*flash back*

*Elsa's POV*

You don't know what it was like, I hadn't seen so much death before in my life.

I was with Anna, she was scared too, we were there for so many years with little food, and water was a luxury.

Eventually after years of the poor conditions, our health receded and cut the sense of what was real and what wasn't.

I was tortured, embarrassed and left to die and so was Anna. She was so small yet so strong, she always found a way to comfort me in this hell.

She was the only reason why I kept going, knowing I had Anna kept me going, kept me living, kept me fighting and gave me hope.

But when winter came around, more people fell ill and died, there were more people who tried to escape with no luck at all and Anna wasn't holding up too well either.

I prayed that we could live throughout the night, that we would live at all….But He didn't hear me.

Anna was in my arms trying to get warm, but I wasn't warm enough for her and I could see that she wasn't holding up too well. She couldn't leave me! Not here, not now. So I told her she wasn't allowed to leave me here, not alone…again.

"Don't make me face this place by myself. I can't do this without you, I CANT." I whispered into her ear.

But while saying it, she was already limp, as I looked into her lifeless eyes I sobbed. Holding her lifeless body and screamed.

The reality started to creep in and everything was taken away from me, I was forced to face the facts that I will never survive this, I was soon to die and be with my love and Anna. I had dug her grave that night with my own hands and said my final goodbye.

Then it hit me…. I was absolutely alone….again.

I woke the next day, eyes swollen and face smeared from my shed tears and everything sunk into my mind.

I had no reason to live, nothing to live for and nobody who cared if I live or die. So I prayed and asked Him to take me.

Let me die now, let the pain and this prison fade away!

But still He didn't hear me.

Even with the harsh conditions of winter I survived. I had no emotion, no feeling, and no life in my body.

Yet I was still alive… And living was the biggest punishment of all.

I lived day by day with the hope that I may die.

But I had lost hope a long time ago. I was empty, a shell with nothing inside, I was broken and shattered and welcomed death with every breath I took.

But I had to be punished and living every day alone for 4 years was the worst torture of them all.

*Flash back ended*

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