Vegeta's Pride is eternal.

Chapter 1: Pride is something a Saiyan will always keep!



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Louise Francoise Le Blanc de La Valliere (enjoy this name now because i will not repeat it! to long to remember!) is what many call a 'Zero'. This title refers to her success rate in magic at her school. Which is completely 0.00. She has blond-pink hair, a school uniform with a cape, and pinkish brown eyes? (How the hell do you get those eyes?) She and the rest of her class was standing outside their school for an important event which all second years go through. Summoning a Familiar! Louise saw this as her chance to become something more than a 'Zero'. To accomplish this she needs to summon a strong familiar.

"Next up is miss Louise Valliere. Please step forward to the circle and attempt to summon your familiar." This was Jean Colbert or Mr. Colbert or sometimes referred to as the Flame Snake because of his magic. He is a middle aged bald man who has glasses. (Does anyone out there have a teacher fitting this description? Because I have 3!)

"Wait for all the rest of us to get to cover before blowing the circle up 'Zero'!" This is Kirche Augusta Frederica von Anhalt Zerbst. A tanned woman with red hair and... well… big… breast! (There I said it you perverts!)

"Shut up Kiriche! I can do this!" Yelled the pinkette. Hearing this the whole class laughed. That is until Mr. Colbert decided he had enough.

"That's enough class!... Go ahead Louise." The girl gave a silent nod of appreciation and slowly walked to the summoning circle with a nervous expression.

"My servant that exist somewhere in this vast universe. My diven, beautiful, powerful servant heed my call. I wish in the bottom of my heart. Answer my guidance and appear!" Then a huge puff a explosion appeared.

….…Another place a bit earlier…..….

In a large desert you could see three figures. One was a man with blond spiky hair, teal green eyes, and a large M on his forehead. He was bloodied and beaten, his outfit torn in various places, and he still had a face full of resolve. His name is Vegeta.

The next was a young boy also with blond spiky hair only his was in a different pattern. (I have no way of describing it.) The boy was wearing a green training Gi. The kid's name is Trunks son of Vegeta. The kid was looking at his father.

The last one is the son a Goku. Goten had spiky hair the resembled his fathers, a Gi that also resembled his dads only his had long sleeves. Goten has followed Trunks to try and help Vegeta fight Buu, a fat pink bubble gum monster.

"Listen… you need to take of your mother Trunks." The Saiyan warriors voices was calm and nice. The son of vegeta looked up at his dad in confusion.

"Take care of mom? but… you can do that to right?" Vegeta looked off with a small smile on his face. "You can take care of mom to can't you why would you say that dad? Why do you want me to take care of mom? Are you going somewhere?" Vegeta lost his smile.

"I want you two to leave and get far away from here." He said quick and fast to the point. "As for Buu i'll fight him alone." A look of shock came to both the young boy's faces.

"Don't do that!" Shouts son of Goku. (Yay he can talk!)

'Goten's right. Will fight with you! You don't want to get killed do you? let us fight with you!" Trunks turns to Goten. "You're in right?"


"See we're with you!" Shouts Trunks happily to his father.

"Stop it! It's too dangerous for you two. I will fight this myself." But the boy's wouldn't take no for an answer.

"Come on! It'll be easier to beat him up!" Cheered Goten.

"Yeah we'll gang up on him! He won't know what hit him" Trunks joined the cheering.

"Yeah we are tough! We could beat that big blob without you right Trunks?" Shots Goten in excitement.

"Yeah you bet might do better than you did!" In his excitement Trunks let his tongue slip. Both covered their mouths in fear of what Vegeta might do. However he just looked at Buu.

"Trunks… you are my only son and yet i haven't held in my arms once since you were a baby have I?" The boy's dropped their hands and stared shocked at Vegeta. Turning to his son Vegeta said. "Come here son." The Saiyan walked to the boy. grabbing him by the shoulder.

"Dad? What's wrong?" Trunks was pulled into something he never got before… a hug from his father. "Dad… this is embarrassing… Dad come on cut it out." Said the boy. Vegeta looked at his son while said boy had a small smile on his face.

"Trunks… there's something you must've made me proud my son." The boy looked up at his father in surprise." The next seconde Vegeta brought his hand up and gave a swift chop to the neck. The son fell to the ground. His hair turning back to purple and falling into unconsciousness. Goten looked on in horror.

"What did you do to him? Why did you do that? What's wrong with you? Why did you do that to Trunks?" Shout's the young saiyan running to his fallen friend.

Above the scene was Piccolo. Wearing his purple Gi with his training Weights on his shoulders. looking on as Goten kept questioning Vegeta. The next thing the Namekian saw was Vegeta punching Goten in the stomach and the boy slowly falling into the ground to blackness. Flying down and walking to Vegeta The Namek knew just what was going in.

"Vegeta i Know what you're doing and one day so will Trunks." Both were in a staring contest which was interrupted by Buu humming happily.

"Me is mad! Who hit Buu!?" Shouts the pink monstrosity.

"take the two boy's far away from here as possible. Go now!" Ordered Vegeta. Him and Piccolo walking by each other.

"Of course." The Namek grabbed both boy's.

"It's time… Go now!" Shouts Vegeta.

"You'll die. You know that don't you." He received no answer but instead got a question.

"there is one thing i would like to know. Tell me… will i see that clown in the other world?" Vegeta saw Buu advance.

"I am not going to lie to you. And the answer may be hard for you to hear. this is the truth." Vegeta's eye twitched at what he knew would happen. "Goku dedicated his life helping innocents. He died selflessly in an act to save people. You on the other hand have lived your life in pursuit of you own desires. When you die you will not receive the same reward as Goku." As Piccolo finished Vegeta gave a small smile.

"Oh well… so be it. That will be all. Get out of here! And hurry!" Piccolo flew into the distance. Buu stopped in front of vegeta pointing at him.

"You stay! You fight Buu now!"

"Yes that right! Your fight is with me! the others are of no concern to you! Got it! You big bloated balloon freak!" Taunted the Saiyan in a cocky tone. Buu blew smoke out of his head.

"You Die! Me Buu no like you! Buu hate you!" Vegeta smirked and chuckled which made Buu Blow more smoke.

'I think i finally understand you… Lets go!" Vegeta's plan has begun. He concentrated all his power in side of him. Compacting all the energy in a single point of his body. His power radiated off him. Electricity danced around his body. Smirking as he did. Soon all of his Ki created a sphere of power around him. Yellow energy flowing around it.

"You are a fool! I am going to crush you! And throw you into the wind!" His power skyrocketed.

Trunks...Bulma… I do this for you… and yes… even for you kakarot. Buu looked at the sparks flying off his body. In his final act in the world Vegeta gave off a bone chilling scream.

"AAAAAU UGGGHHHH!" Right then Vegeta released all the power he held with in. A massive explosion enveloped both him and Buu. Utterly destroying both of them… for good. His final light shining across the world.

…...…..POV Vegeta….

Where… am I? What happened to me… oh yeah… Buu. wait if thats true then I should be dead? but I feel pain. Wait… I ended up in hell so pain should be part of the package. Still not what i expected… am I lying on… Grass? I better get a peek at the place i'll spend all eternity in. Also why do i feel… like someone just insulted my honor?

Vegeta heard talking… it was a strange language that he didn't understand. Not very knew when you worked as a space pirate who's been to hundreds of different worlds. Slowly the Prince of Saiyans opened his eyes. What he saw was a bit shocking… instead of old 'friends' like Cell, Frieza, the Ginuy's, and quite possibly Nappa. But never had he thought about seeing… well kids and one man. You'd think it… was… a school trip?

"Dame it! No no no no!" Slowly getting to his feet the Saiyan took notice to the extent of his injuries. Not that bad actually. About the same as when he decided to kill Buu and himself.

"Good… I'm in a condition to fly or fight away." He didn't notice the confusion on the children's and teachers faces. Nor would he really care it didn't bother him if they wouldn't be able to listen to him talking. they started to say more words in the strange language but Vegeta ignored it. However it was the laughter that got Vegeta's antention. Looking at the children he saw them both laughing and pointing at a girl with… dame why pink hair! The teacher stepped in and both he and the girl had a conversation of sorts. Guess it was an argument because the girl hung her head down in defeat. She walked to the Saiyan which he found wired.

"Look girl I don't care what you want but I can't stay." Instead of being confused like how she was a bit ago she now looked on with a slight… blush? Now standing in front of Vegeta she grabbed his shoulders and tried to bring him to her eye level. Key word tried. The prince of Saiyans didn't even budge. She seemed a bit shocked, but that wasn't Vegeta's problem. He had to find some way of getting home… to Trunks, Bulma, and to settle the score he had with Kakarot. The girl jumped to Vegeta's eye level and tried to do the unthinkable… she wanted to kiss Vegeta. But not even ten inches to Vegeta had she found herself pushed off.

"Now listen here girl! I have a wife and a family! Also you are too young to even think about kissing me you hear that!" For a moment Vegeta forgot that they couldn't understand him. The old man came close to Vegeta with a… stick? Ok way too many surprises for Vegeta.

"A… stick? Many warrior's have come to face me with different weapons but a stick? You must be either very brave or very idiotic!" Even with the language barrier they seemed to understand him fine with his tone. The teacher used the universal sign for "I will cause no harm." by waving his hands in the air. Vegeta let him come close. The old man waved his stick and said something before he spoke once more only this time Vegeta understood.

"Hello familiar. My name is Jean Colbert or Mr. Colbert. Which ever one you choose. But enough of that I need…"

…..At the end of Louise's spell…

"See i knew this would happen!" Shouts a student in the group. There was a huge explosion as the result of Louise's attempt to summon a familiar.

"See. She can't even do a simple summon!" Shouts Kirche from the smoke.

"Wait I… see something lying on the ground here!" They all noticed the same thing only it wasn't a thing… it was a person. He wore a shredded outfit which consisted of a one piece (Whatever it's called.). his hair was pitch black and spiky… very spiky. (Ok is it just me or do i use … way too much then i should?)

"Ha! Even if she can use the summoning spell all she could get is a weak commoner!" As if by complete coincidence the 'Human' looked at them all. He had a serious look one of which gave them the thought of being an actual nobel. However his clothes and hair stated otherwise. He stood up slowly and shouted some unintelligible gibberish. After quieting down he looked at himself and looked satisfied at his condition… odd.

"Looks like Louise's familiar is just some low some commoner!" Shouts the zerbst in humor. This caused laughter amongst the crowd. However like always Mr. Colbert had to ruin the fun.

"Class! Keep your own opinion to yourselves!" The teacher said in a tone of nonsense.

"Sir? May I redo my summoning ritual?" Asked Louise to her teacher.

"Sorry Louise but this is a very important thing to do. If i allow you to redo it then that's the equivalent of spitting on your fellow nobel men and have to complete the contract." She deadpanned at this, but she had no choice in the matter. Walking to the man she grabbed his shoulder which.. were very broad. Yup definitely a commoner. No Nobel did anything physical. she pulled with all her might to bring him down to seal the contract. But no matter how hard she pulled he wouldn't move! She next decided to jump up and give him the kiss which sealed the contract. But still he pushed her down. Her a nobel! Being pushed to the dirt by some stinking commoner!

"Now, Now miss… Don't go shooting your mouth off to him just yet." Mr. Colbert walked the man using the sign of "I mean no harm". The man allowed the teacher to come near him. Mr. Colbert casted a simple translation spell on the man.

"Hello familiar. My name is Jean Colbert or Mr. Colbert. Which ever one you choose. But enough of that I need you to allow miss louise here to kiss you in order for her to complete the contract." Said the teacher. The man gave a growl in response.

"A contract you say? Well Colbert what kind of 'contract' is it?" The man had a gruff voice. Which was full of venom especially when he said contract.

"A contract that seals you to this Child here." Mr. Colbert said missing the venom. He was expecting for him to just "Ok lets get this over with" but instead he heard.

"Ha! You really are a good joker. I thought you were a teacher not a comedian! Seal me… with a child! Oh thats a riot… Look old man I am a proud warrior! Last of my blood! Prince of my people! I. Will. Not. Be. Controlled. By. A Child!" Hearing this made the whole class silent. Had Louise summon a Nobel?

"So tell me sir… What type of magic do you use?" The teacher was curious now.

"Magic? Why would I use something as pathetic as that when i use a greater power!" His response shocked everyone even the Colbert was surprised by his statement.

"Now tell why you decided to take up the role of comedy?" Questioned Colbert.

"How about you answer my question. How and why am i here? I should be wasting away in hell right now! I was suppose to die then and there! Why am i here surrounded by weakling children and their weakling of a teacher!?" The Nobles looked on with anger at being called weaklings.

"Weak? Sorry but thats the last thing anyone here is." His voice had no emotion whatsoever.

"Are you and these kids ready to prove weather your 'magic' is weak or not?" The man got into a fighting stance which seemed to be complicated but he got down into stance in no time signifying he was skilled in the art of close combat. But Mages never get in close. They only attack from a distance. It's a familiar's job to get in close.

"Come and defend the honor of your precious 'magic'! I may not be in top form! But it'll be more than enough to take down one old man and some useless children! Come and get me you freaks!" The class without Colbert's orders went almost flying toward the man. All the while he had a smirk plastered on his face!

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