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Chapter 12Numbers Count For Nothing

Albion was getting out of hand. Tensions were high due to some of the rebels infiltrating the castle and that made everyone wary. But Jake could care less, Albion was a lost cause and he had plans for Wardes.

That snake. Jake vowed to skin him alive and feed him his own intestines for what he did. The viral entity felt rage course through him, just remembering what happened to the dragon was enough to make him angry...but why?

He hated that lizard and he still do but as time went by...what happened last night. Just...why would it do that and why didn't he at least push it away?

Not wanting to think on this, Jake stood up from his seat and walked around. As he turned a corner, he saw the Illococoo there with her face all red.

"C'mon, work already!" She whined as she waved her arms around. Jake scowled, she was trying to master her new abilities.

After a few minutes, Illococoo sighed and fell flat on her bottom. "I want food!" She said childishly and Jake raised an eyebrow.

Jake scowled at her. What happened last night was something he despised greatly but...it felt nice.

Realizing what he just thought of, Jake shook his head and turned away from the still struggling girl and stormed off.

It was mid afternoon and Jake was standing in the courtyard with Illococoo poking at his arm. He was in a bad mood. That stupid prince wanted to stay and die while his master wanted him to come.

Long story short, Jake came in and convinced him to come so they can just go. Wales agreed immediately but wanted to at least make sure his people escaped. So, Jake begrudgingly agreed to carve a path through Reconquista.

In all honesty, he could kill all of Reconquista but Jake wanted to go back to that blasted academy from his failed search.

Jake paced back and forth near the gates, wanting to get this over with. The soldiers behind him were a little skeptical that a boy would be leading the charge. But that was before, now they knew to not get in his way.

Sylphid would be carrying Wales, Tabitha, Louise, and Kirche. Thanks to the virus in her, her strength had increased significantly. Though she was leagues below Jake.

She wanted to be with him, to fight beside him but she had to carry big sister and the rest to safety. Looking at him, the dragon could see he was tense, like a caged animal waiting to lash out.

"Hey." She walked towards him.

"What?" He growled out without giving her a glance.

If she were in human form, Sylphid would be blushing. "A-about what happened last time." That made Jake stop from his pacing. "I-I just want-"

"Shut. Up." His tone left no room for reason and Sylphid let her disappointment show. She couldn't help it, he had grown on her.

"My liege, we are ready." A general said motioning to the people behind him who were ready to fight and die.

"Very well." Wales looked at Louise. "We are ready to go."

Louise nodded as they got onto Sylphid who was looking at Jake who had morphed into his armored form. She sighed, this would have to be put on hold.

"Open the gates!" A soldier said but as soon as the words left his mouth, Jake burst through the doors and sped towards the Reconquista lines.

Sylphid roared and took to the skies, unwilling to let Jake face this alone. And that also was the signal for the Albion forces to charge as well.

Reconquista, while had the advantage in numbers, count for nothing against a sentient biological super weapon. Especially when they were still reeling from a good chunk of their men being butchered and the failed assassination attempt.

Louise and the girls used their magic to cover the fleeing civilians. "Get them!" Kirche fired a fireball at a cluster of enemies.

They were doing their part but Jake was the tip of the spear. Reconquista committed every soldier and mage they to stop him but his rampage seemed unstoppable.

Jake jumped high in the air and smashed his hammerfist upon impact, sending some soldiers flying. Every single Reconquista soldier here, he saw Wardes' face mocking him. Taunting him.

Unleashing a mighty roar, Jake hacked and tore his way through. Arrows and swords just bounced off, even magic proved to only fuel his rage.

The Albion forces were holding their own largely due o the enemy focused on one seemingly invincible monster. What they were witnessing wasn't a battle, it was slaughter. Thank the Founder, it was on their side.

Finally, Jake had carved his way through and Albion pushed through. Albion suffered minimal casualties but Reconquista was astronomical, even pitiful. Of the 10,000 strong were now only a few thousand. Blood soaked the once lush grass and body parts littered the land.

Seeing that they face annihilation, Reconquista broke apart. Splintering out of shock and fear of what happened and what they had faced.

Sylphid circled the carnage from above, thousands of bodies, or what's left of them, lay mutilated. And above them stood the one responsible.

The black armored being stood in a feral state with his claws barred and dripping with the blood of literal thousands. This day would go down in Halkeginia's history as one of the bloodiest one-sided battles there is.

The dragon set down beside him; a little thing in the back of her mind was saying to consume the pieces, but she shook it off for now.

"Uh, Jake?" Louise said wearily, she knew he was extremely dangerous but she didn't know he could take down an army in record time.

Jake relaxed slightly and let his armor flow back into him. "I've done what you asked, prince." Jake turned his attention to Wales. "You're going to Tristain." The prince nodded shakily.

Wales had the honor not to go back on his word. And he was extremely inclined not to now.

Giving a huff, Jake looked at Sylphid who was sniffing at a slightly intact body. "Consume it."

Sylphid looked at him with curiosity and a little apprehension. "H-how?"

"Bite down."

She hesitated before biting down on the body, then her own tendril came out and dug their way into the body. Sylphid felt the experience to be so frightening. The flood of memories and emotions flooded her senses.

She could see it all, what this man had did and his last moments. She could feel the fear he experienced and that shook her to the core.

When she came back, Sylphid was breathing heavily from the experience. She noticed the stares Louise, Kirche, Tabitha, and Wales were giving her but her attention was solely on Jake.

"Keep up." He said gruffly before speeding towards Tristain.

As they flew back home, Sylphid's thoughts were what she had done. She was curious but that was horrifying. Knowing what your food was doing, all they did. Including the moment they were killed.

Was it like this for Jake? What happened to him? 'What happened to you, Jake?'