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Chapter 2

Dragon Language

Natsu and Wendy sat at the table with Lucy, Gray, Carla, and Happy. Erza was standing at the request board attempting to find a good job they could do to help Wendy adjust to the work, she would have gone with Team Shadow Gear, but they had been gone on a mission for a week and no word had come from them.

Erza had been taking a while so everyone, especially Natsu, was bored. Everyone but Natsu and Wendy were doing something, Lucy was reading, while taking notes every few seconds, Gray was for once not picking a fight and was instead napping, and Happy was attempting to woo Carla with different type of fish, and a large array of compliments.

Natsu took one of Lucy's blank sheets of paper and her spare pen and began to doodle. Or at least that's what it looked like. Wendy took a special interest in the writing, which was loopy and delicate. (Imagine cursive.)

The guild hall was filled with a few low growling sounds as she scanned the page slowly, and then burst out laughing. Lucy looked up and Gray cracked an eye open.

"What's up Wendy?" Lucy asked.

Wendy however didn't answer normally, instead she continued growing excitedly to Lucy, and this was nearly echoed by Natsu as he pointed to the strange and curvy letters.

"Why are you growling at us?" Gray asked testily, glaring at Natsu.

"I got us a job, now would you like to explain why the hall is full of growling? Also I would like to know what has you growling at one another." Erza asked sitting down next to Gray.

Natsu and Wendy blinked at one another stopping their conversation.

"What do you mean Erza?" Wendy asked.

"Yeah, we were just talking." Natsu added.

"Did you hear yourselves? You were not talking." Lucy said.

"In fact, we were… We were talking about the short story Natsu wrote. It passed the time."

Gray snatched the paper up before furrowing his brow at the strange writing on it. "You can read this?" He asked, looking at Wendy.

"And write it." Natsu added.

"But I can't understand a word of it."

"Wait a second…" Wendy muttered, taking the papers from both Erza and Gray. She compared them and finally got an 'ah-ha' look. "I see now! Natsu you wrote this in Dragon Language! We probably just didn't notice in our boredom!"

Lucy gave her a look, "Dragon Language?"

"Yeah, Igneel taught me."

"Grandeeneey taught me most of it as well, I'm not very good though because I was so young, it made switching to human language easier though."

"But what about the growling?"

"I believe I can explain that," Carla said, "I was able to hear faint tremors and slight variations in the noise, and I would assume that it is the verbal communication in this Dragon Language."

"That sounds about right." Natsu confirmed.

Wendy nodded and continued, "We had to learn it. But I doubt I'm as skilled as Natsu, I was only able to learn for about a year and a half because I had to learn how people spoke too… I guess now I know why…"

"Wow, it's so interesting to think you both know a whole other language." Lucy said.

"That explains why Erza had to drill reading and writing skills into your head though." Gray said to Natsu.

"I told you Igneel taught me."

"We never doubted you; however, it seems he taught you a different language… But then why could you speak normally without issue?"

"Igneel taught me that too."

"Wait so do you think we could ever learn the dragon language?"

"Unless you're part dragon, then I doubt it." A voice said from behind them. Gajeel was there leaning on the pillar, obviously eavesdropping.

They all took a second to process this before their jaws dropped. "WHAT?! PART DRAGON?!"

"Sure, why else do you think we can use dragon techniques?" With that he took his job request to finish memorizing it and left to complete it.

"You didn't know?" Natsu asked.

"We had to become part dragon to actually be raised and taught by a dragon; otherwise the training would probably have killed us." Wendy said in a matter-of-fact tone.

"Huh?! How is that even possible?" Lucy asked.

"Well," Wendy began, "I don't know if it worked the same for everyone else, but a small blood transfusion, only about five drops from Grandeeny, tuned me into my element."

"I think it sounds like Igneel did the same thing."

"Oh, so you… Actually have Dragon's blood… Actual dragon's blood in you…?" Lucy asked.

"Yes," Wendy confirmed.

Lucy nearly fainted in shock.


Alright, what do you think? I had fun with this! Ah the interrogation of the dragon slayers! Plus it explains why Natsu said that Igneel taught him to read but he couldn't actually read the request and everything. Plus the idea of Wendy and Natsu growling at each other and baffling everyone is so fun! Anyways, this is all for now! Bye!