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Chapter Six

"Well at least this time I didn't make a grand entrance,"

A brunette woman wearing a gray business suit stood under the doorway, a smile gracing her face. She held a silver blade, polished and it had no symbols on it, and Kendra briefly wondered if she could even kill anything with it. Then she realized it was pure silver and immediately changed her mind. The lady could kill loads of stuff with her knife. The demon hissed. "You!" he yelled."You are not supposed to interfere!" He stood up, only to be thrown back down and pinned. approached Kendra and held out her hand. "I don't believe we've met. My name is Naomi, Angel of the Lord."

Kendra looked at the demon, and then the hand, and then shook it tentatively. Kendra opened her mouth to say something, but was cut off by the other woman. "I know your name, dear. It's Kendra and right now you're trying to exorcise the demon out of your sister. I can help,"

Kendra nodded. "Thanks for saving me an explanation, but that wasn't what I was going to say,"

Brunette raised her eyebrow. "Oh?"

"Yeah," she nodded. "I was going to say 'What the hell are you?' But really, I mean right now? Bad timing, lady. Awfully bad timing,"

Brunette walked over to the curtains, and pulled them open. "Your mother's scottish, no?" Kendra contemplated telling her yes. I mean, she only just met 'Naomi' half a minute ago. Hell, she didn't even know angels existed! "And I've thought I already introduced myself. Naomi, angel of the~"

"Yeah, I heard you, lady. What I meant was what are you?"

Naomi sat down on one of the chairs. "I believe I've also stated that. Angel of the Lord,"

Kendra nodded. "Well ain't it the bitchy Queen of Crossroads!" the demon chuckled. He wiped his mouth, and spit on the ground. "Hey!" Kendra snapped. "That's my mother's carpet you're spitting on!"

The demon spit again, and Kendra raised her dagger, before stopping. "You know, you're lucky you're in my sister's body, because otherwise, I wouldn't even bother,"

"All the more better tempting you, darling," Kendra made a face at him and slapped him on the cheek. "Ouch!" Kendall yelled. Kendra froze and asked:"Kendall?"

The demon growled. "I told you, she's dead!" Naomi rolled her eyes at him. "You're mother's scottish, no?" she once again asked.

"Yeah," Kendra replied. She looked genuinely surprised at the fact that she just told someone whom she doesn't even know, and could use it for blackmail, that her mom was scottish. Not that anybody can use being scottish as a blackmail. "Why the hell am I even telling you this? I mean being scottish is cool and all that, but it's not, like you're gonna use it for blackmail, right? Not that being scottish can be used as blackmail, but still, I mean is it important to you? Is it gonna save my life or something?"

Naomi chuckled. "You talk too fast,"

"Is there a problem with that?"

"No, I'm just saying,"

"I'm still here you know!" the demon yelled.

"Shut up!"

"To you it might not be important, but to me it is," Naomi sighed. She sat down on one of the chairs and waved her hand. A bottle of wine appeared and she filled two glasses. She offered one to Kendra, and sipped her own wine. The other woman shook her head. "Nah, beers my bitch,"

Naomi waved her hand and the wine turned into beer. Kendra took it and took a gulp. "Aaah, now this is much better!" She flopped down on one of the chairs and laid her head against the cushion. Groaning, she heard her bones pop. "I could spend all day like this!"

Naomi smiled. "Unfortunately, I can't."

Before Kendra could even fathom what was happening, the room grew blinding white to the point she couldn't even tell if it was bright or not. Naomi stood and approached the demon, her eyes suddenly glowing whiter than the room, then the room suddenly dimmed and wings were sprouting out where her shoulder blades should've been. Kendra's eyes till might've hurt, but she didn't tolerate anybody trying to stab her sister. "Hey, hey, lady!"

Kendra stood up. But it turns out, she didn't need to stab her sister. At once, black smoke came pouring out her sister's mouth and once it gathered into a small black cloud, vanished and disappeared, leaving Kendall to fall onto the ground. Both women approached her at once, and Naomi held her hand out. Kendra smacked her hand. "What the hell do you think you're doing?"

Naomi rubbed her hand. "I'm going to heal her. And you slap very hard you know that?" Placing her hand on the girl's forehead gently, she smiled.

"Kendra?" the other girl asked feebly. She coughed, her breathing laboured.

"Hush, Lemon Newt, hush..."

Naomi looked at Kendra curiously. "Lemon Newt?" she asked. The other girl shrugged. "Nickname,"

She nodded. She touched Kendall's cheek and at once the other girl fell unconscious.

"Wait, what happened?" Kendra asked worriedly. "She's not going to die is she?"

"No, she just needs some rest. She should be fine. Your sister's quite the fighter, you know?" the angel smiled.

She snapped her fingers and Kendall disappeared. "What did you do to her?" Kendra asked, panicking.

"Calm down," Naomi reassured. "She's resting in her~"


Both women froze. There standing under the doorway, was the one and only Minerva McGonagall herself.

"Bloody Hell..."

Minerva clutched her chest and flopped down on the chair. Her daughter looked apologetic and made a sorry face. "Firewhisky?" she asked tetherly. Her mother refused and took a deep breath. Turning to the angel, she held the drink up. Naomi shook her head, refilling her glass of wine.

"Mmmk," she shrugged, and took a sip. "Aaah," The burning sensation of the drink offered her some peace and calm. Both women looked at her weirdly. "What?" she asked ridiculously.

"Nothing," Naomi shook it off. "I'm surprised at how well you're both taking this. Usually anyone else had probably already fainted,"

"Yeah, well, we're McGonagall's and Gryffindors," Kendra interjected. "We hover between crap and try not get killed and stupid crap that could possibly get us all killed!"

"Kendra, you know very well that is not what Gryffindors do!" Minerva gasped in shock. "We are brave and occasionally get into trouble, yes. But doing things that get you killed, is not what we do!"

"Mother, stop trying to deny it. We get in trouble everyday! I'm actually surprised you didn't murder any of us in our school days! I mean the bullshit you put up with us, mom! We slept in the boys dormitory, for seven whole years. We became animagi, and we had to put leaves in our mouths for what, a whole month? You could've bashed our brains, yet you never did!"

"We were careless, and you knew that!" Kendra was grinning, and she took a sip of her whisky. She started laughing for no reason and tears pooled in her eyes. She wiped them away, and shook her head. "I'm getting old, aren't I?"

The angel looked at the older witch confusedly. "What is she talking about?" she mouthed.

Minerva sighed. "Kendra, we talked about this already..."

"No, we haven't!" Kendra suddenly bolted from her chair, and the glass of firewhiskey fell and broke to pieces. Her mother flinched. "Every time I try to talk to you about him, you change the conversation! Mom, you know he would never~ 'Kendra, butter beer?' I'm tired of it, mom! Sirius was my best friend, and you know that! And to hear you accuse him of something you know he would never dare even do, kills me!"

"I don't know what the hell happened to Harry and I've only got Kendall! Remus refuses to make contact with anyone, and he too, thinks Sirius sold them out! I don't know what to do anymore..."

Flopping back down to the chair, Kendra curled into a ball and cried. She looked ragged, wearing jeans and a sweater, sobbing into her hands, her face puffing up.

"I'll leave now. Let you have your privacy." Naomi said, standing up. It would be best to leave the mother and daughter to their own personal space, to try and sort things out.

"No." Kendra ordered, and Naomi knew what she had to do. As much as she wanted to give the mother and daughter their personal space, she knew she couldn't. She had some type of dangerous edge to her voice. "Stay, please, and tell me again how your husband is being affected by Kendall's behavior towards the demon, earlier."

"Alright." Naomi said, and pursed her lips. She sat down on the chair again. "Your mother's family, which originated from Scotland, no?"

Both witches nodded. "My husband originated from Scotland, as well and~"

"And what does that have something to do with the fact that we're Scottish? I mean your husband's Scottish, I get that, but why him? Why not some other Scottish guy?"

"You're a hunter I get that~"

"I still can't believe you managed to hide that from me, for years." Minerva huffed, and muttered something under her breath.

"Mom..." Kendra warned, and Naomi felt amused. It was just like when she and Danika, were arguing. Speaking of which, she briefly wondered, how Crowley and the kids were. She hoped Henry wouldn't have to be bawling, otherwise there would be real trouble. She hoped Crowley was fine, too. They might be opposites, but he was her husband, after all.

She coughed, interrupting their staring contest. "May I continue?"

Kendra nodded. "You're used to dealing with this, right? Demons, angels, wendigos and vampires. My husband is a demon, and I am an angel. We have three children, two boys and a girl, who are half of each. My husband had a son - my stepson. My husband died after making a deal with a crossroads demon and his son~ Gavin MacLeod~ was set to sail for the American colonies. But not before procreating. Gavin died on the way, sadly. His child then had children of his own and~"

"That line eventually ended up to us." Kendra muttered, looking as if her thoughts were a million miles away. "And I still don't understand how you two ended up together. I mean, aren't you supposed to be opposites? Trying to kill each other?"

Naomi smiled. "Things change, dear. Anyway, his mother was a witch, and that meant he was half."

"So, you're basically saying he was a half-blood?" Minerva asked.

Naomi nodded. "The magic you're sister was using was very rare and extreme. She managed to channel my mother-in-law's magic, therefore also pulling it through my husband. I don't know how or why he got included in this, considering his mother was the one who held magic, but I suppose it had something to do with being a half-blood. But it affected me, too, and I have no idea why."

"So the kind of magic Kendra used earlier, did it have something to do with the fact that your in-law was a witch? And the witchy line ended up as the McGonagall's? So the rare and extreme magic somehow affected your husband as well? And why not your children? Aren't they descended from a witch too?"

Naomi shrugged. "I do not know why. But yes, that sounds about right. That magic she was using was not very much used at all, and requires a great deal of energy. And between using that as self-control and taking control of the demon, you can see why she's passed out as of now."

Minerva nodded. "I see, I see. But I still don't understand. Why come here, from wherever you live? Why not just send a letter?"

"Because I needed to do it immediately. My husband was in a state of extreme pain, a seizure, actually. A very painful seizure. Along side feeling like's dying and will never be resurrected"

Kendra nodded. "I understand. If Kendra pulls that type of magic again, do you know what will happen?"

"No, unfortunately, I do not."

Naomi stood up then, and brushed the non-existent dust from her pants. "But I can guarantee you, it would be the best if she does not use it again. For her good and my husbands. I enjoyed your company, and wish we could have met on better circumstances, but I must go now. Zoë and Jack can only look after the children for so long."

And with that she disappeared, accompanied by the sound of feathers ruffling.

Minerva took a deep breath. "The things that went down right now, you do know is our family history, right?"

"Yep." Kendra nodded. "I'll go check on Lemon Newt, now."

"Dani? Danika, where are you?"

Zoë growled, itching to scratch her head out. She was a demon, a well respected crossroads one, yet here she was, babysitting for two~ no, actually, three. Three rugrats, count the toddler, who was currently wailing in her arms.

"Where is that girl?"

Sighing, she turned to Benjamin, whom had been listening to her intently. Thank God this kid listens, she thought. Even if he is a little creepy. "Stay here, okay? Until your mother~"


She turned around, only to find Naomi with a worried look on her face. "I see him, but where's Danika?"

She took Henry from her arms and stroked his crying face. "Hush, now, baby, hush. Mom's here."

"That's what I've been trying to do!" Zoë exclaimed. "I tell Ben to hand me Henry's play toy, I turn around to tell Danika to get me a pillow, and she's gone! I told her to leave her dad alone, let him rest, but who knows!"

Naomi nodded her thanks. "I appreciate your help, Zoë."

The demon nodded. "No problem. Call me if you need a babysitter."

And with that she disappeared.

"Aww," The mother heard Benjamin whine. "Zoë's gone?"

Naomi chuckled. "She has things to do of her own, Benny"

The boy made a face at the nickname. "Where's Dani?"

His mother smiled. "Well, let's do that now, shall we?"

At the same time, in the bedroom,


Danika climbed onto the bed and snuggled beside her father. "Papa?"

Her father still wasn't moving, so she decided to take matters into her own hands. Her daddy always woke up when she jumped on the bed. So she started bouncing up and down, yelling 'DADDY!'. Seeing as he still wasn't moving, she stopped and flopped onto the bed.

"Danika!" she heard her mother exclaim. "Your father's resting, girl!"

She bowed her head in shame, and she briefly saw her brother stick his tongue out at her, through her eyelashes. "I'm sorry, mummy." she apologized. "I was just worried that daddy wouldn't wake up."

"Wouldn't wake up from what, sweetheart?"

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