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Chapter 1 – Prototype of Zero

Eyes of dark brown color slowly opened and flowing out of them were…tears.

A hand touched his eyes and saw droplets of tears. A young youthful face stared at his hands as tears stopped flowing.

"Dreaming, it was just a dream." He clenched his hands into fist and growled. "It was nothing."

A young man about 16 years old crossed his arms and peered at the man-made ruins he now resides. He had shoulder length hair, slightly combed to the right but messy. A grey jacket with red streaks was zipped up halfway covered his black tank top. A pair of dark green jeans and brown boots also could be counted in his attire.

The place that was once his home, once a bustling city of eight million has now been reduced to a smoldering pile of rock and steel.

Now he calls this place No Man's Land. The span of destruction encircling the entire New York sector.

One has to wonder, though. What kind of event would reduced one of the greatest cities in the world to flames. An invasion? A nuclear explosion? Or even a mighty hurricane?

The answer was nothing of the sort. The damage that has destroyed this place was not of conventional means. It was extraordinary. Straight from a horror movie.

The man stood on his perch over looking this horror with an enraged scowl. It has been years since he was died and reborn again and again.

His name is Jake Logan Anderson. He died the day his family died, now he's just a shadow. A shell of his former self; the only reason he uses that name was for his parents.

It has been years since that night and every time he thought about it, Jake was reminded of his uncle.

Gritting his teeth, Jake's eyes shone a deep red color. It turns out, Alex J. Mercer was his estranged uncle. And the man responsible for his parents' death. His capture and was responsible for making Jake a monster.

Mercer found out that his brother Gabe had a son and acquired a blood sample from the boy. Jake had the perfect genetic make up for Redlight and by extension, Blacklight.

The years of torture he endured were too much, even more so that his own blood was doing it to him.

Jake let out a rage filled growl and traversed the ruins of his home. When he got to an alley, he heard someone calling for help.

"Oh, please save me!"

He turned his eye towards the girl and saw her running to the real monsters of this city.

"Blackwatch." Jake snarled, eyes burning with unquenchable hate.

Blackwatch was a shadow organization that deals with bio warfare. The kind that involves wholesale slaughter of friend and foe alike.

He had learned a lot since his escape. About Hope, Idaho. About the virus. What Mercer made him to be.

This Virus started to be a bioweapon to target specific genotypes. Then it mutated and infected the town of Hope, Idaho, turning all but two into walkers.

Elizabeth Greene was there, she became the incubator for the virus, producing various strains of it. She was pregnant with her child and gave birth to Pariah. She and Pariah were taken away for study.

Then came Mercer. He had improved Redlight to Blacklight, an even more potent strain with a mortality rate 1000 times that of the original.

He then found out about Jake and wanted his own nephew to be his personal guinea pig.

Jake landed onto the street just before a Blackwatch trooper shot the sobbing woman in the head. He stared at it with an impassive scowl before turning to his latest victims.

"It's him!" They said before Jake came with his claws out and bisected them. Jake, ever since the cruelty he endured at the hands of Mercer, took great pleasure on making those responsible suffer.

Grabbing one by the head and slowly crushing his head before it exploded. One was sliced in two before he was consumed.

After seeing the memory, Jake growled and ran towards Mercer's location.

"I'm coming for you. Mercer." He snarled before taking off. Hell bent on killing his dear uncle.

When he came to Time Square, he spotted Mercer by some trucks. "Mercer." Jake glared hatred and malice at his so called blood.

"Jake, this is Dana. Good luck." Jake had found out that he had an aunt and she was the one helping her get to his targets.

"No, it's Mercer that should be scared." He said coldly into his earpiece before jumping off the roof, determined to make Mercer pay.

"Mars is here, I repeat Mars is in the AO!" A soldier said but it was too late as Jake, in his armored form, ripped him into pieces.

Everyone was shooting at him but the bullets just bounced off him.

"Mercer!" He roared in rage once he saw the man that made his life hell board the helicopter. 'Not this time.'

Morphing his arm into whipfist, Jake waved his arm back and forth, dismembering and bisecting the soldiers that were baring his way to his prize.

Mercer just smirked. He truly made the perfect predator.

Jake shifted to his hammerfists and started pounding away, blowing and smashing everything the moves. One walker was unfortunate enough to be on the receiving end of an elbow drop.

Mercer, having enough of this, boarded the chopper and planned on watching from afar, but Jake had other plans.

Seeing Mercer about to get away, Jake went to a blood fueled rampage. The man who was responsible for all of this was not getting away.

His body was pulsating red and gave out a loud roar. "RAAAAGGGHH!" Jake charged through everything that was thrown at him. Blackwatch, walkers, civilians, it didn't matter.

When he got close, Jake jumped into the air and latched onto the chopper.

"Holy shit! Fuck!" The pilot panicked but Mercer still had that smug look on.

Jake growled and punched the wind screen, dragging out the pilot and throwing him to some hunters. He then grabbed Mercer and jumped to the nearest roof.

"You took my life." Jake snarled and held Mercer up by the neck.

"All in the name of science. You should know by now, everything is expendable, even family." Mercer chuckled.

Jake growled grabbed his hand and began squeezing. "GAAAHHH!" Taking little to no care of his target, Jake slowly crushed the bone until it was powder before rolling the entire arm like paper.

Mercer grunted and Jake smiled evilly, this was just the beginning.

"Huh, welcome to the top of the food chain." Mercer smirked before Jake drove his tendrils into him. He was not consuming Mercer yet, he was destroying him from the inside out.

"Now you get to scream!" Jake shouted as he sliced open Mercer's abdomen spilling his insides. His tendrils poking out as they destroyed his very body.

Mercer screamed in pain and it was music to Jake's ears. He had been waiting for this moment for weeks.

Jake drove his claws into Mercer's chest and began shredding it. Skin, flesh, bone, all were gone when Jake was done. The only thing left was a stain on the floor.

Jake grabbed his head when he felt himself reliving Mercer's memory.

#Web of Intrigue#

"Well, this is interesting." General Randall looked over Mercer's report. "You're saying that this boy's genetic structure is resilient enough to merge with the virus?"

"Yes, I've run the tests myself. He'll be an excellent host." Mercer smiled evilly.

"You do understand he's only six years old." Randall threw the folder onto his desk.

"I do."

"Then get the boy. Bring him in for experimentation. I want him to be Blackwatch's most powerful weapon."

"And the parents?" Mercer asked and his answer was immediate.

"If they interfere, terminate them."

"Yes, sir."


After seeing it for his own that Blackwatch, Gentek and Mercer wanted him to be their attack dog, Jake wanted nothing more than to kill every last one of them.

"Dana, I'm going for the Reagan. I'm going to find Randall and stop him for good." Jake snarled into his earpiece.

Dana sighed. "Okay, I've hacked into their computers, you'll be able to approach it now without getting shot down."

Jake didn't answer but got the nearest Blackwatch officer and the nearest chopper he could find.

After consuming Randall and the Supreme Hunter (Same as the game's but the Supreme Hunter was not Robert Cross but a soldier that came on board), Jake strapped the nuke the general activated to his chopper.

Jake was not going to destroy this city yet. His parent's graves were still there. Aunt Dana was still there.

"Aunt Dana, I'm going to drop the nuke into the sea." Jake said as he flew the helicopter.

"WHAT?! The fucker actually did it?!" Dana was hysterical.

"No time for that. Thanks for your help Dana." She tried to say something but Jake threw the earpiece out the window and dropped the bomb before turning back.

After a few seconds, the bomb finally exploded and was gaining on Jake. He chuckled and prepared for death. "Good luck Dana."

He was engulfed in flames and everything went black.

Jake was floating around in a sea of nothingness. Not even remotely aware of where he was. All he could see was black and could feel nothing.

He didn't how how long he had been there but he felt something poking him. The hunger in him instantly latched on to it and consumed it.

Jake's body began to reform cell by cell. Bone, skin, hair were all repaired from just that little ball of mass.

Tendrils spinning and joining together to bring him back from stasis. By the time it was done, Jake was standing with his eyes closed.

He could hear startled murmurs and it was getting on his nerves. Morphing his arms to his claws and popping eyes ruby eyes open, he gave a low growl.