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"Leviosa!" Peggy barely managed to say the spell in time to catch Jack before he hit the ground. She was frozen, staring in fear and confusion at Jack's floating body.

"Okay, Peggy, calm down and think. It'll be alright," she told herself. Shuddering, she cast two summoning charms to get the medicinal potion kit she'd "borrowed" from Madame Pomfrey and a herbology encyclopedia. She flipped through the book furiously, trying to get to the thorned plant section quickly.

Jack moaned in agony and Peggy's gaze shot to him. He was convulsing horribly.

"Stupid, stupid, this was so stupid," she whimpered under her breath, realizing she was nearly out of time.

"Accio bezoar!" she incanted and the stone zoomed from her satchel to her hand in an instant as she jumped up and raced to Jack's side. She opened his mouth unceremoniously and shoved the bezoar in, holing his mouth closed since he was resisting it.

Foam came frothing from the corners of his mouth and he gagged, his eyes opening wide only to lull backwards again.

She lowered his body slowly to the ground with her wand and sat down next to him, nervously pinching her bottom lip, and waited

"Peggy?" came to the voice she was waiting for- though it was hoarser than she cared f. She nearly cried with relief, leaning down to hug him. "What the bloody hell happened?"

Straightening up and checking his condition to make sure he wasn't relapsing, she started a run-down of what had occurred. "I don't know. You got scratched by that bush and then you just past out and I tried to find out what species of plant it was but then you started to get worse, like really god-awful, and I gave you a bezoar and it worked," she rushed, pulling out healing salves from her bag. "We still need to get you cleaned up."

"Woah, wait- where did you get a bezoar?" he questioned her, leaning up on his elbows to lessen the strain on his neck.

She pursed her lips before answering. "Potions."

He guffawed in misbelief. "Madame Pomfrey might let you get away with taking those potions," he warned, pointing to the kit, "but there's no bugging way Professor Ivchenko won't rain hell down on you!"

"I'm not concerned about Ivchenko right now, okay? We'll be in loads of trouble for coming out here," she scoffed. "But we need to get you back." She began applying the salve to one of the deeper scratches. Jack sucked in a deep breath and sat up all the way, turning to face the forest.

"We don't need to go back right away," he grumbled, wincing as she moved to another cut. "Besides, we didn't even see any animals or creatures or whatever."

"There's no point in trying if we can't even get to them without a near death experience," Peggy objected, using more force than necessary to clean the next scratch. He hissed in annoyance.

"I'm the one who almost died. I say we go on," he said. She frowned and felt her brow furrow.

"I'm the one who watched you almost die," she murmured, finishing addressing the salve to his wounds and starting to pack it away.

Jack reached out and touched her wrist. When that didn't make her turn to him, he lightly took hold of her chin and slowly turned it towards him so she would face him.

"Peggy, I'm fine. Because of you, I am fine. I almost died but I didn't. You're too stubborn to let anyone die on your watch." Jack spoke soothingly and yet Peggy still found herself holding back tears.

"No, Jack-" Peggy started and stopped, not wanting her voice to shake. This feeling of dread and loss, she had felt it before. This was another one that was too close to call, like the one back home, back in Brooklyn. The one with- she cut off her thoughts again.

"I want to stick to the plan, Pegs, if that's alright with you," Jack said hesitantly, withdrawing his hands from her.

Peggy took a deep breath to compose herself. It would be fine, it would all work out she tried to convince herself.

"Alright, Jack, we'll give it one more shot. Just one," she acquiesced.

Jack grinned at her and stood up, albeit shakily, and offered her a hand, helping her up.

"Let's go find a unicorn, shall we?"

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