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Once again to Paxloria, Naomi was not stalking the house but rather was lead to it. It's kinda like how Castiel knows Dean is longing. So she was lead to it because of Harry's magical properties and something else. Now you might ask "If Harry had magical properties that Naomi could sense, why couldn't she sense Dumbledore and McGonagall?" She did sense Dumbledore and McGonagall because of her knowledge of the Wizarding World and their magical properties. It will all be explained later on throughout the story, because Harry has something that Dumbledore doesn't have. Thanks guys! (or girls...)

Chapter Three

It was no surprise that baby Henry could not sleep through the night. He kept fidgeting and crying, all throughout. It didn't matter to Naomi that Henry wasn't her child. She and Crowley would always treat them like her own. He had the blackest hair and emerald green eyes. Little Henry sniffled and blinked his big green eyes. She smiled and cooed at him, her fingers caressing his cheek.

"It feel so weird seeing you like this, once more." Crowley wrapped his arms around Naomi's waist. "To see you hold another child softens up your face, dear." Her smile turned of that into a frown. "Are you implying I look like a rock?" she asked dangerously.

Crowley shook his head vigorously. "No!" he yelled. "I was merely implying that it takes stress out of your pretty face." Naomi raised her eyebrow, clearly unimpressed. Crowley sighed and gently pulled her head in for a kiss. Little Henry giggled and cooed, his tiny arms reaching for Crowley's. He smiled. "Well aren't you an enthusiastic one?" he grabbed Henry from Naomi's arms and patted him on the back. They heard yet another round of giggles come from the doorway.

"Mummy! Daddy!" Benjamin ran into Naomi's arms and his mother twirled him around. "Mummy, I finally heard a prayer!" he yelled in glee.

"And I finally saw how a deal goes!" Danika swirled around and landed face first on the duvets.

"Oh?" Naomi inquired. "A prayer you say," she smiled at him. "Well then, my love how did you do?". Benjamin scrunched up his face. "Well, it was kinda confusing at first, because the woman kept asking for babies. So I just left her there and," Benjamin suddenly looked ashamed. "Well, until I told you."

Suddenly he broke into tears. "I'm sorry, mum. I know you said to always try and answer a prayer, but I couldn't! The woman was asking for a baby, and I didn't know how and-and" Huge sobs racked his body. He was ever so surprised and quite mad when his mother and father started laughing.

"Why are you all laughing?" Danika asked. His father handed Henry back to his mother, lifted him up and wiped his tears away. "Oh Benjamin," he chuckled. "You didn't have to answer every prayer you always hear. Some prayers are meant for mummy and her age only." he sent a wink at Naomi. She glared at him and turned to Benjamin.

She kneeled down and showed him Henry. "Benjamin." she said firmly, but softly. "We don't always expect you to answer prayers like that, honey. Just like daddy said, you can't always do things on your own. Look at Little Henry, here. He is new to us, is he not?" His mother asked. "But we don't expect him to do everything now, do we?" Benjamin and Danika shook their heads. "Because he's so young. He's new to this, just like you are, love. A child's job is to simply enjoy and live as much as they can. Not work. No child should be expected to do that at such age. You are a child, Benjamin, Danika." Naomi looked at both of them.

Suddenly their father and mother smiled; "Danika, would you mind telling me about your first time on a deal?" Danika smiled. Crowley knew it was forced, and that while she loved their daughter very dearly, she did not approve of the things she had taken interests in, just like Crowley, who did not like Benjamin's interests that much either.

"Well mum, I'm glad you asked. It was actually not bad and scary as I thought it would." Danika's eyes glazed over. "Jack brought me with him." Crowley and Benjamin both made faces at the name, and Naomi sighed, upon hearing another I- love -Jack-so-much! "Anything else interesting that happened?" Benjamin tried to be careful with his words, but unfortunately he failed.

Danika glared at him with such a murderous glare in her eyes, that he started to wonder whether his sister was actually an adult, who was going to murder you, in the body of a child. "For your information, deal hunting is very interesting. Especially with Jack." she said in her fancy british accent. "We went to Surrey, Little Whinging I think it was." she then made a face. "The human was more selfish than I would have thought. He looked nice and caring! And he made a deal; money to boost up his already rich status. I thought he would donate it or something, I really didn't ask. Money for his soul in ten years."

Naomi raised her eyebrows. "Well then, my darlings," she asked. "Did you learn your lessons today?"

Benjamin and Danika nodded. "That we are children and we are not expected to do everything." "And that looks can be deceiving," Danika piped in.

Everyone laughed. Even little Henry. He made this little baby noises and gurgled.

"Awww," Danika's eyes softened even more. "Daddy, can I hold him?" she made the same pouty face her mother did, and the resemblance was indistinguishable.

Crowley shook his head. "Not yet darling. Not yet. Both you and him are way too young. You're still little and you might not be able to carry him, and he might fall down." he said and paused. " We don't want that now do we?" Danika shook her head.

Crowley smiled. "Alright, it's three in the morning. Get some rest ,kiddos." their father put his hands on their back and led them out the door. He turned back to Naomi, who was now focused on getting Henry to sleep. "Goodnight, my sweets." she walked towards them and kissed both Benjamin and Danika on the cheek. "Say goodnight to Henry, now"

"Goodnight, Henry" said Benjamin. "And sweet dreams, too." said Danika." their mother smiled at Crowley and pecked him on the lips. "Goodnight, dear."

"Goodnight, love." Danika and Benjamin made faces at the interaction. They knew their parents loved each other dearly, but they could have at least done it somewhere else!

So Danika and Benjamin were lead to their rooms by their father, who read them stories, while their mother was of trying to calm their baby brother down to sleep.

"Mother..." Kendra McGonagall softly approached her mother from behind. "Harry James Potter." her mother sobbed. "Gone! Just like that!"

Kendall McGonagall chose that moment to suddenly hug her mother from behind. Minerva McGonagall turned around, wrapped her frail arms around her daughter's shoulder and sobbed. "Oh, mum..." Kendra signed.

Minerva sobbed even more, and Kendra too, decided to embrace her. "Mum please, please stop." Kendall had tears in her eyes and they slowly started falling on her cheeks. Kendra was already crying, making her mother cry even more. "I guess I should stop crying if it makes you cry even more?" Kendra tried making a joke, and succeeded. Her mother laughed a little bit and cried.

"Mum, I promise I'll find him" Kendall swore. "WE" Kendra corrected. "We're going to find Harry bloody goddamn Potter, to the death of me. I swear to whomever is out there, We will die trying to find Prongs Jr. if I have too. We will, mother." The twins said. "We will." Kendra took her mother's hand, Kendall her shoulders, and led her to the bed. They softly laid her down, and pulled the blankets to her shoulders, giving her a kiss on the forehead.

"We'll find Harry, mum. We promise." Minerva nodded and closed her eyes, but nonetheless did not stop crying. "You can either stay with me here" Kendall said. "Or you can go outside and scream at Dumbledore's ass."

Kendra shook her head. "Nah, I'll scream at him tomorrow." She pulled back the covers and climbed in beside her mother, Kendall doing the same thing. They wrapped their hands around their mother's torso, but before they closed their eyes, they looked at each other.

"You thinking what I'm thinking?" Kendall asked. "Most definitely."

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