I didn't really write anything for Valentine's Day, but instead of writing for my usual fandom, Fairy Tail, I decided to spread the love to Yona Of The Dawn.

*Note: This takes place when they're children.*

Disclaimer: I do not own Akatsuki no Yona - err - Yona Of The Dawn. Whichever you prefer.

It was a beautiful Valentine's Day in the kingdom, with pink, white, and red streamers strung across the castle, and heart-shaped posters on nearly every wall, courtesy a certain crimson-haired princess. It was a spectacular sight.

However, it was also the day in which couples spend their time on romantic getaways and the kids are stuck together in a room with nothing to do.

And that's how Yona, Hak, and Su-Won's Valentine's Day had been so far: stuck in an empty room with absolutely nothing to do but stare out the window at the disgustingly lovey dovey couples.

"Su-Won! We should play a game!" Yona falls to the ground nonchalantly. "I'm so bored!"

Her cousin puts his fingers upon his temples in what looks like to Hak, a thinking state of mind.

"I know what we can do! Let's see if..."

Hak chooses to drown out the rest of his dear friend's words in favor of just looking out the window. To be truthful, Hak was kind of... sort of jealous. The Princess was always "Su-Won," this or "Su-Won," that, but she never paid much attention to Hak, he felt.

That's why, this Valentine's Day, Hak had decided to buy her a pink stuffed bear. He just knew that with her cute, oblivious personality she'd just love it. Perhaps she'd even start to understand how he felt, even if just a little bit.

Or, maybe her lack of attention was just his imagination. Maybe he was just being rude to His Majesties.

"Hak!" He hears Su-Won call for him, "You should come play with us. You've been looking out that window for a while now."

True to what he's said, it looked slightly darker than it had been when Hak first looked.

Then, King Il comes into the room, saving them from their boredom.

"Father! Thank you for saving me! I wanted to get something for Su-Won!" With that, the girl rushes out of the room and down the halls.

Hak himself decides to rush to his guest room in the royal castle to get the bear and bring it to Yona. After getting it, he dashes back down the halls and knocks politely upon her door.

He hears loud shuffling as Yona tries to collect her belongings. Then, she opens the door.

"Huh? Ah, Hak! Hi!"

"Um.. I want-" He stops speaking as she rushes back into her room.

"Yeah!? What'd you want? I'll be right there!"

He waits on her for a moment as she collects her things and comes back with a heart-shaped box of chocolates in hand.

At first, Hak feels pleasantly flattered, thinking that it's for him. Then, he sees Su-Won's name distinctly across the top, and his hopes fall. Of course it was for him.

"Can you hurry up, Hak? I wanted to go give this to Su-Won!"

He waves her off, turns around, and walks away. It didn't matter anymore.

In this moment, he realised that the princess would never love a simple warrior like him.

But that doesn't necessarily mean he'll give up.

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