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Chapter 1: Welcome Home

Charlotte Winston heaved out a long sigh as the taxi came to a stop in front of the familiar faded blue rancher. Reaching silently to hand the driver his fee, she wondered what to expect from her arrival in Charming. It had been years, at least ten, since Charlie had been here. Years since she spoke to her brother or father, she hadn't known what to say in response to hearing about Donna from her mother months ago over the phone. Donna; the woman had babysat her when she was younger, only offering only because it gave her alone time with Opie. Her niece and nephew, both of whom she had never met, only seen pictures of and briefly talked to over the phone in an awkward exchange. How could she walk into that broken home full of strangers? The driver quickly snapped her out of her thoughts.

"Yo lady, I got places to be," he called, looking at her through the rearview. Charlie nodded, pulling a piece of her long brown hair back behind her ear before reaching over at the large duffel bag beside her and giving it a tug, pulling it behind her as she slammed the car door shut. The cab quickly sped away; a harsh screech filled the air causing Charlie to flinch from the sound, grimacing as she watched the taillights fade in the distance. She couldn't turn back now. Her dark blue eyes scanned the space around her before she finally shook away the tension with an embarrassed laugh, taking her first step towards the house. The front door opened slowly before she had the chance to knock, Charlie stood frozen as her gaze traveled higher, resting on the last face she expected to see right away. Piney stared down at her, his own blue eyes widened in shock as he took in the sight of his young daughter.

"Charlotte?" he said softly, though his voice was deep and hoarse. Piney hadn't changed, sure he had gotten older, grey hairs turning white and wrinkles deepening in his skin as his face scrunched together in confusion, but he was just as she remembered. Old faded jean kutte and all.

"Piney, I didn't know you were here," Charlie breathed, her father frowned, not liking being called by his first name but moved aside so she could enter the home. Charlie looked around quickly, her eyes settled on the two little kids sitting on the floor in front of the television. They seemed undisturbed by her presence as their focus remained on the screen.

"Kids," Piney called, immediately getting their attention. They looked over Charlie, taking in her 5'8 height, light skin and dark hair. Her blue eyes watched them back as she looked over her niece and nephew; she mentally kicked herself for not remembering their names in that moment. The girl stared at Charlie a little longer than the boy, his gaze had already drifted back to the screen, and the girl narrowed her eyes slowly as she looked over Charlie again and again. Something about her was strangely familiar, "Ellie…Kenny, this is your aunt Charlotte."

"Hey," Charlie said with an awkward wave, a small smile on her lips as she watched Ellie and Kenny slowly rise, watching her carefully as they approached slowly.

"You're auntie Charlotte?" Ellie asked, eyebrow perked as she watched Charlie nod slowly. Without a second thought, the both of them quickly closed the last bit of space between them and Charlie as they hurried to her sides and wrapped their arms tightly around her.

"Charlotte… mind if we talk a bit more privately?" Piney asked, his voice wavering as he caught sight of his grandchildren smile widely, gazing up at the aunt they never met as though she were already their favorite person in the entire world.

"Sure," she glanced over at Piney, shifting uncomfortably in the tight grasp of the two little kids clinging onto her waist, she reached down to ruffle Kenny's hair, "I'll be back in a minute, just gotta talk to grandpa quickly."

They nodded excitedly, huddling together and speaking in soft hushed tones as they sat down on the couch. As Piney and Charlie walked into the kitchen, they could hear their giggles echo throughout the home. Charlie reached for a chair, pulling it out so its back was against the wall before taking a seat and looking up at Piney. She looked over her father, frowning when she finally caught sight of the tubes along side his face and going into his nose. How she didn't notice this or the little oxygen tank in his hands was beyond her, but she'd noticed now and couldn't hide the worry that filled her eyes.

"Stop looking at me like I'm about to drop dead any second. I don't like it," he mumbled, pulling out a chair and sitting down heavily, "what are you doing here, Charlotte?"

Charlie rolled her eyes, hating hearing the way he used her full name. She shifted slightly, unsure how to answer.

"I've been meaning to come for a while, after Donna died… I just didn't know how to comfort Op, knew he needed his space," Charlie shrugged, trying to ignore the way Piney's eyes blazed at the mention of his deceased daughter-in-law.

"Cut the bullshit, why are you really here?" Piney growled, eyes narrowing at her. Charlie sighed, expecting Piney to see past her excuse.

"I've been running too long, Piney. From you, mom… Opie. I want to be here," Charlie glanced over towards the tv room, "I want to get to know my niece and nephew. Catch up on the years I missed."

"It's going to take more than just showing up unannounced for Opie to just forgive you," Piney said gruffly, noticing the look in her eyes as her shoulders slumped slightly. He knew she felt guilty for missing Donna's funeral, the birth of her niece and nephew and all the years in between.

"Is he around?" Charlie asked, ignoring Piney's harsh statement, knowing it was true.

"He's out doing some shit for the club," Piney answered, "He used to stay at the clubhouse most nights, been staying at the clubhouse quite a bit. Leaves me to watch the kids."

"Shit," Charlie whispered, standing up and heading to the fridge and helped herself to a beer, making a gesture to offer Piney one. She grabbed another one, easily twisting off the cap when he nodded and she handed him the cool bottle.

"So, are you staying for a while?" Piney asked after a few sips, watching her carefully to see if there was any hesitation in her eyes; there wasn't.

"Yes," she said quickly, but looked around embarrassed at her quick response, "I mean I know I can't stay here, and I'm sure as hell not staying with you."

"Wouldn't even think of offering," Piney muttered with a glare. She smiled lightly at her father, making him look away with an awkward chuckle. He hadn't seen that smile in a long time.

"Any good motel recommendations?" Charlie asked, taking a long sip from her beer as her eyes drifted around the kitchen.

"Screw that, no daughter of mine is staying in some cheap ass motel," Piney growled, waving his hand as if dismissing the idea, "I'll talk to Gemma, see if we can set you up in one of the dorms in the clubhouse. If you're really planning on sticking around, I'll make a good enough case for you."

Charlie nodded; though her thoughts drifted to the blurry memories she'd spent in the clubhouse. She had only been there one or two times when her mother had brought her to visit Piney and Opie. She vaguely remembered chasing after Opie and Jax, desperate to spent some time with her brother before she had to go. He always had other things to do, things that didn't involve a nagging little sister. She frowned, remembering the way Jax and Opie would taunt and tease her, but dismissed the thought with a slight shake of her head. The boys were men now, and she had hoped they'd grown out of their ignorant teenage boy behaviour.

"That would be nice, thank you Piney," Charlie smiled kindly to her father, not surprised when he'd quickly excused himself to check on the kids and avoid being under her intense stare. Charlie lifted her head suddenly when she'd heard the front door open, followed by the kids shouting out gleefully. Charlie rose slowly from her place at the table, unsure what to expect from her reunion with her brother. Rounding the corner with a hesitant smile, Charlie's heart dropped when she was yet again faced with someone she hadn't expected to see so soon.

"Charlotte?" the older woman gasped, dropping the few grocery bags in her hand.

"Mom," Charlie smiled lightly, looking past the woman in front of her towards the open door, wondering if she would be fast enough to make her much needed escape.

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