Gundam Build Fighter N

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Chapter 01: Got a Job With Benefits

Corbin Reese. Short blonde hair and blue eyes. A seventeen year-old boy who had dreams of entering the World Gunpla Tournament. Ever since his uncle introduced Gunpla building to him five years ago, he's wanted nothing more than to design and build his own. He watched almost every Gundam series that came out, either through his uncle's own collection or over websites on the internet and read nearly any and all side story manga. At age fifteen, he built, by himself, his very first Gunpla. He started off with the popular RX-78 Gundam. It needed a lot of work, but he was proud to put it together himself. A few months later after saving his allowance, he bought him a RX-178 Gundam Mk-II (Titan colors). His skills improved on that one after extensive work on his 78 Gundam. With almost every scent he spent to improve his building skills, and later, took part in simulated battles against Plavsky Particle generated opponents. He won few, lost many, but still continued so he could take a shot at the regional's when he felt he was ready. Upon his seventeenth birthday, his uncle bought him a MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam. Never having built a transforming Gunpla before, Corbin was ecstatic and spent hours upon hours making sure he built it just right.

Now, the beginning of summer break, he completed his Zeta. It was perfect. He didn't divert very far from the standard appearance, simply switching out the red and yellow colors out with lighter or darker shades of blue. Which gave it it's name, Blue Zeta.

Finished with the Blue Zeta, Corbin signed on to enter the regional's. They would be beginning the next day, and he had been the last to sign up. To prepare, he decided he'd get in one last training session. He had gone to the local model store at the mall that had at least two Battle Systems, and sadly both were occupied. Now battles tended to only last a couple of minutes, due to how chaotic some fighters tend to get. Like if they're rushing in on Halo multiplayer or CoD. Both were being used and had been for an extended period of time. Longer than what should have been allowed. The first had a team battle going on; two on two match. The other was a singles match with the fighter facing simulated opponents like Corbin had tended to do. The blonde teen tried to wait, but after nearly twenty minutes of staring at the veil of Plavsky particles emitted from the system, he got fed up and entered his Zeta into the fight with the single fighter…

…that was his biggest mistake. One his Blue Zeta would pay the price.

The only opponent there was facing off against hordes of simulated Gunpla in a desert battlefield with harsh weather conditions added. Harsh winds picked up sand and wet dust and mud through the air as the rain beat down on the environment. Dark clouds blanketed the sky, blotting out any and all light. Not paying attention to his surrounding areas, Corbin demanded that the other fighter hurry up and end the simulation so others could use it. But he hadn't paid attention to the damage level settings set at max. His Zeta was immediately assaulted by the simulator Gunpla upon his entry into the battlefield and he was shocked at how ferocious the simulated Mocks charged at him! He ducked and dodged incoming fire from the simulated Gunplas. Dozens of them! It was like facing a small army. Something he hadn't done in his own private battles. He did however manage to land a few blows to the enemy Gunpla, managing to take out five before taking a hit in the shoulder which knocked him off tilter. It was only the saving grace of the other fighter that the simulations were removed in a quick flash of red, their bodies erupting in a chain of explosions. Forgetting that he was just saved, Corbin demanded that he end his simulation so others could use it.

The opponent stood far off on a mesa, shrouded in the darkness of the storm above. When Corbin got no response, he decided to use force and rushed in to attack. He figured it would be good practice to face an actual opponent. Transformed, the Blue Zeta took to the skies to deliver an aerial assault. The shrouded enemy leapt away, avoiding the blast of the Blue Zeta's main weapon while leaving a trail of red/orange particles in its wake. He came in for another pass, and again the enemy dodged, it's back still emitting the same glow. Being familiar with most of the Gundam series, he knew that Gunpla was using a GN-Drive like the ones from Gundam 00. Which would explain it's ability to dodge his shots so quickly with practiced grace. Opting for a different approach, he dove in hard as he came for another pass. Again he fired and as his opponent dodged the shot, he quickly transformed, saber handle drawn to land a decisive blow…

…and saw nothing but the trail of red/orange particles pass him by before he even activated his saber. His screens lit red with warnings as he watched the readout on his Gunpla. The saber arm had been severed, and he watched it sail away, the pink fire of his blade coming to life only to die out just shortly after. The damaged section lit up in a small explosion, which tilted his Gunpla. He frantically tried to straighten his fall, his Blue Zeta finally bringing its legs beneath it to fire the thrusters and cushion the landing. But his machine was quickly assaulted by the unknown enemy, shield pressed against the body of his Gunpla as it was shoved hard into one of the towering mesas. Before he could try and retaliate, a large, solid blade was plunged deep into the left shoulder of the Blue Zeta, effectively pinning it to the rocky surface. Seeing it up close, he could make it out to be similar to the GN Sword carried by the GN-001 Gundam Exia, but was slightly smaller in design. Taking in it's design, he realized it was a the Proto GN Sword carried by the Exia's predecessor, the GNY-001 Gundam Astraea. Now face to face with his enemy, he could see that's what he had been fighting.

Lightening crackled and flashed overhead as the rain beat down on them and he could see why it was hard to make the machine out. It was colored black with undertones of gray. The usual green gem that would be in its chest was colored red instead, along with its eyes which burned into his own.

"Two minutes."

Corbin blinked, for the first time hearing the voice of his opponent. He sounded older, and with a slight hint of annoyance. "What?" was his only response.

"I only had two minutes left. You couldn't wait that long?" The Astraea detached the Proto GN Sword from its arm and slowly floated back on a current of simulated GN Particles. "I paid to use this machine for at least an hour."

"Other people…!"

"Could wait till I was finished, kid." The Astraea reached for the weapons on it's hips, and Corbin could make the shape of a GN Short Blade and a GN Long Blade. "It's rude to butt in on someone's work." He drew the blades, expertly giving them a bit of a spin in each hand till he crossed them over his chest. "Usually calls for punishment when your rude. That's what my dad taught me. Of course, my dad had a stick up his ass."

Corbin's eyes widened as he saw what was about to happen. The Blue Zeta shifted, dropping it's shield so it could freely use it's hand to try and dislodge the Proto GN Sword. Before he could even budge it an inch, the Astraea swung both blades, their edges cutting into either side of the Zeta's neck while digging into the rock face behind it. The head flew through the air, and the Astraea easily spun around, landing a kick that sent the severed head flying through the air. Sheathing both blades the Astraea claimed its Proto GN Sword and pulled it free as the simulator's AI announced that the battle was over. As the Plavsky Particles began to die out, the Astraea touched down on the pad, standing over the remains of the fallen Blue Zeta.

Corbin could only stare at the remains, his body shaking slightly. The Blue Zeta was going to be his entry into the tournament, and now it lay in ruin before him. He saw it had taken less than a minute to be beaten effortlessly by the unknown fighter of the Astraea. All his hard work and time, gone in seconds.

Movement caught his eye and for the first time he saw the man who beat him. He was older, maybe late twenties. Short brown hair with glasses and green eyes that stared down at him with a scowl on his face. He only looked at him for a few seconds before he reached down, plucking up his black Astraea from the simulator and then bending down to retrieve a flash drive from the side of the machine. Pocketing the drive and the Astraea into a personal carrying pouch, the man turned and looked at the Zeta. He eyed it for what felt like a minute. "Did good work putting it together. Glued the lines and sanded them down before painting?" he asked nonchalantly. Like he hadn't just decimated the thing. "Gives it a slightly more whole look to it."

"Yea…" Corbin stuttered. "Was going to enter the tournament with it."

The stranger arched a brow. "Really? Got a backup or replacement parts ready? Going to need them."


The stranger paused, his jaw dropping as he looked to the Blue Zeta and then back to Corbin. "Wait, you were going to enter with just that Gunpla and not having something to fall back on?"

"I've got other Gunpla but nothing compared to the work I put into that one." He continued to shake as he stared at his Zeta, looking at the severed head lying some feet away. "I put… so much work into it. Hours…"

The stranger hissed as if he was in pain, and scratched his head. "Shit," he cursed silently to himself. "Wasn't expecting that. Had I'd known I wouldn't have gone completely all out on you." But his face straightened and he stared at Corbin. "But you shouldn't have barged in like that in the first place, kid."

"I needed the practice…" Corbin defended, but his voice was lacking the strength behind it.

"Have you ever fought against actual people?"

"No… only the simulation…"

"Then you wouldn't have lasted a minute, just like now." Corbin's eyes widened and he looked to the man as he adjusted his glasses. "I wanted to see what you could do. Maybe if you fought in a team you'd do ok, but as a solo fighter, you've got a lot to learn. You didn't even know what you were up against and just rushed in!"


"No buts kid. You screwed yourself. And the Zeta bit it." He walked over and grabbed a single strap back pack from the other side of the simulator, throwing around his shoulder and neck, he dropped his Gunpla case in it and turned back to Corbin. He stared at the defeated kid and sighed. "What's your name, kid?"

"Corbin Reese…"

The man nodded, and pulled out his wallet. He held a card in the light and then slid it over to Corbin. "The names Writ. Writ Butler. I may have been an ass in the fight, but I don't like leaving people busted like this. Come to this address on the card tomorrow, and I'll get you hooked up."

Corbin didn't even watch the man, Writ Butler, leave. He just stared at the Blue Zeta. It was maybe a minute before he slowly collected the remains. The severed arm was lying on the opposite side so he had to walk around to retrieve it. As he dumped the remains into his bag, he looked to the card still sitting on the simulator. Taking it up, he flipped it over from the blank side to see the stylized lettering of Mega Gear Hobbies!

So he works at a hobby shop? Corbin thought. Still, his dream of entering was cut down, literately, and now he had to kill some time before his mom came by the mall to pick him up…

"Man you got your ass kicked."

Corbin's eyes widened and he looked over to see Jake Cardigan. Shaggy black hair covered his blue eyes. You'd think the guy never stepped out into the sun, considering how pale he was. The guy was in the same classes as him. Hardly ever spoke. Never on bad terms, nor any good. But most people knew he liked to Gunpla battled. One of the more decent fighters in the school. "You saw?"

"Oh, I saw alright," he said shaking his head. "I had been watching the guy fighting with that beast of an Astraea for nearly half an hour. He had set the damage to the highest level with the combat placed the same. That's usually set for people who are looking to be in the tournaments."

Corbin nodded as it dawned on him what he stepped into. That man, Writ Butler, must have been training for the tournament. He had put himself against the highest level of difficulty and had been fighting for nearly an hour, maybe more, against hordes of enemies. Hell he could have sworn he saw the remains of a simulated GFAS-X1 Destroy Gundam within the hordes of fallen that had littered the grounds.

But if he was going to be in the tournament, why tell him to come by the shop he worked at? Was he going to just give him a model to compensate for Corbin's ruined Zeta while he ran off to fight in the regional's? Felt almost like an insult.

"But man, you sure did get owned. I knew you were into the hobby but didn't take you as a fighter though," Jake continued as he approached, setting in his GP Base. The Battle System lit up, and he quickly programmed the settings a lower difficulty than what Corbin had faced. He drew out from his Gunpla case a customized Sword/Aile Strike Dagger with a yellow and blue paint scheme instead of the red and blue. "And heard you were going to enter the tournament? Ouch. Sorry to see your Gunpla get trashed just the day before. Better luck next year, man."

Corbin didn't bother saying any goodbyes as Jake was surrounded by a veil of light. He just walked away, staring at the card. He had an hour before his mother would come and get him. He'd just have to sit somewhere and think till she arrived.


That night he didn't say much. He just told his mom and dad he wasn't feeling too good and needed to lye down. Didn't even eat dinner really. He just sat at his little work bench in the corner and stared at the Blue Zeta. For shit's and giggles, he had a mock repair bay, mostly for picture purposes, and right now, his Zeta was lying in it. It was something to help pass the time, but the sight didn't erase the memory of his defeat. No, his annihilation. Writ had all but said he allowed him to fight. And when thinking about the fight, he was right. At any given time he could have charged at him with his Astraea, or possibly shot him down before he tried to get in close.

Left with nothing else to do, he set the Blue Zeta up as best as he could, and snapped a few shots he'd upload to his deviantART page.

After a rough night's rest, he was up and ready, if a bit sluggish, to go and see this place called Mega Gear Hobbies! He had honestly never heard of the place before, and he could understand why. You see, Corbin lived in a small town called Phenix (yes that's how it's spelt) City which was just a bit in the south east corner of the state of Alabama. Over time the place grew up, and hardly resembles the hick small town it used to be, but compared to its neighbor just on the opposite side of the river, Columbus, it was still pretty small. So not only did Corbin have to go across the bridge into Columbus, Georgia, but also to the FAR end in order to find the strip mall that held the hobby store.

So nearly an hour later, they arrived and you couldn't possibly miss the sign which held a silhouette of a plane, car, boat, and the head of a Gundam. After leaving the car, his mom told him she'd be back in an hour to pick him up. Leaving him with enough cash to grab something to eat at the Sonic just across the street, he approached the glass door, pausing to look at the inside from the out. It didn't look very lively, and he could make out one person sitting behind the front counter casings. With a deep breath he entered, the door ringing as it opened to a certain degree. The air smelled like cardboard with a bit of air freshener. Shelves and isles were stacked with various types of models. All were basically sectioned off into their own categories with Gunpla being to the far side near the windows. Nearly an entire wall sectioned to itself. He was so tempted to go straight over there to see what they had, but he needed to take care of business first.

Flipping the card around in his fingers, Corbin approached the front counter, seeing a single man reading… a manga? Corbin blinked and shook his head. His approach didn't go unnoticed and so the man put the manga aside and turned to him, standing up from his chair. He had brown hair, short cut on the sides with his hair slightly spiking at the front. He looked to be the same age as that Writ guy. Brown eyes showed a tired look but he smirked and gave a nod. "Welcome to Mega Gear Bobbies! How can I help you?"

Corbin flipped the card over one last time in his fingers and held it to the man. "I got this from a guy called Writ. Said he works here. Said for me to come by when I got the chance."

The man behind the counter looked to the card, and looked to finally understand. "Awe, so you're the kid he decimated yesterday."


Corbin's eyes widened. "He told you!?"

"Told?" he chuckled, causing Corbin to frown. "He SHOWED me the fight. It was short," he said, waving for Corbin to follow as he stepped out from behind the counter. Corbin didn't even get a chance to ask HOW he showed him the fight. He moved around a corner towards the section that had model trains. Opening a door that said 'Battle Room', the guy lead Corbin down a short flight of stairs to a basement area. "Names Josh by the way. Josh Bailey."

"So you work with this Writ guy?" Corbin asked as they touched down on the floor. He paused, noticing the Plavsky Particle projection simulator in the middle of the room, with a few chairs and tables lining the sides, as well as a display case which held a number of Gunpla models. Some even looking older than when Gunpla battling became a big thing.

"Nah. This isn't really my job," Josh said with a wave as they approached another door with no sign on it at all. "We're friends from back in our high school days, so when I'm off I tend to come and chill out, helping around the store. I know how to work the cash register so I fill in when he wants to dabble in his hobbies down in his little cave here." He paused, giving the door a knock. "Yo, Writ! That kids here."

Josh stepped back, letting Corbin see the door open slowly. There was Writ, wearing a blue shirt with the stores logo plastered across the chest. He gave a yawn and shook his head. Large bags hung under his eyes as he blinked a couple of times. He adjusted his glasses and blinked again before he recognized Corbin. "Oh hey," he said, looking back into the room. Corbin could hear the sound of a running computer, with some music playing on a low setting. "Didn't expect you to show up so early. Was thinking lunch-ish."

Corbin got a serious look on his face as he crossed his arms. "You said you'd hook me up." He blinked, thinking on how he approached that. Sounded almost like a drug deal. He shook his head and let his arms drop to his sides. "What'd you mean by that?"

Writ gave a stretch, a joint popping here and there before scratching the back of his head. He looked to Josh. "How's it looking up there?"

His friend gave a shrug. "Slow as usual. Still early in the morning, bro."

Writ gave a nod to that. "True, true." He looked to Corbin and nodded to the stairs as he stepped out of his room. "Come on up, and I'll do like I said."

The three returned to the top floor of the store, and Corbin was lead to the wall of Gunpla. He had to stop himself from drooling as he saw the various sizes, model stages, and generations of Gunpla that he passed following Writ. Almost anything he could possibly want was right before him, even new Zeta models! He could rebuild his damaged Gunpla, maybe even make it better. But his joy was quickly shot down when he remembered it wouldn't be ready for the tournament. It was only two hours away and even if he did get it at least constructed, his humiliating defeat lingered over him…

He blinked. If it was in two hours, what was Writ still doing here, and not even looking remotely concerned? And why was he so tired? Was he going to battle in that condition? He was either crazy, or that confident in his abilities. "Why are you still here?"

Writ was gazing over the Gunpla, hand resting on his chin in thought when Corbin asked him the question. He blinked away some sleep from his tired eyes as he looked to the teen. "What do you mean?"

"The tournament starts in two hours. Shouldn't you be getting ready?" He heard a snort and looked back to see Josh laughing slightly behind his hand. He cleared his throat and calmed down slightly, smiling in their direction as he crossed his arms.

When Corbin looked back to Writ, the older man just blinked at him. "Why would I go to that?"

Why? Corbin's jaw dropped. "You're not entering?"

Writ arched a brow, and shook his head. "Of course not."

"Then… the training? Back at the other store…"

Josh laughed again and Writ glared at him before settling back on the confused Corbin. "It's a hobby I have. I record my Gunpla battles on a flash drive and make AMVs out of the battles."

If Corbin's jaw could hit the floor, it would have. This man before him wasn't training to enter the tournament, though from what he could see of Writ's skills, he had a fair chance. But instead, he did the battles for the sole purpose of making a three, maybe four minute music montage of a Gunpla battle. And it dawned him that Writ probably had used the short battle between the two of them in the AMV. Or was going to, considering Josh said he had been shown the fight. Then it clicked. The flash drive he had retrieved after the fight! It held the recorded footage!

"So my Blue Zeta got trashed for a music video!?"

Josh's laughter got louder now. He was holding his sides and leaning against the shelf. Writ simply glared at his friend, then back to Corbin. "I'm not the one who forced you to interrupt my work, kid," he said sternly. "Like I said, if you had waited only a few more minutes, you would have had your time, and you'd be heading for the tournament to get your rear handed to you there, with an audience watching."

"What makes you think I would have lost?"

Writ let out a 'pft' and looked to the Gunpla models with his arms crossed. "Please. You lost to me in seconds, need I remind you. Those guys who take it FAR too serious would have kicked your gunpla around in the same amount of time and would have left you with nothing. I at least am willing to give you a new one, free of charge with less of the humiliation."

Corbin frowned, hands clenched into fists. Didn't help that Josh was still laughing, though it was slowly dying down. His lip twitched slightly but he looked over to the Gunpla. "Fine," he said, moving over to the stack of Zetas. He claimed the one on top and stood before Writ. "This will do."

Writ arched a brow, hand resting on his chin as he gave it a slow stroke in thought. "Hmm. Nope," he said, plucking the model box out of Corbin's hands.

The teen's jaw dropped as he stared at the retreating Gunpla. "What? But you said…"

"Never said you get to choose it, kid. These models aren't cheap." Writ looked at the shelves of Gunpla, Zeta tucked under his arm as he examined each on before landing on one. "Awe, here we go. You like transforming ones, right?" He said, reaching up and plucking a box off the shelf. Shelving the Zeta, Writ held out a RGZ-91 Re-GZ. Basically a mass production version of the Zeta.

"A Re-GZ?" Corbin frowned, looking from it to the Zeta.

"Hey. You got beat badly," Josh threw in, hands in his pockets. "Got to graduate back to a Gundam first after a beating like that."

"But!" Writ said, shelving the Re-GZ. "We can make a deal." He grinned evilly, and Corbin took a step back. "You want the Zeta? Fine. But you'll have to earn it."

"How?" Corbin questioned, making sure he had a clear path for the door. He didn't like how the atmosphere had changed.

"Work here at my shop, and earn the Zeta. Hell, I'll let you use the room downstairs to build and paint it if you want, but you'll have to work to earn that too."

"This is your shop!?"

"Yep. Why do you think I made sure the shelves had some of the hard to get Gunpla? I don't settle for the same crap everyone can get at any model store. I get the good stuff."

"Like a drug dealer," Josh snorted, ignoring the glare he got from Writ. "You still tend to do some of those little back ally deals with the Nobel custom parts?"

"Bite me. Those things are hard to come by."

Corbin blinked, looking between the two. "Custom parts?"

Writ sighed and scratched his head. "Yea. Seeing as many people like to customize the Nobel Gundam as it's the ONLY female looking Gundam type, I figured I'd dip into the market a bit. I know a guy who casts his own designs for different 'hair' types and body types for her, so I pay a good bit of cash for parts, and kinda double the sales to those who want to do something different. Wouldn't believe how many people been buying the little 'Sailor Moon' custom packs I have packaged up. I know a guy who did the WHOLE line up of Scout characters and a few originals of his own. Guy kinda creeps me out some times," he said, hand rubbing the back of his neck.

Corbin looked him up and down. "And you?"

"Me? My own Nobel Gundam?" He rolled his eyes. "Won't lie. I've got an idea or two. Haven't followed through with it, mind you. Been working to keep up with my Nemesis Astraea."

Corbin blinked. "Nemesis Astraea. Is that the Gunpla you used to beat me?"

Writ smirked and gave a nod. "Yep. Mostly just a custom painted build. My latest one. Got the idea from the Nemesis Prime toys from Transformers. Always liked his color scheme and thought I'd use it. Almost threw a Decepticon decal on the shoulders till I thought better of it. Don't think too many people would take kindly to me 'ruining the look' of the Astraea," he said, casting a glance at Josh.

"And it would," his friend acknowledged.

"But anyway, we got off topic," Writ said, crossing him arms and focusing fully on Corbin. "So, we got a deal? You come in on weekends and afternoons and help around the shop, and you get your Zeta. Or Re-GZ, which ever you prefer. Hell, any of my Gunpla really, so long as you work for it."

"I'm seventeen."

"So? There's still some honest work a kid your age is allowed to do, and this is one of them."

"You think," Josh piped in.

"No lip from you, officer. By the way, when does your shift start?"

"Still got a few hours before I need to get ready. So not looking forward to putting on the uniform," he said, rotating his shoulders slightly. He noticed Corbin looking at him questioningly. "What?"

"You're really a cop?"

"Yea. Surprised?"

"I am. I mean, you two were just talking about selling custom parts illegally."

"Hey, he orders me any model I want for free, and I keep my mouth shut. Win, win."

"Isn't that bribery?"

"Enough!" Writ shouted, getting their attention. He pointed at Corbin. "You? Deal or no deal?"

"Can I use the simulator as well?"

"Yes. As a matter of fact, I'll be your sparing partner instead of the holograms generated by the Plavsky Particles. That way, you'll be ready for the tournaments next year." He held his hand out. "Do we have an accord?

Corbin took a look at the Zeta before he thrust his hand into Writ's. "Deal. I work here for you, and I get the Zeta. When do I start?"

"Now," he said, walking past and heading back to the downstairs door. "I'll grab you a shirt."

"Wait, now!? My mom will be back in under an hour to pick me up!"

"Then I'll get to meet her!" he said as he descended the stairs. Shortly, a rush of feet came back up as Writ peered around the corner. "Is she single?"

"No!" Corbin shouted, feeling a bit disgusted at the man for asking. "And happily married!"

Writ shrugged. "Just asking, sheesh," he said then ducked back downstairs.

Corbin shook his head and looked to Josh, who held a goofy grin on his face. "He was so serious yesterday. Is he always like this?"

"Nah. Actually, he seems pretty excited. Probably cause he'll have someone around to talk to. I may show up from time to time, but I'm not always here. Not to mention, the rest of our buddies are moved away, so it's really only him and me from our old gang."


"Not that kind of gang. Back in high school we were a mixed group of… well… different clicks, ya'know? Nerdy, cool, handsome, geeky… that kind." He sighed and shoved his hands into his pockets as he moved back to the front counter, circling it to sit back behind the register. "I had gone Air Force after graduation, but do to a loophole, got out. Two more of our buddies went army, one went Marine. Each one is stationed at different bases across the US, so we hardly see each other unless its on an online game or something, and then you have to factor in time zones so not everyone is on board. Over time we just kinda grew apart. Hardly hear from one, and the other just kinda disappeared. And sure, we have other friends around, but they're few in number and have lives of their own, so we have to plan things ahead if we want to hang out or something."


"Sounds about normal to me. We're still close, don't get me wrong on that. I'm damn sure if we all got back together, it'd be like old times." Josh stole a glance at the corner to the downstairs door. "But I believe Writ feels like he's more alone in the matter. Not all the time, believe me. He's just a family guy kinda-softy who likes having people around. Being alone gets him depressed pretty easily."

With a shake of his head, Corbin asked, "Why are you telling me this? Kinda personal don't you think?"

"Trust me, Writ wouldn't care if I told you. He'd probably tell you at some point anyway if you stick around long enough." He picked up his manga and started to read where he left off. "And besides, wouldn't you want a friend who could hook you up with parts for a good price? Maybe even a whole model?"

Corbin didn't even think about that. He was so weirded out by the situation, he didn't think about the pros of the deal. Yea, a few days working here and he'd be done and have his Zeta, but then what? Build it and then have nothing to do for most of the summer till someone called to hang out or if the family decided to go to the beach? If he played his cards right, not only would he be able to score models and parts for cheap, if not for FREE, he could also get the training from this guy.

Josh grinned at seeing Corbin weighing the pros and cons of the deal, and turned back to the manga till a ding from the front door caught his ear. He lowered the book enough to see who it was, and sighed tiredly. "Yo, Writ! It's for you!"

Corbin blinked and turned, pausing as he saw the strangest, most well built guy he'd ever seen. The man was currently wearing tan pants with a white under shirt under a flowery red Hawaiian shirt. What really made the guy strange though, was his HAIR! It spiked out in almost every direction you could think of. If washed and allowed to hang down naturally, Corbin was sure it would fall past his shoulders.

Writ returned to the surface from his underground lair, blue shirt in hand for Corbin, when he saw the customer at the door. "Goku!" he beamed, arms spread as he approached the very lean muscled individual.

"Writ, buddy!" 'Goku' said, approaching the store owner. The two gave a manly bro-shake followed by a bro-hug, the standard followings in the 'Bro-Code' handbook. "Good to see you, Writ. Been a few days since I last dropped by. How's business?"

Writ gave a shrug once the bro-ness settled down. "Slow for a start as usual. But you know how it goes come afternoon and evening. It'll pick up. You coming out tonight?"

"You bet!" He said, palming his right fist. "I'm pumped for the matches! You participating?"

Writ smiled with a shake of his head. "Nah. Someone has to referee these things. Oh! By the way, got my first employee," he said, holding a hand out towards Corbin. "Corbin Reese. Just started today, and is a bit of a Gunpla Fighter as well."

Stars seemed to emit from Goku's eyes as he rushed towards the boy, who backed away an inch so Goku's face wasn't so close. "You're a fighter too!? That's great! We should battle sometime!" He looked back to Writ. "Will he be fighting? What's his Gunpla?"

"A… actually…"

"His Gunpla got trashed in a bout with Writ's Astraea," Josh called out, eyes glued on his manga.

Goku seemed to calm down at that and faced Corbin. "Wow. That's a bummer. Sorry for the loss." One would almost think he was addressing a man who lost a dog. "It's hard, something you put so much work into and it being destroyed. I couldn't tell you how many times I've had my Gunpla get creamed. But we learn from our mistakes, and it helps us grow stronger for the next fight!" His energy returned, if a little more subdued. "So, what was your machine?"

"A custom painted Zeta Gundam"

"Awe, so you're a flyer huh? Death from above kinda guy, right?" Goku grinned. "Well, when you get your machine up and running, I'll spar with ya. I don't get to fight many flyers with my Shinning Gundam. Oh! That reminds me, did those parts and God Gundam come in yet?" he asked, focusing on Writ.

"Actually, they came in yesterday," Writ said, rounding the counter and ducking beneath it to retrieve the packages. "One God Gundam Gunpla and special custom parts for your wife's Nobel." He said, sitting them down on the counter.

Corbin approached, and sure enough, there was a GF 13-017NJII God Gundam, or for what it's more formally known as in the US as the Burning Gundam, the successor to the GF 13-017NJ Shining Gundam. Both suits derive from the Mobile Fighter G Gundam series, the two being the main character's MS through the show.

"This is awesome!" Goku cried, digging into his pocket for the cash he owed. "This is too good. Can't wait to put it together. This RG God Gundam will take some time, but it'll be perfect."

Corbin blinked and looked at the box with no images on it or lettering. "Take it that holds the Nobel custom parts you were talking about earlier?"

Writ nodded. "Yep. Goku's wife kinda just got into it, and when she heard there was at least ONE female type MS, she jumped at the chance to have it. Goku has shown her how to build, now with these custom parts, she'll be able to make hers a little personal, ya'know?" Taking the cash, Writ handed Goku the change and bagged the goods. "There you go, my man. Hey, how is Chichi by the way? She's in like what, month three now of her pregnancy?"

Goku grinned sheepishly, hand rubbing the hair on the back of his head. "Yep. It's showing really well too. She's already picking out all these books for the little guy to study and all even though it'll be some time before he understands anything in them. And I'm super excited of having a kid myself. I'll be able to teach him martial arts and everything! It'll be great!" He looked to the watch on his wrist and happiness changed to worry. "Oh wow, got to get back to the restaurant. Got to help the staff get the place ready for the lunch crowd." He grabbed the bags and made for the door, waving back at the group. "I'll see you guys later. You joining Josh?"

"Got night shift, Goku. Won't be able to make it tonight."

"Next time then. Hope to see you there Corbin!" he said, pointing at the boy. "It'll be exciting, trust me!"

When the door closed, Corbin turned to the duo. "What was he going on about some event tonight?"

"We throw a big Gunpla battle of our own here at the shop on weekends," Writ explained, leaning on the counter. "Everyone of all ages comes here to kinda kick back and relax while watching a battle, whether it be teams or one on one fights. Goku participates in most matches, but mostly in things involving close quarters. He's not much for range fighting."

"Does he work around here?"

"Oh yea. They have a little Chinese restaurant down at the end of the strip," Josh said, turning the page of his manga. "Chichi is a wicked chef, so decided to open up a restaurant called 'The Four Star Dragon'. Goku had a bit of cash from winning martial arts tournaments, but never really spent a dime till he met her. So when she wanted to open up her own place, Goku dumped most, if not ALL his winnings into it for her. As far as I know, they've made up for it too. Good food."

"And how did he get into Gunpla fighting?"

"Ran into some old man who said he was an undefeated martial artist from the east," Writ said with a shrug. "The guy was a fighter in and out of Gunpla, so the two had a spar. When it was over, he told him about Gunpla battles and Goku got hooked. He still trains like his life depends on it, but he spends his spare time helping Chichi, and Gunpla fighting or building. Where he gets the energy I'll never know." Writ moved back around the counter, and presented Corbin with his new employee shirt. "Here ya go. If you want a second one, you'll have to work for it," he said with a sly grin.

Corbin looked to the front of it, reading the store's name over in his head. "Looks a bit big."

"It's cotton, it'll shrink." Writ rapped his hands on the counter surface. "Okay! Welcome to your first day at Mega Gear Hobbies and now we get to what you will be doing. I'll have you mostly keeping the place clean, and the shelves stacked. Since you are a Gunpla fan, I'll let you keep a close eye on that section there. I'm more familiar with the whole store obviously, so if anyone asks about any of the model cars, trains, or whatever, let me know. I'll give ya hand. Same with Josh if he's around." He looked to said friend, who gave a simple wave while still focused on the manga.

"Does he read a lot of manga?"

"Nah, its mine. He's just bored."

"You get the next book yet? I'm almost done with this one."

Writ rolled his eyes. "Won't be out till next month."

"Damn. It's looking like it'll be ending at a cliffhanger, and I hate those."

Corbin stared at Josh, and then back to Writ. "Okay, aside from Goku, are there any other weirdoes I should be aware of that come around here?"

"Eh, a few. But they're all harmless.


Car parked and lock, Mrs. Cheryl Reese approached the store she had dropped her son off an hour before. Wouldn't think that she had two kids considering her body size. She kept up with her health very well, though her son and daughter joked she may be a bit too much of a health nut. But she liked looking good and wasn't about to stop for anything. Hair back in a pony tail, it pounced slightly with each step, small heels clicking on the concrete as she approached the hobby store. She wasn't into what was big, but knew that this Gunpla thing her son enjoyed made him happy. As long as he kept out of trouble she had no issues with his hobbies. Though this Gunpla thing was a bit on the expensive side. She cursed her brother for introducing it to him. Sure he would have gotten into it later on, but he had blown all of his allowances on these models he buys, not to mention the paints and tools along with them. But again, if it kept him out of trouble, it was fine. But now her biggest worry was that he wouldn't find a girlfriend…

The bell chimed as she entered, and she paused at the store's threshold as she took in the surroundings. There was a man behind the counter, nose stuck in a book. On the other side of the store was her son, talking with another older gentleman. Well, not too old. He looked to be only a little older than her daughter Kelly. Being inside a hobby store surrounded by robot models, she had to admit he looked a bit geeky with glasses. Without them, he looked to be a catch. She wondered if he was seeing someone. Her daughter could use someone in her life... Shaking her head of future match making for her daughter, she approached, hand resting on her son's shoulder. "Corbin," she said, as he turned to her. "Time to go honey."

Writ looked up, and did everything he could to not let his jaw drop. Corbin's mom was gorgeous. And he looked nothing like her. Long brown hair, hazel eyes, smoking figure… He blinked and held his hand out. "You must be Corbin's mom," he said, smiling.

Cheryl smiled, hesitantly taking his hand and giving it a shake. "Yes. No offense but aren't you a bit old to be a friend of Corbin's?"

"Friend no, boss yes," Writ said, smile never fading. "Just hired him today."

It as Cheryl's turn to drop her jaw as she turned to her son. "A job?"

Corbin nodded meekly. "Yea. We came to an understanding and I landed a summer job."

"His pay won't really be cash though," Writ said, gaining a confused look from Corbin's mother. "We met the other day and had a slight altercation. His Gunpla got pretty wrecked in it, so to settle things, he'll work for me, and in exchange, I give him a brand new model, and some other accessories as payment, free of charge."

Cheryl looked to her boy, connecting the dots. "So was that why you were so upset last night?"

Writ arched a brow. "You cried?"

"I didn't cry!" Corbin snapped suddenly, feeling his face turn red. "I just put a lot of work into that model."

Cheryl just patted his shoulder. "Well, I guess its ok," she said, looking to the store owner. "Um, I didn't get your name. Mr.?"

"Writ. Writ Butler." He gave a warm smile. "Hope you don't mind. Was hoping he'd start today. Get the bearings here and then start working afternoons and weekends. Usually our busier hours."

"I'm sure we can think of something. He has his license so he can drive."

"Just don't have a car of my own," Corbin grumbled.

"Sure we can work something out," Writ said. "Closing hours at eight."


After some further discussion, Cheryl took off, promising to come back before eight to pick Corbin up. And from there, Corbin learned the ups and downs of working in the store. Then came the maintenance work on the Plavsky Particle generator. Of course neither were qualified for the job, but some small know how didn't hurt. Mostly what not to mess with and what to do should something happen.

By lunch time, they got a few customers. Nothing he didn't see coming of course. People of all ages came in, though very few bought anything. Mostly the kids who came in looking to buy a Gunpla. Corbin gave them a hand, suggesting what to start with so they got used to it. Something simple of course. They had a small demonstration booth with a partially complete RX-78 Gundam. Even gave some small safety tips.

Writ watched from afar, and nodded in approval. The kid knew his stuff. Seemed to get along well with the kids too.

Time passed, some purchases were made. Corbin did a fine job and the time was winding down. And as it was nearing closing time, Cheryl Reese returned to pick up her son. There was still thirty minutes till closing, but Writ allowed it. And as Corbin was nearing his mom's car, he took notice of a small group of people approaching the store. He paused and watched Writ open the door, allowing them to come in even though the open light was turned off. Then he remembered what Writ and Goku had talked about from before. They must be coming for the 'party' that was suppose to take place in the basement area.

"Mom," Corbin called, turning back to his mother. "Can we stick around for a little bit. There's something I want to check out."

"What is it?" she asked, taking notice of another group of people starting to show up. Some didn't look too… savory. Who has a mohawk these days? And a pink one at that… that poor girl's parents…

"Its like a gathering of like minded people," Corbin said. "Just a few minutes, please? There's something I want to check out." He hardly heard his mom as he rushed back towards the store. He slowly followed the crowd in and towards the stairs to the basement area. He acted normal descending down and took in the now brightly lit basement area. The tables were quickly filled with guests and a few stood close to the battle simulator. "Wow," he said, already seeing a match begin. Nothing too note worthy, but it was still entertaining seeing a Zaku II duke it out with an Enact in a space environment. He flinched as the crowd gave a cheer as the Enact landed a blow to the Zaku's shield arm, severing it in a fiery explosion.


The teen turned and found Writ, handing out can drinks to some of the crowd. Non alcoholic drinks of course, since he was seeing a teen or two in the crowd there as well. When he finished he approached, handing the boy a Coke. Corbin took it, flinging some of the condensation off his hands after he popped it open. "Sticking around?" he asked, looking to the fight as the Zaku had managed to get a few good shots in on the Enact, taking it's leg off.

The new employee shook his head. "Wish I could, but I can only hang out for a few minutes. Moms still in the parking lot waiting for me." He looked about the room. "Does it always get this crowded?"

Writ shrugged. "Sometimes. Few know about this. I try to keep it low key so only a select few know about it. Goku should be arriving shortly though. Chichi let him off the leash early."

"I've got next fight!"

All turned and looked up to see the spiky haired Goku as he leapt down from the top of the stairs, down to the floor below. Standing straight, fist on his hip, he thrust his hand out revealing his Shining Gundam… an orange and blue Shining Gundam with what looked to be a red bo-staff strapped to its back. He got a few cheers and cries of approval when everyone recognized him.

The spotlight on him was short lived and most turned back to the fight. Goku joined in, greeting a few of the others who he was familiar with. Writ passed him a bottle water once Goku turned down a can drink. Corbin turned away, and found himself looking at the glass display case against the wall. Again he took notice of the older models that dated back before Gunpla battles, to the more recent ones. Most kept to the traditional colors, but few were colored differently. A black Shenlong Gundam did look pretty cool.

His eyes quickly landed on a pair of custom Astray Gundams. One was obvious a red frame, but where it should be white, the colors were black and seemed to carry only the katana which came with the model. The standard V-crest on the head was switched for a longer, thinner version. Where there would normally be either the custom Aile flight pack Astrays would use, was replaced with a matching set of wings that obviously came from the Destiny Gundam. Beneath it was a small plaque label giving the Gunpla its name: 'Karasu Astray Frame'.

It's twin was opposite in color, still sporting the white armor but instead of the inner frame being red, blue, gold, green, purple, or grey to see what of the Astray models it used to be, the color was silver. The V-crest was gone, leaving the forehead plating smooth. Twin Schneider combat knives were mounted on the legs and a set of rear stabilizers were mounted on the back hip. A set of claws were mounted on the back of the arms and looked to flip out for close quarters combat. Other than that, the frame carried the traditional shield and beam riffle for its complete armament. The plaque below it said 'Ookami Astray Frame'.

A tap on his shoulder nearly caused Corbin to jump and he spun around, and there standing before him was the woman who sported the pink mohawk. Up close he took in her blue eyes and nose piercing. She wore a black vest, zipped up to her neck and didn't seem to have anything else underneath. Hands and arms were covered by black fingerless gloves and fishnet sleeves. A short skirt stopped just above her knees while the rest of her legs were covered in calf length boots with an assortment of buckles that didn't seem to serve any purpose but to look cool. "Hey, your new," she said, slight accent to her voice that he didn't recognize. "Never seen ya 'ere before. Got a name?"

"Corbin Reese," he said quickly, trying not to let his eyes wonder around. She did seem a bit attractive, if not a bit intimidating. There was some muscle tone to her that added some exoticness to her. "I started working here today with Writ."

"Awe, 'e did say 'e hired someone." She glanced over at the display case. "Seein' his work?" She watched Corbin nod. "Aye, tha' silver one be Writ's. The other one be his friend Josh."

"Bailey?" Corbin asked, making sure it was the same Josh.

"Aye, the same. They were a team once."

"What happened?"

The woman shrugged. "Don't know." She turned, casting an eye to said host, watching him cheer on for another fight that Corbin hadn't been aware had started. It was Goku's Shinning Gundam up against a white BMS-008 Rogue Bat from Gundam Age -EXA-LOG-. The battlefield was within a colony shaft, and Goku was obviously having the upper hand with his quick, blitzkrieg attacks. When he came in fast with another attack, Writ gave a hefty cheer with a big smile on his face. "You'd 'ave to ask 'em yerself."


Corbin didn't stay too long after that, realizing he was keeping his mother waiting. He didn't even get that woman's name. He went home in silence, staring out the window as his thoughts ran over those two Gunplas, the conversation he had with Josh. He had explained to Corbin that Writ and his friends had all gone their separate ways in life, few keeping in touch. Maybe that was what had happened to him and Josh, though he still appeared every so often. But he did say he dabbled in Gunpla still, due to Writ getting him almost anything he wanted for free.

It was a bit confusing, but not enough to keep him up at night. He had finished his first day of work, and would return in the morning to continue, and hopefully get Writ to allow him to leave with the Zeta so he can begin early on it's construction. Seeing some of the works he had in the display case got him thinking of some ideas and figured he'd make an even better Blue Zeta. And considering he had time till next years tournament, he'd make it perfect. Maybe even more for backup purposes. But that would also mean he'd have to work longer at the hobby store. Was he really going to go through his entire summer working for models at Writ's store? He was sure his parents would rather he worked for actually money. But they didn't know what came with the prestige of winning the Gunpla Battle Championship. He'd be set for life.

So he had to work hard. And with Writ properly training him, he'd get better. He'd get stronger. And he'd win.


Day two, Corbin was quick to get up, even though he wasn't due to work till after twelve. He hoped that Writ would allow him to get a head start on his Zeta before working. Hence his early arrival. He expected his new boss to be up and ready for the day. What he didn't expect though was to see his boss standing at the entrance of his shop, arms crossed and a scowl on his face that could make a grown man cry. Lucky for Corbin, it wasn't aimed at him, but at another individual who stood some distance away.

He was obviously of Japanese descent and dressed in a dark blue dress suit. His long hair hung down, hiding his eyes from view, but Corbin swore he'd seen him before. In his hand Corbin could plainly see a gunpla. A highly damaged one at that. More than half its head was missing, and he could only make out one leg and it too showed signs of a battle. The guy held a slightly disappointed look on his face, or what Corbin could tell.

"You got your answer," Writ spoke, arms dropping to his sides. "You can go now."

"I still don't understand," the unknown spoke. "The position I'm offering you…"

"Can go to someone else, I don't care."

Corbin watched the exchange silently, not sure as to what he stumbled upon.

"You have such talent and skill. There are plenty of those at the academy that could benefit from your teachings."

Writ scoffed. For a second, Corbin could see his eyes dart to him, then back to the guy in the blue suit. "Yea, and I've seen the end result of those that graduate from your little 'academy'. They become arrogant and selfish. They look and speak down to others who put their all into their builds and try to scare them away from any chance of showing what they can do. I should know, I've beaten enough of them after their trash talks."

The stranger looked like he took a hit by that remark, his stance shifting slightly. "Another reason you should be there. You, someone they do not know, could show them the humility that they need to be taught."

"Then you teach'em," Writ said, with a wave of his arm. "You're the Mahjong master, or whatever the hell they call you back in Japan." His scowl seemed to deepen after he made that comment. "Something I find utterly ridiculous." He turned slightly, but continued to glare at the foreigner. "You come here wanting to see who messed up your Academy's students and think with your 'so-important title' that I'd fawn over you like the rest of 'em?"

That seemed to irk the stranger for some reason, and he seemed to take a threatening step forward till Writ did the same, both pausing after said single step. Silence fell as the two stared at one another, the stranger's grip on his gunpla tightening till it seemed he'd crush it in his grip. But he stopped and stepped away. His gaze turned slightly to Corbin. Green eyes locked with his blue and again the teen swore he'd seen him somewhere.

The stranger turned and walked to black sedan. As he opened the driver side door, he paused to give Writ one more glare, before climbing in.

Corbin began to approach Writ as he heard the stranger's engine start up. He looked to see him pull in reverse, then spin out before heading for the parking lot exit. When Corbin turned back to Writ, he was still staring a hole into the retreating vehicle and it's driver. The glare he was giving quickly disappeared when he looked to Corbin. "You're early." He stepped back, holding the door open for the new employee.

"Thought I'd see if I can get an early start on my gunpla before I clock in," Corbin said as he entered. Corbin saw nothing out of the ordinary once inside. Considering how the two had been talking, he half expected the store being trashed from a brawl. But everything was in order. "Mind if I ask what all that was about?"

Writ shrugged his shoulders. "Just a guy wanting me to quit my job here to go work at some school in Japan. Told him he could shove it. Didn't like my verbal answer so we had a quick battle." Writ turned his head slightly, a loud pop echoing in the silent store. "He lost." Writ left it at that as he moved to the stairs. "Need to prep the machine. Got a group coming to use it in a few." He looked to Corbin. "I know you're not clocked in yet, but could you watch the door till I'm done?"

Corbin nodded. "Sure." He circled the front counter while Writ went down stairs. He sighed, eyes dancing about the store with his hands tapping against the counter glass. That stopped as his thoughts lingered on what he saw only a minute ago. He had definitely seen that guy somewhere before. But where?

A ding from the door alerted him of the first customer of the day. He stood up from his seat and gave a welcoming smile. In walked a trio of girls and two guys around his age. None of them looked familiar, leaving him to believe they were from a different school. Shaking that observation aside, he cleared his throat and said, "Hello, welcome to Mega Gear Hobbies. Can I help you with anything?"

One of the girls with short red hair approached, brushing her hair behind an ear. "Hello," she greeted with a smile that made Corbin's heart skip a beat. "We reserved the Battle System this morning."

Corbin gave a nod. "R-right. My boss is currently prepping the machine now. Just around the corner there and down the stairs."

"Thanks," she said again with a smile, and turned to her friends. With a nod, she led the group on towards the system.

Corbin watched them disappear around the corner, and let out a sigh.

"Goin' to ask the lass out?"

Corbin nearly jumped out of his skin at the sudden voice and turned to see mohawk girl from the other night. Except her hair was yellow this time instead of pink. Not blonde, yellow! She wore cutoff shorts and a red tank top, standing in ankle high boots. Decorative bracelets adorned each wrist and she still sported the same piercing as before. In her hand she carried a large bag that had two boxes stacked inside. "I just met her," Corbin said, nodding to the bag afterwards. "Whatcha got there?"

She held the bag away in a hug, sly smile on her face. "Merchandise," she replied. "Somethin' for 'er boss."

The young employee arched a brow. "Oh. You want me to go get him?"

"Nah," she said with a wave and a smile. "I'll wait for 'em. Customers an' all that." With that, she marched towards the Gunpla in the back.

Corbin made a mental note to remember her and listed her under the possible crazy people that would be arriving from time to time along side Goku.

A few minutes later and Writ returned, quietly closing the door behind him. He looked to Corbin with a nod, a sign he was relieved of duty till his actual appointed work time, and turned to the woman who's name Corbin still didn't get. Corbin was out of ear shot when Writ approached the woman, friendly smile on his face. She smiled back, hand reaching our to rest on his chest. She gave a playful shove as the two spoke, and then held out the bag with the two boxes inside. Writ looked a bit excited, and the two moved towards the front counter, where Corbin tried to play off that he was watching the whole time.

"You still up here?" Writ asked. "Thought you were going to work on your model."

"Its downstairs and I didn't want to bother the group…"

"You'll be fine, just don't go jumping in on their work," he said teasingly.

Corbin frowned. "Not going to make that mistake again," he grumbled.

Writ beamed and threw his arms out. "See? I've taught you a good lesson already." His smile dropped when the girl elbowed him in the side. "Ouch."

"Don' be 'urtin 'eh lad's feelin's now, Writ," she said, waving a finger at him. She turned an apologetic smile to Corbin. "Tol' me all 'bout it." She looked back at Writ with a frown. "Bein' too rough wit' ya." She gave him another elbow. "Big jerk."

Writ frowned and nodded back at the door. "Go on, kid. Got to get started on that Gunpla of yours before your shift starts. And save some time at lunch, because I've got a surprise in store for you."

Corbin did as requested and left the two, wondering what their relationship was. Could the two possibly be an item of sorts? He shook the thought aside as he descended down the stairs, taking quiet steps to ensure he didn't disturb the group. The surrounding area was dimly lit by normal lights by the main glow of the room came from particle machine. The whole group was packed together on the machine, each having their own Gunpla out on the field. Surprisingly, neither one was fighting.

Corbin watched silently as they appeared to be… rehearsing? He looked to the Gunplas and noticed each one was an SD based Gunpla, but customized to look like something out of a fantasy. Even equipped with swords, shields, axes, bo-staffs…

The environment was a scaled version of a heavily wooded forest and the group was discussing a scene involving the 'group of heroes' on the move to vanquish the 'dark lord'. They even tended to pause in order to get their lines right whenever they missed one or said it wrong.

Slowly moving away to go work on his model, Corbin looked back at the group and noticed the redhead from before and her Gunpla, which looked to be like an SD knight with bright green eyes that looked to have long eye lashes to give it a more feminine appeal. The armor was a bright red and held a clear pink long sword which had a crystalline appearance.

He shook his head and decided to focus on his model. But even when he began his work, his ears picked up on the group behind him. They still didn't battle and continued to be acting out something like an RP even after his free time was up and had to clock in for the day ahead.


It was an hour or so later before the group left, the lot of them conversing on the 'next scene' and whatnot, which still confused Corbin. So he went to the only source of information he had at his disposal. "Hey Writ, what was that group doing?"

The store owner arched a brow and looked from the current Gunpla magazine he had in his hands and over to his first and only employee. The girl with the yellow mohawk was long gone and so left the two of them alone in the store. "What do you mean?" he asked, closing the magazine and setting it down on the counter.

"Well… they weren't battling," Corbin said with a shrug. "If anything, they looked to be acting out an RP."

Writ looked away in thought for a second before giving a nod of his head. "That just about sums it up really," he answered.

Corbin blinked. "Role Playing?" he asked which Writ gave a nod. "With Gunpla?"

"Do you find it so surprising?" Writ asked with a grin. "Not everyone uses Gunpla for battling purposes only. Some use it for other reasons."

"Like makings AMVs and role playing?"

"Exactly." Writ leaned in close with a smirk, taking up a pen from the counter and pointed it at Corbin, forcing the boy to lean back slightly. "They only advertise Gunpla with battles, but do any of the companies out there advertise Gunpla in a different fashion? No." He leaned away, dropping the pen on the counter and crossed his arms. "People around the world don't just battle with Gunpla. Just like how some don't battle at all. Some just build for the fun of it. Others, like you saw, use Plavsky Particles to act out things they couldn't in the real world through their Gunpla. That group from earlier actually have a web series where they use their SD Gunpla in a fantasy based setting. Its gotten quite popular."

"Web series?" Corbin asked a bit non-believing. "And people actually watch it?"

Writ gave a shrug. "You'd be surprised."


Lunch time finally arrived, with Writ ordering a pizza for the two. Josh had arrived and sat in for Writ and Corbin while the two were down in the basement area. After stuffing their faces, Writ lead Corbin to particle generator and handed him a box. Puzzled, Corbin looked to his boss, who nodded. Corbin opened the lid and his eyes nearly bugged out of his head when he saw what was inside. Their lying on a foam bedding was a gray and white toned Zeta! And below it was a GP Base.

"Now first, I'm going to point out that this is simply a loaner for you to practice with till you get yours completed," Writ stated. "Hence why its so plain colored. The GP Base you can keep." With that, he flicked the machine on and the bright glow of Plavsky Particles filled the room. "Lets get started."

Corbin took out the Zeta and placed it on the machine. The AI's voice advised placing the GP Base which Corbin did. It followed by announcing the area, Field 3. He was quickly surrounded by the particle field with the control orbs materializing in front of him. The minute he took control, several screens appeared with the Zeta's eyes glowing yellow. Corbin smiled as he could see through the eyes of his Gunpla. "Okay," he said quietly to himself. "Lets go. Corbin Reese, Zeta Gundam. Launch!"

With a simple move of his wrists, Corbin launched the Zeta Gundam out into the scaled forest area. Flying over and clear of the trees, Corbin landed the Zeta down into an open area next to a stream. He took a second to marvel at the machine at his command, taking notice of how fluid the movements felt. "So this is a Gunpla built by Writ?" He had to admit, the comparison to his own style was staggering. With how the Zeta moved, you'd think it was alive.

"You ready kid?" Writ asked.

Corbin looked around, trying to find his employer when a shadow zipped overhead. His radar picked up what was tagged as a friendly IFF signal and he looked in the direction, seeing something turn sharp and fly towards him. As it approached, the shape changed from what looked to be an Mobile Armor mode to Mobile Suit. It landed in a crouch in front of the Zeta, and Corbin took in the site of a ZGMF-X23S Saviour Gundam. There was no deviation from its original look and the detail into its construction and coloring was ahead of Corbin's skill.

"You ready?" Writ asked, snapping Corbin out of his silent admiration for the Gunpla.

"What happened to your Astraea?"

Writ gave a shrug. "I may have won that little battle this morning, but it doesn't mean my Nemesis Astraea didn't take a beating too. So it's up for repairs. Till then, I'm using some of my other Gunpla. Now, you ready or not?"

With a small smirk and a nod, Corbin hunched the Zeta slightly, ready to draw its saber. "Yea, lets go." The Saviour stood straight, hand resting on its hip as Writ gave a laugh. Corbin blinked. "What's so funny?"

"You've got to learn how to crawl before you can walk, kid," Writ said. "Check your settings. The automatic stabilizers on?"

Corbin stared at the Seed Destiny Gunpla before him, before looking to his settings. Clicking through the controls, he did find the stabilizers and did see they were active. "Yea."

"Good. Now deactivate them."

"What? If I do that, the Zeta will…"

"Yea, yea, I know. It'll fall. Plavsky Particles give the Gunpla a more realistic setting, so a stabilizer would exist to aid in the battler's control." The Saviour pointed at the Zeta. "But it hinders them, makes their moves a bit lagging 'cause the system keeps wanting to adjust on its own. We're going to fix that first before you learn anything else. Like I said. Got to learn how to crawl before you can walk. And when you learn how to walk, then you can run." Writ smiled. "And when you can run, then you'll learn to fly." The Saviour gave a wave. "Now shut it off and save that setting to your GP Base. When I'm done with you, that Zeta will dance in the palm of your hands."

With a sigh, Corbin did as ordered. And as expected, the Zeta wobbled and then began to tilt forward. Corbin attempted to stop the fall, but only ended up tilting backwards instead. Again he moved to catch himself till it ending up flopping over on its side and landing at the edge of the river. Corbin groaned in annoyance and moved his machine to stand, only for the legs to wobble and for him to stumble further into water. The rush of the current knocked his Gunpla back down. Noticing the current was beginning to drag him further down, Corbin had a mild panic attack before he remembered it wasn't real.

Writ however took notice when the Zeta began to thrash about and couldn't help but laugh. His Saviour moved into the water, grabbing the Zeta's arm and dragging it back to shore. With practice ease he pulled the Zeta up and held it steady. "Didn't think it was going to be easy, did you?"

"How does this help me?" Corbin asked with a tone of frustration.

"Got to learn how to move before you can fight. Real fighters don't let the machine or the simulation control their Gunpla. They do."

"So… your Gunpla…"

"Doesn't have its stabilizers on. None of them do." He held the Zeta up straighter. "Now, again, but slowly. Throttle back a bit otherwise you'll just launch yourself forward."

"But the Zeta isn't exactly built for ground combat."

"Can't be in the air forever, kid," Writ said, moving the Saviour forward as it assisted the Zeta, catching it again as it nearly tumbled. "Most of the time you'll need to be grounded for the fighting. And the Zeta is a general use MS, so get used to being on the ground."

To Be Continued…

Been wanting to do this for some time now. And didn't really get the nerve to do it till reading so many fan fictions based on the series. I wanted to get something that had multiple animes crossed over onto GBF, like the cameos from the first series with characters from other Gundam series, but with different animes instead. As you can see, Goku has made an appearance, and Chichi will as well. I'll be trying to match characters with Gunpla I'd think they would have that reflects their respective series. Already have an idea for Kill la Kill, so expect at least three characters from that one showing up. Have fun guessing who.

But aside from Kill la Kill, I'm having a hard time coming up with ideas of what other animes to use. So if you've got an idea of one, lay one on me.