Gundam Build Fighter N

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Chapter 5: Wings of the Raven

Josh gave an exaggerated yawn as he left his truck. He spun the ring of keys in his hand as he marched towards the model store. Sleep was a problem for him with the knowledge that Adam was somewhere in town. Brian kept his mouth shut on his location but Josh was sure he could find him. There were very few lofts in the city. And Adam wasn't a big spender despite his inheritance. He'd get a modest sized loft with enough room for the… project he had. Josh shook his head at the thought. Breaching dimensions. He wanted to scoff at the idea. But this was Adam. He wasn't one to make up insane stories to get attention. And he was much smarter than he appeared.

Maybe he'd go and look for him after the day ended. Put some of his cop skills to use in tracking him down. Even off duty, secretly, a badge can open some doors.

Writ and the crew would return late in the evening, so it was still his task of watching over the shop. He fumbled with the keys for a second as he stepped to the glass door. Finding the proper key he unlocked the door, dashing over quickly to input the alarm code before police either called or started to show up for a possible break in. Following that was the arduous task of turning on the computer and the register, rolling the security fence on the window up, and the very simple task of flipping on the open sign. His hand was only inches away from the on switch when the door opened, a panting figure standing in the frame. Josh paused when he took in the look of the pregnant woman who was frantically looking for something before her eyes landed on him. "Chichi?"

The future mother of Goku's unborn child took in a deep breath before walking towards Josh, composing her appearance as she did so. "Joshua, is Writ here?" she asked, again her eyes looking around the shop in a frantic pace. "I really need to talk with him."

"No, sorry," he replied with his eyebrow arching slightly. "Is something wrong?"

Chichi let out a sigh, a look of worry washing over her face. "Its Goku. I think something is wrong."

"Did something happen to him?" The most that could probably put that man down was either a mac truck or there was no food. He had the energy of a hundred men and it took a lot to keep that man down.

"I had him run an errand over to the mall yesterday evening." She shook her head. "It shouldn't have taken as long as it had but Goku came home much later than he should have, and went straight to his private room. He's been there all night."

Josh's shoulders sagged. With a shake of his head he said, "Chichi, he's probably just working out for some tournament that he came across. I don't think he's been in a match for a while now, am I right?" He turned back to the Open light.

"He didn't eat dinner, Joshua."

Josh paused. He moved and turned the computer and register off before resetting the alarm. He quickly ushered the now confused woman out the door and locked the shop back up. He turned and faced Chichi. "Where did you send him and for what?"

Chichi stood for a few seconds blinking in confusion before responding with, "I asked him to stop by the mall to pick up a few things for the restaurant."

"Did he come home with the items you asked?"


"And he's been in his room all night?"

"Yes. He hasn't had anything to eat since lunch yesterday and I'm beginning to worry. Do you think something happened to him last night?"

Josh shook his head. "Worry about Goku, no. If he seemed fine when coming in I'm sure nothing bad happened. However something has gotten to him if he's brushing off food." He looked to the ground, eyes shifting as he lost himself in thought before looking to Chichi, hand resting on her shoulder. "Just go back to the restaurant. I'll look into this."

Chichi nodded. "Sure. I… I asked him to stop by that little houseware store. The one that sells the expensive utensils. If that helps anything."

"That'll do. Head home and keep an I on him."


The sun was beating down on the beach sands of the west coast of Gunpla City. The sounds of 'Pour Some Sugar on Me' could be heard from one group of gunpla, Nobel Gundam custom builds with their color and hairs styles, all playing a game of volleyball. To the side there was a group of mono-eyed mobile suits staring a little too hard at the game. Other gunpla of various builds and types were either sitting by the water's edge or in the water itself. SD types were running around like children with either their real type counter parts following or other builds playing with them.

One particular Nobel build, with its silver locks and dark armor lounged casually in a lounge chair, arms behind its head. Lala hummed some unknown song as her gunpla just continued to laze about, her cameras locked on the image of the Nemesis Astraea with the Bawoo Gundam out in the waters, having their 'man to man' moment as Writ was again assisting Corbin with his piloting skills. This time with them being in deep waters. She couldn't help but laugh as the Astraea picked up the unexpected Bawoo and lifted it up above its head. The red Bawoo thrashed with Corbin cursing over an open channel before being tossed into the water.

"That wasn't very nice of him," Mia commented as her gunpla sat next to the Dullahan, tail coiled beneath it to sit on. She tried to ignore the stares they were getting from the other gunplas and their builders/or fighters.

"The lad will be fine," Lala commented.

Below the waters though, Corbin fought to keep his machine balanced and to not sink so far down below. He gave a slight panic though when he saw something that resembled a shark moving his way. Even in the waters he could make out its black and blue colors highlighted by clear yellow parts. Instantly though its form changed as it approached, going from some form of shark mobile armor to a mobile suit. Grey colored optics lit up the water like two pools of silver alongside the clear yellow parts.

"The hell is that?" Corbin asked, his view turning over as again his Bawoo Gundam was floating awkwardly. He was a little more confused on it as it sat in the water with its legs crossed, turning over to match his gunpla's movement.

Writ's image appeared on the screen to his right, another of a younger male to his left flashed a big grin, dark eyes with matching dark shaggy hair greeted him. "Corbin, meet Sammy 'Sharky' Johan. He's going to be your instructor for underwater combat."

"Hi!" the boy called, his gunpla shifting into a pose. "Writ said you may need some help since you're a noob at this."

Corbin looked to Writ with a deadpan expression. "You can't be serious."

"Oh I'm dead serious," Writ said as he glanced to Sammy's Sea Hunter. A very rare gunpla the Sea Hunter. Mostly because the machine was never made into a real gunpla. A scratch build built up from using the UT-1D Civilian Astray DSSD Custom as a base. It was one of the more difficult builds Writ had the privilege to assist in, but Sammy did most of the work. Writ, like most of the time, simply supplied the parts needed. "He's going to help you with balancing and movements. So I'll leave you in his care while I hang out with the girls." The drive kicking in, the Nemesis Astraea pushed up out of the deep waters before Corbin could protest. Up in the fresh simulated air Writ moved over to land by the girls, his touch down signaling the dispersal of on looking gunpla that had been staring too hard at the girls. "Having fun?"

Lala shrugged. "Its 'light. How's the lad?"

Writ looked back in time to see the Bawoo Gundam get launched out of the waters, flailing about in the air before sinking back down. The Sea Hunter came up in its 'Mobile Animal' form before plunging down on top of the Bawoo. "Looks good to me so far."

"His gunpla won't get damaged will it?" Mia asked with a hint of worry.

"Nah, he'll be fine. Remember there isn't a high level damage setting in this city your old man made, so he'll be fine." Writ took a moment to look around. "Anyone seen Zane?"


Currently Zane Morgan was exploring the city through the eyes of his gunpla, taking in the sites as it were. Though he arrived later than his newly acquired friends, he had managed to repair his Zero Knight, the Unicorn based gunpla moving about the city in its default mode. Considering the city had a no fighting policy he forgo his weapons and shield, leaving him with his base machine. Though if by some miracle weapons could be used, he still had his beam sabers. This though allowed him to examine other builds without the threat of being attacked, and he had to admit he was seeing far more impressive builds than he originally thought he would. Some were of the straight build variety. Other were of simple custom paint jobs with some being more flashy than others. Of course you had your typical group who believed in 'you can have it in any color you want, so long as it was black.' He had nothing against it mind you but it felt very unimaginative. Which reminded him of the thorn in his side. Or more appropriately behind him. "Why are you following me?"

The Zero Knight turned to face the Reaper Gundam, which stood shrouded in its cloak. It gave off an aura that said, 'keep your distance' but it somewhat seemed comical how it had been following Zane and his gunpla around. "Cause I'm booooooooored!" exclaimed Kayley. "There are all these gunpla around and no one is fighting."

"It's a combat free environment," explained Zane, for the millionth time since she started stalking him five paces back. "There isn't fighting allowed. Not unless you plan to throw a punch or something."

"I could throw you," she snapped.

"You can try," countered Zane as he rounded the corner onto the next street. He shifted slightly to avoid a pair of GiNNs as they passed, both in varying custom colors. Adding in detail, they sported warning labels and logos across various portions of the gunpla's shell. Though they carried weapons Zane was sure they were inactive due to the city's limitations put in place.

The pair however quickly got out of the Reaper's way as Kayley passed, the optics hidden beneath the weathered cowl flashing dangerously at the two. "So what are you looking for?"

"I'm site seeing."

"You can do that in the air."

"But being down here I have a better view of the other gunplas. I enjoy the different designs and styles of work."

The Reaper Gundam looked to sulk a bit, if that was even possible. "Whatever," was Kayley's only response. "So where is Zeta boy and that jerk Writ?"

"Continuing Corbin's training in 'the art of gunpla battling', as he put it. For now its control and coordination in watery environments."

"So they're at the beach then?"

"Yep." He zoomed in on an AGE-01 Razor. The basic black and white color scheme wasn't anything big but matched with the clear red blades instead of green was interesting to look at.

"So let's go there then. I'm sure what you're looking for would be there."

"You just want to go there and start trouble."


Zane just sighed.


Josh left the houseware store, a tired sigh escaping him. Right hand rubbed at his eyes and temple. He was in need of some coffee. It was still too early in the morning for this detective crap he was doing, but he promised Chichi he'd look into what happened with Goku. So far the employees that were there now weren't there during the shift that Goku would have been at the mall, and the shift change wouldn't happen for another few hours. He still had to go back and open the shop for the day, though Josh was sure Writ would understand if he explained the circumstances.

Still early in the morning, the mall was slowly building a crowd. It was the weekend so things were bound to get lively after a while. Especially by the local model store. School was out for the summer and kids were wanting to see or buy new gunpla. And those with their own machines would want to fight. Writ's place wasn't bad, just far and out of the way, so it comes as no surprise when people prefer to go to the one that wasn't a hassle to get to.

That got Josh thinking as he moved to the guard rail that over looked the ground floor from the second. He could see it just to the right and on down past a few other stores. Looking to the escalator, it wasn't too far either. If Goku was to head to the houseware store, he'd have to pass the model store in order to get to the escalator. Josh liked the guy and even showed him a few moves he uses on the job when having to deal with certain unruly individuals, but God help the man he could get distracted easily. Especially if there was an interesting battle taking place.

With a new target of interest acquired Josh moved down to the first floor, eyes locked firmly on the model store. The security gate was up and already a small crowd was inside. The neon sign of 'Crazy Hobbies' flashed in a rainbow of colors with a red remote racecar running beneath it, a neon white design of smoke pluming behind it. The store owner was a nice family man, and had no interest in competing with Writ. Writ himself even battled here from time to time, but mostly when he was low on particles for his own machine . Thinking on it, if Josh was correct, this was the place he and Corbin had first met.

The owner in question was at the counter now checking out a customer that Josh had seen from time to time. Christopher Dovel if he remembered correctly. Something about the guy rubbed Josh the wrong way at times when he saw him, but he was a beast of a fighter with his Extreme Gundam Type Leos. Maybe it was because he seemed like a different person when he battled? Josh had noted that he acted different when his Type Leos used one of its different forms/packs in battle.

The rotund individual got his goods and left, pausing as he noticed Josh. "Yo, Officer Bailey!" he shouted, though it wasn't necessary considering they were within decent hearing range of one another. He never referred to Josh by his name in a casual sense. He always called him out as a police officer. Especially in public. "What brings you to this end of town?"

Josh gave a casual glance around, seeing a number of regulars that frequented this store and Writ's own. "I guess you could say I'm investigating." He did notice to the side though one unfamiliar person. A young woman, probably 17 with black hair with a single bit of her bangs dyed red. As she looked around, he took stock of her blues eyes, dark as ocean waters. What stood out though was the black sailor fuku she wore with sneakers and a letterman jacket with the sleeves rolled up. Along with that just some plane sneakers and fingerless gloves. Is that still a thing in todays fashion? He mused.

Christopher followed his gaze. "Investigating younger women?" he asked. "As a cop you should know that is illegal."

Josh gave a subtle glare. "Nothing like that. Chichi is worried about something that may have happened to her husband yesterday evening and I'm seeing what might have occurred."

"That Goku guy, right?"


"So why are you scoping her out?"

"Because she stands out."

"How so? Looks cute, no doubt about that."

"That uniform doesn't belong to any school in these parts."

"And you know that how?"

"As you so pointed out, I'm a cop. It's my job to notice things. And I noticed that uniform doesn't belong to any of the schools in this area or the next. That plus her obvious Japanese heritage."

Christopher gave a shrug and proceeded out the store. "Whatever. Man now I've got a craving for some Chinese or something."

Josh watched the young man of 21 move on before proceeding to the counter, but not before giving the girl one last glance. She looked irritated and bored at the same time. Shifting from one foot to the next, he guessed she was waiting for someone.

The store owner, Michael Dart, noticed Josh's approach and smiled in greeting. "Good morning! How may I help you?" He squinted slightly before realization hit him. "Oh! Joshua Bailey, right? Friend of Writ's?" Josh gave a nod. "Welcome! What brings you here?"

Josh leaned onto the counter. "Business unfortunately. You know Goku, right? Muscled guy with wild hair?"

"Yes, of course," Michael said with a single nod. Hard to miss that fellow really. Never seemed down about anything and always carried a smile on his face. The world could stand to have more people like him around. "Actually saw him yesterday."

Josh nodded. He had a lead. "Good. Did anything funny happen when he was around?"

"Nothing much. Though there was a bit of a fuss just as he came in."

Josh frowned. "A fuss?"

Michael nodded in a direction past Josh. Looking back to see what the friendly store owner was getting at Josh took notice of the teen girl from earlier, still looking irritated as before. "That girl got into a bit of a gunpla battle with some other girls. Two on one and it just wasn't in her favor. Goku saw the fight and found it to be a bit unfair so he jumped in."

Must have been one hell of a fight, Josh thought as he turned away from her. But Goku is the type of guy who wouldn't let an unfair fight slip him by. They must have been really giving that poor girl hell. Bullies maybe? "What was the battle setting?"

Michael closed his eyes and shook his head. "It was set to A. That poor girl's gunpla was getting thrashed. Goku stepped in like I said and gave a hand, evening the fight but when that third fighter jumped in it was over."

A third fighter? "So it was an unfair fight from the start."

"There was something oddly familiar about her too. Can't place it." Michael scratched his head about it. "It's been bugging me too."

Josh gave a nod of understanding. How many times had he seen someone or something that spark a memory, but just couldn't place it? Just about everyone had one once in a while. Wouldn't be human if you didn't. "What happened afterwards?"

"Not sure. After the battle the three left and it was just Goku and that girl. They exchanged a few words, both looking determined about something. Next thing you know, Goku bolts out in a hurry."

Josh looked back to the girl. "Thanks for your help."

"Hey, is everything okay with Goku? I mean it was just a gunpla battle, no reason to get the cops involved."

"Its nothing like that. His wife just wanted me to look into since he came home a little… off than usual. Just going to ask her some questions is all."

The irritated girl noticed Josh's approach and she looked to stand on edge. She had a good straight open path to the exit if she were to run. No, not run. She looked anxious for a fight. That was the last thing Josh needed right now. It was his day off for Christ's sake. As she turned to regard him she revealed the gunpla carrying case on left side. She was prepared for a gunpla battle at least. Or just preferred to carry it around. Those that didn't tend to battle would carry one with a gunpla for more of a fashion sense. Could show it off to other if they asked. It did tend to be a good discussion starter. But her look said it wasn't for fashion. Her irritation, her stance… she was waiting for a fight to happen.

"Excuse me."

The girl's eyes narrowed as Josh retrieved his badge, showing it to her. She took one glance at the gold shield and her frown seemed to deepen. "I'm not doing anything wrong," she stated, crossing her arms.

"Didn't say you did," Josh said as he pocketed his badge in his back pocket. "I'm here at a request for a friend of mine."

"That Goku guy, right?"

"Yea, him." Josh folded his arms, back straightening slightly. Her height put her just below his chin she he had to tilt his head down a little to look her in the eyes. "I'm here about the battle that happened yesterday."

"So he isn't showing up?"

Josh blinked. Goku was suppose to come back? "Last I heard he was preoccupied. I came here…"

The girl huffed, looking away with a look of… disappointment? "Figures. Just when I needed help. Instead he sends a cop." She looked down at his carrying case, the disappointment in her expression lessoning, but not much. "Guess you'll have to do." She looked to the exit of the store. "Because they're here."

Josh followed her gaze, the morning sun beaming light through a window from the ceiling and off the reflective surface of a kiosk, intensifying the beam of light behind two figures that stood at the entrance. Josh heard the clack of a heeled boot hit the tile floor, and the slam of the tip of a kendo sword as it hit the same tile. A girl with long dark hair and near matching eyes to the girl Josh was speaking with stood in an authoritative stance. She wore an all white uniform, again different from any school uniform Josh was familiar with. It looked almost military; navy perhaps in its design. Beside her though was a girl in completely opposite attire. She screamed pink lolita with a large amount of blonde hair in twin pig tails that framed a pink bow in the center of her hair while carrying a pink parasol. She wore pink platform shoes that gave her little more than an inch and a half of height, still putting her just an inch shorter than her companion. She was though at the same height as the girl who stood at Josh's side.

"Ryuko," spoke the girl in white, a slight stare that said 'you're beneath me' beaming from her towards the girl.

The now identified Ryuko growled at the girl. Josh could almost hear her teeth gnashing together. "Satsuki," Ryuko responded, her glare just as fierce. Her eyes looked to the pink lolita. "Nui."

"Hi!" the identified Nui shouted, rocking on her heels slightly.

Satsuki looked about the open room of the store before focusing on Ryuko. "I do not see your new friend, Ryuko. Abandoned you has he?"

"Excuse me," Josh said finally stepping forward. "If you're referring to my friend Goku, he's currently tied up at the moment…"

"And who is this, Ryuko?" Satsuki asked, completely dismissing Josh all together. Even ignoring the slightly perturbed look he had when she blatantly ignored him. "A replacement for our fight?"

"Now wait just…"

"I don't need help to face you," Ryuko spoke, interrupting Josh. "If its just us, you don't stand a chance, but you always have to drag Nui into our battles."

Nui hopped up once, shifting to stand on one foot in a cutely manner, head tilting to the side. "But its so much fun!"

"What will it be, Ryuko?" Satsuki asked as she spared a look in Josh's direction. "Fair or unfair you will loose." Josh watched her eye him from head to toe, and the look she gave said she wasn't impressed. "The other one, Goku was it? He looked like a capable fighter. This one…" She cut herself short when Josh's shadow looked to envelope her.

Josh was raised in a family that beat respect into their kids. You show it to your elders, no matter who they were. Yea, Josh was in his mid twenties, but he was a grown man. He had a home, a family of his own, and a good paying job. He hopes to instill his teachings and mannerisms to his son as he gets older. So when a girl who looked no older than seventeen was badmouthing him right in his face with a haughty attitude that made her think she's 'holier than thou,' well that was bound to set him off. And she was trying to talk down his physique? He prided himself in keeping in good shape. Got to with the gear a cop has to wear when on the job. The belt an officer wears carries everything he just about needs and it wasn't light.

"Two on two," Josh said, shoulders leveled and an aura that shouted 'do no speak unless spoken to'. "Ryuko and myself against you two. I'll be filling in for Goku." He leaned slightly closer. "Battle damage set to A." He didn't give her a chance to respond. He turned and walked back inside the store and towards the back where the simulator was held. He didn't bother looking in Ryuko's direction as he passed the awe struck girl. "You coming." He turned his head slightly, a resounding pop echoing from his neck. "Need to kick the dust off my wings."


Sammy greedily dug into a bowl of steamy ramen. His payment for helping in Corbin's little water training. The young man along with Writ and Lala sat at a small noodle shop that was set up along with other small concessions. He was already digging through his second bowl and didn't look to be slowing down, while Writ was finishing his first and only one. Lala just stare at Sammy in surprise.

"Where does 'e put it all?" she asked, looking at the boy down every drop of juice in the empty bowl.

Sammy looked ready to ask for another, holding the bowl to the cook but Writ held it back. "Nah. Two was the agreed amount, Sammy."

"Awe man," Sammy mumbled sadly.

"You need to eat more than just ramen anyway," Writ said, pushing his bowl away and digging for his wallet. "Too much salt for a kid your age."

"Eh, I'll be fine," Sammy remarked hopping down from his seat. He stretched up to the sky, fingers locked. "Well, I guess I'm going to go look for a battle." He looked to Writ as he climbed off his seat. "You have any plans?"

"Probably head back into the city and see what Corbin is up to," Writ answered as he left money for the food and a tip.

Lala gave a smirk. "How 'bout we 'eave the lad alone 'or a bit," she said, putting an arm over Writ's shoulder. "Let 'im have a bit o' fun. Mia's wit' 'im so he should be fine."

Sammy blinked, confused as to what Lala was talking about but Writ arched a brow. "Is she now."


Corbin's Bawoo Gundam still felt a bit off, and so he paused his machine in mid step to shake its leg. Simulated ocean water flicked out from various parts of his machine. Even after leaving the beach minutes ago his machine still felt like it was unbalanced. He had to give credit to the simulation. Sometimes it felt annoyingly too real at times. A giggle from the screen to his right had him look over to Mia, the girl hiding her mouth as she giggled at his antics. That itself was annoyingly cute to the young man. Her Lamia Gundam slithered over, helping to keep his machine balanced as he continued to shake some of the water out.

"Thanks," replied Corbin as he settled his machine back in step. After his 'training' was finished Writ, Lala, and that Sharky kid took off to get some brunch. Corbin just wanted some alone time but Mia said she would accompany him around the city. Considering Mia had tortured him in any fashion yet, or picked a fight with anyone and dragged him into it, he was happy to let her accompany him.

"No trouble at all," Mia said, a hand moving up and brushing some of hair aside. Surprisingly enough her machine followed the same motion, though there wasn't any loose synthetic strands to brush away. Once the others had left, Mia said she had a place where they could relax for a bit and get a good view of the city. Who was Corbin to turn down the offer for something that didn't make him look entirely like a gunpla battler novice. "So, this Bawoo Gundam is the prize you won from your fight yesterday?" Writ had told her of the battle after they had left the city simulation. That the man who had been harassing both her and Lala had challenged the two to a fight, with another stranger taking up for their third man in the three on three match. Writ had managed to get a copy of the fight and had sent it to her, though she hadn't watched it yet.

Corbin nodded as the Bawoo Gundam walked down the sidewalk, the Lamia Gundam keeping at his side. There were a few other gunplas around, the simulated sun started to dip in the distance. Still a good bit of time before sundown though. "Writ and Zane more or less won the fight. I merely stayed on my feet as long as I could."

"I'm sure you did well," Mia said, her machine inched further ahead and turning to look to his. "You've had prior combat before so it couldn't have been too difficult."

Corbin shook his head as he again lined himself next to Mia's machine. "There's a much larger gap than I imagined when it comes to simulation enemies and real ones. Corbin showed me that in our first meeting." They stopped at a corner, Corbin looking both ways for traffic. It was really out of habit to be honest. He wasn't expecting a car to come riding by with gunpla inside. Though the image of a convertible with its top down and four differently designed Nobel Gundams came to mind. Crossing the street and passing some custom colored GMs, Corbin noticed the high wall to their side. Further down he spotted and open metal gate. "What's this place?" he asked himself, though Mia caught on.

"This is where I wanted you to come!" she all but cheered as she slithered (hovered?) past him and through the gates.

Corbin slowly followed, not entirely as enthused as Mia was. When his machine rounded the corner, he stopped and looked on at the massive building that had been hidden by the high wall. He'd seen enough anime to recognize a school when he saw one, and this one matched the typical type you'd see. Long open yard that would lead to main front door, rows of cherry blossom trees on either side with pink petals littering the ground. Other gunpla were scattered among the quad, some moving about and minding their own business, others conversing with one another. A Gouf and a Zaku II stood by a tree, the Gouf leaning against the trunk as the two seemed to be in some private chat. Corbin still thought the whole thing was weird. His thoughts were interrupted though when Mia's machine pulled his along the pavement to the front door.

Entering the building, Corbin couldn't help but frown. "Mia, the whole point of summer vacation is to get away from school. Not to go back into it."

"I know, but doesn't it seem like an entirely different world when your not in class?" she asked as her machine looked back at him, her smiling image on the small screen to the side showing her enthusiasm. "Its like a meeting place for the young minds to just hang out when there isn't a teacher looming over you. And its not just the school either. Many of the buildings in the city can be entered and interacted with. She paused suddenly and with a deepening of her voice tried to give her best Meijin Kawaguchi impersonation. "Gunpla is freedom!" For some reason, she added the signature Sailor Moon pose.

"I seriously doubt he had this kind of freedom in mind," Corbin replied, though he couldn't stop himself from smiling at Mia's antics.

Again the Lamia Gundam dragged along the Bawoo Gundam up through the school, taking the stairs with Mia replying 'its just like in the anime'. Which one he didn't have a clue, though considering most Japanese styled schools in anime tended to have stair cases that stretched to each floor it could have been any anime. More than likely it was one of those 'slice of life' types. Mia looked like the girl who would watch those gushy anime's about high school life antics and romances.

Some of the rooms and halls they passed were empty. Some had a few occupants, two to three at the most. Occasionally you'd see one gunpla lounging by a window, staring out into nothing. That type tended to worry Corbin before he remembered this whole thing was a simulation. Did make him wonder about the fighter behind the gunpla though.

Reaching the last door, Mia pushed it open to reveal the roof of the school. "We're here!" she cried, her gunpla's arms shooting to the air in victory.

Corbin smiled and shook his head. Taking a moment to look around he saw they weren't alone. Some others seemed to have had the same thought as Mia and again groups of two to three were seen, though Corbin noted there were more groups of two littering the roof. Checking the chronometer he saw the time was getting later in the simulated world and the sun was quickly setting for the night. Again Mia tugged his machine over to the edge, guard fence preventing them from pushing their machine over the side. And she had been right. It was a good view. From the beach to the school was a fare hike for their machines, considering the area was a no fly zone. Had to travel up a hill to a secluded district that was more than likely modeled after a real location in Japan. The school itself sat pretty much at the top with a few local structures that acted as stores and homes. If it had been real, the area would have been filled with people on the sidewalks with slow moving vehicles on the streets. But being on top of the school gave Corbin a good view of the beach they had previously visited, and on from there was the city. With it getting darker, lights began to activate through the city, illuminating the darkness.

But that setting sun painted a pretty picture that Corbin never took the time to try and see outside the simulator. Back in the real world.

"Told you the view was nice," Mia said, breaking the serene silence. She shifted her machine to rest its hands on the guard rail. "I always like coming up here to watch this. Never really have anyone to join me though."

Corbin glanced at both her and her machine. "You seem pretty tight with Writ and Lala. They don't join you?"

Mia shook her head. "Mr. Butler is busy. And like him Lala lives pretty far away." She twiddled her thumbs a little before putting the tips of her index fingers together.

"Friends from school then?"

Mia shook her head. "I'm mostly home schooled. What friends I do make are usually online or here on these events. Some of those friends were suppose to show but I haven't seen them except Lala." She bit her lip, worried about what Corbin may be thinking about her at that moment. However a simple ping on her dash alerted her to a message. Looking up she saw contact information sent from the very young man who stood his machine next to hers.

"I guess if you want, that's my contact info," he said, looking forward and avoiding eye contact with the girl on the screen. He'd never given a girl his info before so he was trying very hard to hide the blush that crept up on him. "I'll be leaving at the end of the weekend but if you want to keep in touch…" he stopped when a similar ping that Mia received came to his console. It was Mia's own information. He swallowed a lump that had formed and saved the info to his GP base.

"I'd like to keep in contact," Mia said.

Corbin tried to keep calm but the whole situation made him shake slightly. Why couldn't this be a real date? He thought, then blinked. Wait was this a date? He couldn't think too much on it as a late warning from his machine came just as a pink energy wrapped around his machine, his gunpla forcefully yanked back from the Lamia, Mia and her machine quickly turning as Corbin was pulled away. He forcefully drove his gunpla's fist into the floor of the roof, anchoring himself down as a shadow came over his machine. Looking over his machine he noticed it was some kind of energy ribbon, much similar to the one used by the Nobel Gundam or Master Gundam… no it looked more like a netting. Like a web.

Yanked up, his machine was quickly wrapped up more and more into the energy webbing. His view was turned upside down before getting a view of what he thought was a mobile armor. A large lower half resembling a spider stood on eight legs, majority of it painted black and purple. The upper body was custom made though it looked to be built from a GN Archer. The head was sharply angled, much like a mix of a Gundam Astray and Gundam Harute, though it lacked the pivotal red chin piece. Eight optics glowed red as it stared down at him.

"Rachel!" Mia cried. Though Corbin wasn't sure if it was in fright or joy.

The owner of the machine laughed haughtily. "Well, well, well Mia," the pilot now identified as Rachel scurried around Mia's gunpla, dragging Corbin's around like the catch of the day. "So sorry it took me so long to get here but traffic was murder." She hauled up his gunpla to a higher level. "I hope I didn't interrupt anything." You could just picture the smile on her face. She was enjoying this. "And just who is this darling person?"


Inside the derelict colony environment, Ryuko's Gundam Age Spallow stood quietly waiting for her 'partner'. There wasn't much deviation from the standard build of the gunpla, with it only being primarily black with red and gold accents. In its left hand, held in a reverse grip was one half of a gunpla scissor sword. The entire blade was colored blood red with a nice sheen to it. With a little touch of anti-beam coating to help in defense against beam weapons. Like her opponents she preferred up and close than long range, so she wasn't worried about being shot at as she stood proudly on a hill just on the outskirts of the city. She just wondered what her 'partner' preferred. She knew nothing of the man and his style of combat. For all she new he was a terrible fighter.

"That would be my luck," Ryuko mumbled, left finger tapping on her haptic controls. "At least that Goku guy could fight." And boy did he. She'd never seen anyone use a Shinning Gundam like she had seen. Goku was able to stand toe to toe with Satsuki and that was no easy feat. She herself had matched her from time to time but she was better with a blade than she was. Goku though would have brought a sure victory though. "If only SHE hadn't interfered I would have won." That WOMAN just jumped in and took her out of the fight, leaving Goku at the mercy of the three. He held out as best as he could but in the end he lost.

Wasn't long after she thought of that woman did she notice the enemy approaching on her radar, and looked to see Satsuki's Nobel Gundam Junketsu on high approach alongside Nui's pink Farsia, purple scissor blade in one hand and closed parasol in the other. Ryuko readied her Spallow Senketsu, scissor blade held in both hands and ready for the strike.

"Look Satsuki!" called Nui, bright smile still on her face. "Looks like Ryuko's new partner hasn't arrived yet." She would gladly admit she didn't find the man interesting the least. He looked… plain. Boring. No where near as playful as the monkey guy from the day before. He was so eager for the fight… it was just exciting!

Satsuki just frowned. "I'm sure he'll show. Go play with Ryuko till he arrives."

"Yes ma'am!" Nui beamed, her Farsia performing a elegant curtsy.

Satsuki and her Junketsu halted, hovering in the air as Nui rushed off to meet with Ryuko, her laughing echoing over the open comm channel. Her charge was halted though as a sword came hurtling down from the sky, stabbing the ground just between Nui and Ryuko. Both scissor blade wielding girls looked up in mild surprise. Satsuki however simply arched a brow and looked up into the thin swirling clouds above as Josh's gunpla began to descend towards them. "Destiny," Satsuki murmured, watching the alternate colored machine slowly come down from on high, arms folded with a gleam of its optics as if it was passing judgement.

"Started out on the other side of the colony," Josh told Ryuko as his image popped up at her side. She sent him an annoyed glare in return. "So who gets to fight who?"

Landing gently next to the sword, Josh's Destiny Gundam Karasu drew the blade from the dirt. Seeming to be a running theme with gunpla these days, its primary color was black with traces of purple, red and yellow along its form. Both the anti ship sword and long range cannon were removed, leaving its only armament the sword it took up, the scabbard clipped to the left armor skirt. Green optics were aimed directly at Satsuki's Junketsu.

Ryuko marched up next to Josh's Karasu. She eyed his machine with a skeptic glance before saying, "Hope you can fight." She wasn't just trading banter. She really did hope he could fight. If that machine was just for show he was going to be in for a rude awakening.

Josh said nothing. It wasn't till he actually uploaded his machine and its combat data into the simulator that he thought this was stupid. Being an adult he should have been above letting his emotions get pulled and yanked by the rudeness of some kid. Though he really wanted to wipe that obnoxious look off her face. Was that so wrong?

The Karasu, at Josh's simple commands, gave the blade a simple twirl before resting the tip at the entrance of the sheath. Slowly he sheathed the blade, the sound of metal rubbing against metal echoing around them in the silent environment. A loud click signaled the blade to be completely enveloped in its sheath, and Nui took it as her queue to continue her attack. Of course her target wasn't Josh. She simply veered to the side sharply before correcting her course for Ryuko, the two clashing their personal scissor blades, Nui pushing Ryuko back so to give them a bit more room to fight. Josh didn't even flinch. His crosshairs were focused solely on the white MS that brandish its own sword.

Ryuko ducked below Nui's swipe followed by a quick reversal to avoid the parasol, the tip igniting a short beam blade. Nui laughed as she continued to try and stab at her machine, but Ryuko kept pace in dodging, pausing briefly to block Nui's scissor blade with her own. Pushing the weapon aside she came in with a right fist. Nui though elegantly rolled around the attack, the heel of her machine's foot landing a blow in the Age Spallow Senketsu's side. She rolled down the hill towards the city but stopped herself, falling into a kneeling position. She fired the needle gun built into the knee, red darts soaring towards Nui's Farsia, but the girl simply giggled and spun the parasol, the darts bouncing off harmlessly.

The Farsia planted the tip of its scissor blade into the dirt and rest the parasol on its shoulder. "Same tricks, eh Ryuko?" Nui asked, sounding disappointed. And she was. Ryuko had used a similar tactic in the last fight and it had the same effect. Nothing.

"Not really," Ryuko remarked with a grin as she hit a command on her controls. The darts she had fired from the needle gun weren't simple darts. They were explosive.

And Nui found this out as the various darts that littered the ground around her began to explode. She squealed in surprise, vision obscured by the growing dust cloud. But it was short lived as Ryuko came through the cloud, her blade bashing aside the parasol Nui used as a shield, and quickly followed up with a spinning kick to the Farsia's side. She rolled once but was back on her feet in no time and backing up into the city. Ryuko didn't waste any more time and chased after her, though she spared a glance at Josh and Satsuki. Neither of them had moved, and were just standing there, though both were posed to draw their sword. Definitely different than Goku. He had jumped into their fight with no regard.

Josh for his part was not one to just rush in. He kept his heart rate at a normal level and relaxed his hold on the controls. He was waiting for her to make the first move, and he was sure she was doing the same. She was carrying a practice sword earlier, he thought. Maybe she really does know how to swing a sword. He would never admit to being a professional swordsman, though if given the chance he would definitely take classes. No his skills were self taught with a bit of practice with Writ, and lesser occasions with Adam. Writ was better though, and had an aggressive side to him. Adam was more reserved and preferred the enemy to make the first move like himself. So you could imagine the stand off taking more than ten minutes. It was agonizing. This Satsuki person though seemed confident in her skills. The way she lazily had her machine standing in place with its hand resting on the pommel of her katana. She wasn't taking him seriously. That gave him a bit of advantage.

Satsuki huffed. She was bored. Goku had rushed in, happy to engage in a fight with her but this Josh person simply stood his ground, ready for the first strike to come his way. His choice of machine was interesting though. If he was one to use close combat as his choice for a battle, why use the Destiny Gundam? Yes the machine was used by a reckless fool in the series who at a number of times like to move in close for his attacks, but the machine was made for much more than that. Perhaps it was the use the machine's Voiture Lumiere Propulsion System. It still housed its Flash-Edge beam boomerangs, so there was that. It would give him a bit of an edge in distance. She hated those weapons. Unpractical and nothing but a gimmick in her opinion. Would he still have the Palma Fiocina palm beam cannons? Even she had to admit they had their uses.

A chain of explosions drew her attention for a fraction of a second. The city was lit ablaze by Ryuko, who continued to fire her exploding darts at Nui. The pink lolita and her Farsia pranced from building to building, dodging the darts with the elegance of a ballerina. Satsuki could only imagine the utter annoyance Ryuko felt and just couldn't stop herself from smiling.

"You should be focusing on me."

Satsuki blinked. How did he… Her thought process stopped when she noticed a brief flash in front of her, and commanded her machine to back away, Josh's Destiny Karasu standing in the former spot her machine had once stood, sword drawn in a one handed stroke. He's faster than I predicted. Josh moved once more, wings flared out with lights and particles exiting the vernier jets. Taking his sword in both hands Josh pushed his machine towards Satsuki, swinging horizontally to cleave her machine in two at the hip. She smirked and brought her weapon around to block his attack, though she wasn't prepared for the force of the blow, knocking her weapon back and leaving her open for a kick that sent her plummeting towards the city. Rear and skirt thrusters slowed her fall and allowed her to skim the ground as Josh flew overhead. His blade reversed in both hands, he dropped like a boulder, intending to stab her machine into the ground. With a growl Satsuki's Nobel Junketsu dodged the attack, the blade piercing the concrete.

Her heart racing, Satsuki flipped her machine onto its feet and prepared her sword for the next attack. But Josh was moving slow, standing his machine up and draw his own sword from the ground. She would not be distracted again. In that brief skirmish that lasted a mere five seconds, Josh had proven to be a bigger threat than she had originally perceived. Looking at him closer, she noticed the build looked a bit sleeker. Less armor? A real type build? With the weapons removed and less armor, plus a some minor adjustments to the machines speed and power output she was sure he had made his machine optimal for speed and power while diminishing his defense. Almost no different than her own build and its design. A kindred spirit perhaps? she thought. His attacks were fast and powerful, showing he wanted to end the fight as quickly as possible. Her defense though showed she could match his speed. Unless he had another trick she wasn't aware of yet. And with the variety of other weapons she could easily gleam from his machine she was sure he had some.

Josh sheathed his blade once more and returned to a ready stance. She's better than I thought, Josh thought as he studied the girl, who held her blade at a horizontal level with her machine's head. She would have to be to beat Goku. But from what he was told there had been a third player that had joined the fight. The third person may have been the better of this group of three. Maybe if he could deal with this one he could get some answers to this other unknown who pulled an unfair win on Goku and Ryuko. Thinking on the girl he glanced to see her AGE Spallow trade blows with the Farsia. Shew as too angry and head strong. The pink lolita was just toying with her now that she had used her trump card. He assumed it was her trump card at least. He barely knew the girl and how she fought. If she didn't stop to think on her next move she was going to loose this fight.

Tapping into the comm channel, Josh said, "Hey kid."

"Don't call me that!" Ryuko shouted, followed by an annoyed growl as she again slashed at the Farsia, only to miss and simply cleave a large gash into the side of a building. "What do you want?"

"Think you can push her this way?"

"Maybe, why?"

"We need to switch opponents. You're not getting anywhere with her."

"What, is Satsuki too much for you?"

"Hardly. It's called strategy. Get her over here while I'm fighting the white one. When I give you the signal, we switch targets. The sudden change in tactics will throw them off and leave them open, but only for a second."

Ryuko blinked, mulling the plan over in her head as she stopped in her chase after Nui's Farsia. It did sound good. Plus it would give her a shot at Satsuki. She really couldn't argue with that logic. "Fine," she said as she continued the fight with Nui, the Farsia blocking a swing from her scissor blade. She fired two darts to the side, forcing Nui to move in the path of both Josh and Satsuki.

Wings flared, Josh pushed forward and drew his sword. Satsuki was ready for him and charged in as well, synthetic black hair trailing behind her machine. She brought her blade down at an angle to block his sword. Taking the initiative Satsuki came in with another angled strike, but Josh pushed away, the blade missing by inches. She closed the distance to stab at the cockpit, but Josh's Destiny parried the attack, annihilating the gap between them with a shoulder rush.

Josh looked seeing Ryuko was close by, but still not enough for them to switch targets. Again closing the distance he brought his sword up in a low angle, Satsuki's block pushing her back towards Ryuko and Nui. Good. They were closer now. Firing the head mounted CIWS forced her to move some more, the shots straying off and tearing through a building behind her last location. He was sure that was going to irritate her, but he didn't care. Ryuko did the same, firing another explosive dart that pushed Nui closer.


Josh jumped up, his image looking to come down on Satsuki with an overhead attack, but the second she moved to block Josh completely passed over her. Looking over her machine's shoulder, she was surprised to see Ryuko moving around Nui, her Spallow Senketsu rushing towards her with her blade aimed at her back. Nui's Farsia looked to follow, but stopped as she took notice of the looming shadow of the Destiny Karasu. She brought both her weapons up to block the blow, her machine jolting heavily from the blow and sent hurtling backwards into a building.

Satsuki though with one hand swing her blade around, knocking Ryuko's aside but the girl continued onward, shoulder slamming into the side of the Nobel Junketsu. The two impacted into the ground, the street ripped apart from their bout. As Spallow Senketsu and Nobel Junketsu climbed to their feet, Ryuko took the advantage, free hand taking the synthetic hair of Satsuki's machine and held her machine in place as her machine slammed its forehead into other.

Ryuko grinned as she stood over Satsuki's machine. "Not so high and mighty now, are you sis."

Josh paused in his advance towards Nui. He turned back, his machine locking onto both Satsuki and Ryuko's machines. "Wait, she's your sister?"

The Age Senketsu leapt back from a swing of the Nobel Junketsu's katana. Ryuko's landing dug her heels into the street, twin trenches gouging the concrete till she stopped some meters away. "Yea. Nui too. She's the youngest." A burst from her rear thrusters shot her forward, her blade clashing with Satsuki's.

The Destiny Karasu turned back to the Farsia, the pink machine prying itself out of the building. "I'm stuck in the middle of a family feud." Saying it out loud made it all the worse. "If they're your… who's the oldest?"

"Satsuki is!" Ryuko shouted ducking from another strike.

So if the sisters teamed up against both Ryuko and Goku… The Farsia charged forward, scissor blade coming down to cleave his machine from shoulder to hip. He met it with his katana, a resounding clang echoing from the blow. Nui wasted no time and drove her parasol forward, the beam blade igniting from the tip. But Josh activated the palm beam cannon in the right hand, the beam blade stopped into the palm of the Destiny Karasu. The two opposing beams clashed, the Destiny Karasu's fingers closing down onto the parasol and crushing it. Nui retreated back and tossed the useless parasol aside. Then who was the third person?

The Spallow Senketsu skid to Josh's side, stopping with the scissor blade held to the front. Giving a short glance Josh could see the amount of damage Ryuko's machine had taken throughout her fight with Nui and Satsuki. Various slashes covered the frame with a few fractures lining the left arm and leg. Left half of the head crest was bent with it sinking slightly into a dent. No doubt from the unorthodox head-butt she delivered earlier. Glancing at the right hand of his own machine, Josh could see the beam emitter was ruined from his block of Nui's own beam weapon. The hand was functional but wouldn't be able to fire a again. He wouldn't lie and say he was coming out of this without his own scratches. Nui's machine was sporting a few blemishes and soot from the explosion of Ryuko's darts. Other than that her machine was looking far better than Ryuko's. Rear camera gave him a view of Satsuki, the girl preparing her machine for the next attack. Seemed between him and Ryuko she got some work to do on her gunpla when everything was said and done.

Nui was a little miffed about loosing her parasol but she wouldn't lie and say she wasn't having any fun. Ryuko was beginning to become a bore but this Josh guy was spicing the fight up. His use of the palm beam cannon to stop her blade was a surprise. She hadn't expected that. And the fact the hand was still functional showed he was well diverse in the maintenance of his gunpla. Being a professional builder herself she could see fine craftsmanship when she saw it and thought it appeared to be a straight build with a different paint job, she could see otherwise. He took pride in his work. And time too. "Having fun, Satsuki?"

"Thrilled," was Satsuki's reply, keeping her answer short and too the point so she could focus on the fight. Though her main target was the Destiny, Ryuko's Spallow would be in the way. This man had skill, which was surprising because he lacked the appearance of someone who could use a blade. This town they had traveled to had some surprising characters to fight with. First that Goku person now this Josh fellow. It was foolish of her to simply brush him off as some Neanderthal who thought he could just swing a sword and call it skill. He's fought before, perhaps on a professional level. She would know though if he had fought in the world tournament. A Destiny of that look and style of fighting wouldn't be missed so easily be her.

"So you girls ready to answer some questions?" Josh asked over an open channel, getting the full attention of the three girls.

"What are you doing?" Ryuko asked. "We've got to keep up the pressure, or we'll loose this."

Josh gave her a look. "I didn't come here to pick fights and beat up little girls," he answered back before looking to the other two sisters on his screen. "Granted yes I just laid a beating on your gunplas but that's entirely different."

"What is your question?" Satsuki asked.

"What is this whole mess about?"

"It's a family issue," was her only answer, nose lifted higher as if she was still superior to Josh. "If you didn't want to get involved you should have just stayed out of it."

The Destiny Karasu shifted slightly, the head turning to send a glare towards Satsuki's gunpla. "My friend got involved in this same little spat between you girls and now he's acting out of the ordinary. You will answer my questions as to what went down. NOW."

Satsuki sneered. "You have no say in any of this." He machined pushed off, heels digging into the street as she prepared to stab the Destiny in the back, but Ryuko got in her path, her scissor blade slapping aside Satsuki's katana. "Get out of the way, Ryuko!" She blocked the scissor blade as it came down intending to take her arm in half.

Josh turned his gunpla to face the fight behind him, but had to turn his attention back to Nui as she charged towards him. He bashed her blade aside, free but damaged hand swinging around and basically slapping her Farsia into a building. He sheathed his sword quickly and moved in, pinning the Farsia into the building. He gave a growl. "Think I might be getting too old for this…" he grumbled.

To Be Continued…

Okay, I ended it a bit sooner than I thought I would, but the reason was that I felt it would get a bit stagnant if I drew it out any longer. That and at the rate I'm going I'm eventually stepping into certain territories that eventually lead into my other fic, Eyes in Seed and the eventual sequel, Seed Destiny Reborn. And I'm not going to lie. If you haven't guessed yet Adam is back in the reality of GBF, but isn't making an appearance. Which means that the events of Seed have ended, so you can see why I'm kinda stretching this out and holding off till I play catch up. And certain things will be revealed like Adam's ties to Writ and his crew. But that won't mean this story ends. Corbin is still kinda the main character and as such still has a journey to follow to better himself as a battler.

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