. It shouldn't take long but sorry for it.


"Mommy, daddy you're too slow!" A young boy, no older than five laughed happily as his parents raced to catch him.

"Oh, you're gonna regret that!" A woman growled but in a good way at her son.

"Do my ears hear a challenge? Then you'll pay for that!" The boy's father lunged at his son, purposely missing.

They played like that for a while in their home in New York. Just a little family having fun.

"Gotcha Jake!" The boy squealed as his mother grabbed him.

"Hold him right there!" Then his father tackled the, gently to the ground and kissed them both. "Well, this was fun." He laughed.

"Yeah, c'mon Jake, time for some snacks." His mother, Abigail T. Anderson said; making Jake bound up and start jumping.


"Okay, see you in a bit, hon. Got some things in the car that need to be gone anyway." His father, Gabriel L. Anderson said.

Abigail kissed on the cheek before going over to Jake and picking him up by the waist. "Woohoo, ridey!"

Gabriel shook his head at his son's attitude. "That boy takes after his mother." He said before going to the car to get some things out.

Meanwhile, Abigail and Jake were busy making sandwiches. "Can you pass me the jelly, please."

Jake bounded over and got her the jelly, which she took with a smile. "Thanks honey!" She cooed, pinching his cheeks.

"Mom." He pouted as he massaged his sore cheek.

Abigail just laughed and kissed his cheek. "There, all better?"

Jake just continued to pout and cross his arms. His mother thought this was cute and giggled mentally. 'He's just like his dad.'

"Okay, tell you what. You can lick the spoon." Jake instantly bound and up took the spoon before diving in front of the T.V.

"Every time." Someone behind her chuckled.

"Well, he is your son." She chuckled and got the sandwiches to the living room.

"Hey, he's your son too, you know." Gabriel said and got the orange juice.

They just laughed and watched the movies together.

"Mom?" Jake spoke, eyeing his parents.

"Hmm?" Abigail hummed.

"Can I be a doctor?" His parents smiled at his question, proud of their little son.

"Why, of course you can!" Gabe said, hugging his sone and wife.

"I bet you'll be the best Jakey." Abigail nuzzled her precious son, making him smile and giggle in delight.

"Yeah, I'll be the best!" Jake said proudly and climbed onto his father's shoulder. "But before that, Mush!"

Gabe and Abigail laughed before turning off the TV and played with Jake.

When it was nighttime, Jake and his family were preparing for bed.

"Night, night, mom, dad. I love you." He said, hugging both of his parents.

"Love you too, Jakey. Remember, be the best you can be so you can be a doctor." Gabe chuckled and ruffled his son's hair.

"Yeah, and no girlfriends before you turn fifty." His mother said sternly but one could definitely see the smirk on her face.

Jake gave a confused look. "What's a girl friend?"

"...never mind. Goodnight, Jake, love you." Abigail kissed his forehead and went out of the room with her husband.

"Hey, isn't your brother a doctor?" Abigail asked and saw Gabriel frown a little.

"Gabe, it's been years since you've seen him. You can't just leave him like that." Abigail sighed.

"I didn't leave him. He left us while we were down and out." Gabriel grumbled, remembering dear brother that left him and his sister in a hole.

"But don't you want to mend those wounds?" She hugged him comfortingly and Gabriel sighed.

"I do...but...it's just hard is all."

Abigail nodded her head in understanding. "Okay, I was just wondering if you guys wanted to at least talk."

Gabe kissed her on the head. "I second that. Goodnight, honey." He heard her giggle a goodnight and they fell asleep.

Outside their house, a man with a gray hoodie and leather jacket stood outside, peering at Jake's window. The man took out a cellphone and dialed.

"Commander, the boy is ready. Begin with the operation."

Then out of the darkness, five men in heavy battle armor with gas masks came to the house.

"Mission is clear. We grab the boy, if the parents find out eliminate them silently. Understood?" The commander said and his men nodded.

"Command, this is Badger 2-4, we are ready to silent snatch and grab, repeat we are go for insertion."

The radio fired up. "Copy, proceed as planned. The boy is not to be harmed, silent insertion is a go. You have the green light."

"Roger that. Sanders, the door."

Sanders picked the lock on the door and after a few second, it was unlocked. The soldiers entered the home as quickly and as quietly as possible.

"Second floor. Third door on the right." One of them said.

When they opened the door, there Jake was asleep.

"Cross, sedate the subject." The commander said and one soldier took out a syringe and injected Jake with it.

Jake's eyes flew open when he felt a sting on his neck. The first thing he saw was a metal face with glowing blue eyes and screamed.


Abigail and Gabriel flew off the bed and into the waiting arms of the soldiers.

"What the hell is going on?!" Gabe demanded and saw one of them putting Jake in a bag.

"Get your fucking hands of-" Before Abigail could finish, she and Gabe were shot in the head by two of them.

"Command, operation complete. The boy is secure but the parents are deceased. Awaiting exfil at LZ Delta."

"Copy that. Remove all evidence of involvement. Transport is en route, over."

"Badger 2-4 copies all. All right, burn it all down, leave nothing but ash." He commanded his troops and they got out one stick.

"Thermite out." They all said and threw the thermite to every corner of the house.

"Dr. Mercer, the boy is secure and we're RTB." The Commander said over the radio.

Back outside, the man replied. "Good." Mercer said and got into his car bound for Gentek HQ. He saw the house go down and sighed. "Sorry Gabe."

"Dr. Mercer, vitals are good. The boy's waking up." A doctor said.

Jake woke up and found he was strapped to a table. He got scared and looked around for his parents. "MOM?! DAD?!"

"Do it." Mercer said and the doctor pressed a button.

Jake's screams could be heard throughout the facility erupted when dozens of needles pierced his body in numerous places, injecting a red liquid.