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2:45 am

My alarm clock glowed red.

"maybe I should go to bed" I say to myself as I sit here alone in my room on my bed, pillows propped up against my head board, leaning against them, my covers covering up to my waist, it was summer, but the night held a little chill in the air, making me shiver slightly, thank goodness I was wearing my long sleeve blue top.

Looking back to my computer screen again, I blink trying to keep my eyes open, looking at the open window on my Acer lap top, I couldn't help it, I was obsessed, I stumbled upon a website called fan fiction 5 months ago, after reading a Fifty Shades of Grey/Crossfire cross over story I was hooked, a total fan, all of my TV shows, books and moves where all there, thousands upon thousands of stories at my finger tips, ready to be clicked on and enjoyed.

I caught the bug to the point where after reading many stories that I decided to write some of my own, oh how I had so many ideas, and that was where I was now looking at the screen at the story I had in progress, I had just publish at the start of January, letting my readers read 9 chapters now of the 21 I had already written on the FF website, be careful what you wish for, was the title, but as I stared at the screen at the blank notepad page, the cursor blinking waiting for input, I had nothing, re-reading all of my previous written chapters also looking for inspiration, I still had nothing.

I was too involved with my story, so many ideas but I couldn't form words to express them and write them down, writers block I guess, my story was my baby, based on a fantasy I had about myself and the one and only Dean Winchester and his impala, on a cold chilly night in Bobbies salvage yard on top of his hood, try and guess what I was fantasising about, yes lemons I mean who wouldn't, its Dean Winchester, sexy cocky and yet damaged broken hunter, those eyes his lips ahhhhh, man I was in lustful love, like I said who wouldn't be, but I do sometimes think what it would be like to actually meet him, no not the actual actor Jensen Ackles that plays Dean but you know Dean Dean, I've read so many different other plots in TV shows books and movies in fan fiction, where an OC would get sucked into the world of their favourite shows etc., and play out the seasons change them, especially Vampire Diaries I liked reading those ahhh Damon Salvatore, can you tell I have a type.

Thinking about these was not getting me anyway, so shutting down the notepad window, giving up on my story for the night I decide to get some elsewhere inspiration, I have all of the Supernatural seasons on DVD, what harm can it do, so getting out of bed I make my way over to my DVD cases, looking at all the seasons, the first 4 are my favs, only because of Dean crying for the dead Sam and later when Castiel comes into it, I like him he's hilarious, the rest after are ok, I hated the leviathan series it sucked but I bought that season anyway, since I had the rest and season 10 had just started Friday night so I decided on season 3, I love Castiel and all that but the season before he arrives is gold, the anguish poor Dean goes thru losing his brother and sacrificing himself, haaa my romantic notions go into overdrive at the thought, I like Ruby too, even though she turns out to be a bitch in the next season, the actress who plays her is really good, can't say I like her to much in Arrow, just want to punch her, total OLICITY fan right here.

Jumping back in bed I pop the first disc of season 3 into the DVD drive of my lap top.

As it boots up I hear the familiar supernatural tune at the start menu with both Winchester boys' smouldering pictures bearing holes into me with options to click on, play all I press.

My screen goes black; a ghostly NOW pops on the screen fading out with shrilling orchestral music playing the background.

Oak Park, Illinois it says on the screen its night time the picture is of this dark street, a few cars parked on the street and up drive ways, lamp post light glowing, a lighted up city in the background, music still playing I watch as I see a plain man come out of his 1 storey suburban house walking down his stairs to put out his garbage, his can on the street side, as I watch I feel my eye lids getting heavy, only closing for a moment to once again open.

My DVD still playing, watching, I see the part where all the black demon smoke is in the air flying out in all directions, my eye lids once again start to droop as the images continue on my lap top, watching the man, the garbage tin man get hit with this smoke, trying to scream, as it goes down his throat, opening his now black eyes, my vision starts to fade as I lastly see on the screen... and whisper...

"I wish my life was like supernatural, I wish I could meet Dean Winchester"

laptop screen shows...


one week later

My eyes close, is that smoke I smell? And I succumb to sleep.

3rd POV

Her eyes closed, her lap top resting on top of her legs, on top of her covers, her head and hands falling to the side as her breathing settles, sleep.

The same smoke on the screen starts to seep out of the lap top, whipping out faster and faster, swirling around her sleeping body covering it entirely, the lap top screen goes black; the blue power light fades down.


I wake with a start

"oh shit, what time is it" I say trying to sit up in bed, looking up over to my alarm clock on my desk, at the end of my bed, sitting up I feel a twinge in my leg and arm, and dampness, my eyes still closed, feeling wet, did I have a nightmare? Am I sweating? God my head hurts, pounding in sync with my lower lip to it feels, licking it I feel a sting.

Finally opening my eyes, rubbing them slightly with both my hands I feel once again the ache in my left arm just below my shoulder.

The smell of blood and damp wet leaves, hits me.

"What the" looking around I see moonlight, darkness and what the hell, a forest?

"Holy shit" I say looking around myself, this is totally not my bedroom right now I think, I must be dreaming.

Still sitting on the dark ground I stretch my arms up, as I do this a sharp pain goes straight thru my left arm, grabbing it with my right, a hiss escapes my teeth, I feel my hand wet, looking now at my right hand I see why, blood, looking down I see my right thigh also, covered in blood, even though I was wearing dark colored wash jeans I could tell by the every growing wet patch it wasn't good.

"Dark jeans what the"

I say out loud realising that I was no longer in my bed clothes, thank the lord I usually just where knickers to bed and nothing else.

"Hang on a minute, no fucking way" I say as I pinch myself.

"oowww" I hiss out, déjà vu hitting me like a ton of bricks, ok here I am alone , in a dark moonlight forest in clothes that aren't mine, which happens to be skinny jeans white tank top now splattered with blood, combat ankle boots and a blue check over shirt, and my hair tied back in a pony tail.

"My story, it's my fan fiction story, no fucking way, can't be" I say out to no one.

Getting up slowly, trying to brush the damp leaves of me, forgetting for a moment as I put weight onto my right leg.

"Ahh fuck" I yell gritting my teeth as pain shoots up my leg, like a white hot branding iron.

"Ok, so this might not be a dream, I've already pinched myself and it hurts so where am I" I say looking around, now on my feet my weight resting on my left leg, holding my left arm.

Just like in my FF story I wrote I was alone and lost, but unlike my story this was actually happening, well I think so and also unlike my story I wasn't injured in it, taking off my shirt and ripping it in two I tie it round my thigh tightly and them around my arm, teeth still clenched as I did this.

The cold air ripped around me giving me goose bumps

Standing in the middle of nowhere trying to not think about the walking dead or spiders I take stock, feeling my pockets for anything, clues, hopefully where I am, have I something useful, searching my pockets I find a lip gloss, a hotel room card key I think, several 100 dollar bills in a money clip, a switch blade, huh that can come in handy.

As my hands are in my pockets, my jeans tighten slightly and I feel something nudging my back

"funny I didn't feel that before, maybe that's because I was in fucking pain, you stupid blonde" I say to myself reaching round to feel and pull out a gun from the back of my pants, also just like my story, am I having one of those things where I get sucked into my story, oh shit, if so then where am I?

Thinking back to it, if this is my story, sort off, I know that this gun is loaded and that the safety is on, so in saying that I put it back down my jeans, pulling my singlet over it, wincing at my still sore arm.

"ok so what next" I say out loud, talking out loud to one's self can be sometimes calming, either that or your mental, I was going to yell for some help, but you don't know who is out in the bushes, so just like my story I start to walk in the direction I was pointing when I woke up, well walking no so much, try like, hobbling badly, the thick growth of the forest branches whacking me in the face as I pushed through its dense growth, dropping f bombs everytime, I don't know how long I walked before I could see something in the distant, lights, maybe a city or town, I could see where I was and if I could get back home, if.

Trudging ahead slowly, dragging my leg as I go, felt like eternity, feeling my pace slowing, looking down at my right leg, my jeans now more soaked, the tourniquet soaked, shit, I must be losing too much blood.

The feeling of being drunk over took me, swaying on my feet, I feel forward, the ground coming up to meet me fast.

Waking to the sound of rushing wind, in the distant I look up from the ground, lying on my stomach, trying to move but the pain in my leg was too much, I must of past out, trying to push up I succeed to get onto my elbows only to fall down again on my face.

So tired, NO I have to keep going, struggling as I finally get onto my feet, my legs shaking, holding onto a bush as I do this, walking slowly I start to see a grass edge, no grass verge, thank god the moon was out, or I would of been fucked, walking thru the forest edge I now see what the lights where, there where lamp posts, highway lamp posts, several cars whizzing by in front of me, there head lights shining brightly then only to past and plunge into darkness again, I was still behind some trees.

"well it's now or never, maybe I could flag one down" pushing off the tree I was leaning on, I walk onto the grass, falling over to my knees as I do this, my head still pounding, pulling myself up I stand at the edge, shakily taking one step after the other, I don't know how much longer I can hold on, without passing out.

As I stand next to the highway edge I see a blue car flying by me honking its horn as it goes not stopping, I must of looked like a drunk or a hobo, I thought as I flipped them off, he was too far gone and it was too dark but it made me feel better, I started to hobble next to road heading in the direction the car was going, surely it could lead somewhere I could get some help or better yet, someone might stop, hopefully it's not some sexed up fucktard, wow my language, it was so dark in between the light posts, clouds now covering the moonlight, up until then had been my saviour now it was up there mocking me, making me want to give it the finger in all.

Looking forward I couldn't see any lights from a city or town just rows on rows of yellow lamp post lights, it was now quiet and dark, still chilly air, I could see my breath hanging in the chill of the night, if I don't get help soon I am going to die here. What a lovely thought.

For how long I walked I could not tell you.

Stumbling over my feet I stop, trying to steady myself, bent over with my hands on my knees as I do this I hear what sounds like a lone distant engine, turning around slowly, swaying a little as I do this, my eyes going fuzzy I see two head lights coming this way, piercing the night like to golden orbs, well there hadn't been another car for a while now, might be my only chance, it's now or never.

Stepping on highway I walk into the lane of the oncoming car, they should stop well I hope they stop, if not I will be flying, hell this might still be dream I might wake up yet, watching the lights coming closer, black spots at the corner of my eyes, looking down.

Zoning out I wake with the sound of wheels screeching to holt then the rumbling of a familiar engine sound, what was it I thought, my find all fuzzy, the pain in my leg and arm now gone, that can't be good, I think to myself, looking up from the ground I see a Kansas licence plate and what I think is the grill of an impala, 4 feet in front of me, familiar, but I could not think why, it was at the edge of my mind but to disorientated to reach it.

I hear voices looking up both doors of the car are open two men yelling at me they both look familiar, I can't make them out my vision keeps blurring, pulling my gun from behind my pants I bring it up.

"drop the gun" I hear a males voice yell I throw it in front of the car, my gun at my feet, they come over to me, are they swaying?

"Are you all right" a voice says to my right. NO I think back sarcastically, dumbass.

Swaying I look at him, tall, dark coloured hair, his face dark I can't make it out, my vision blurring and getting worse, I feel my legs shake and I lose control, numb, feeling myself sink and I can't stop it, my head falling back with my body, I feel arms go around me and I feel the asphalt beneath my bare arms, my eyes opening I look up, I feel his breath on my face, I hear muffled voices, like an un tuned radio, my vision now clearing I see the face of of...

"DEAN" I whisper shocked, it can't be, is all I think as I feel my eyes close and I succumb to darkness.


"shit" Dean says as he leaps forward, grabbing this injured girl as she crumples to the ground, sinking to his knees, he lies her gently down on the road, blood seeping thru her shirt and pants, his clothing now stained red.

"Sammy, drive" he says to his younger brother, as he places his arms underneath this still pale body, picking her up Sam runs to the back of the impala opening the doors Dean places her on the back seat.

"Can we trust her Dean" Sam says in a panic, watching his brother lay hey down gently in the back

"I don't know, I just have a feeling I have to save her Sam" he says back as he jumps in the back with her, crouching over her, looking her over, taking off his jacket rolling it up and placing it under her head, lifting her legs up to sit them on his lap checking her injuries, her gun in the front with Sam, doors shut, as the familiar sounds of the tires screeching, they pull out.

"Where are we going" Sam says pushing his foot on the gas.

"I saw an abandon house a few miles back we'll go there" Sam spins the impala around, tires screeching and he head back down the road.

"careful Sam" Dean yells from the back after being knocked around the seat, pulling out his pocket knife from his back pocket he cuts the jean away from the wound, getting a better look.

"Fuck, she's been shot Sam", blood seeping out the wound, thru his fingers, running his hand underneath her leg.

"no exit wound, well sweet cheeks I hope to god you don't ruin my leather, he says taking off his shirt, ripping it and wrapping it around her leg tight, trying to stop the blood oozing out, looking over her body, looking for more injuries, he notices a tattoo on her skin above the heart.

Pentagram tattoo

"Sammy, she's one of us"


"She's one of us" Dean says back

Sam steps on the breaks, pulls over to the side, the car still idling and turns around as Dean pulls down the top of her singlet over her heart, revealing the same pentagram tattoo both boys have for demon possession in the same place.

"She's a hunter" Sam says back astonished, then continues "Dean she's gotten paler, she's not looking so good"

"I know, drive i'll take care of it just drive Sam" Dean says back sternly, his voice fill of worry, making himself wonder why, Sam once again pulls put onto the dark empty highway.

"Hey hey, wake up" Dean shakes her, gently tapping the side of her blood stained face"

Her eyes open slowly looking around she groans.


"Where am I?"

"Well baby girl, you are in the back of my car, bleeding out, we found you in the middle of the road who are you"

I hear his voice, baby girl, why does that sound familiar, and car what car, I feel something behind my head is that a jacket, the smell of muck and rust fill my noise, my eyes open I try and focus on the face before me, is he speaking to me?

"who are you" he says again focusing on his face I see it first, those green eyes rough exterior, black dark hair, strong jaw, holy shit its him. The sex god himself Dean Winchester.

"Aleisha my names Aleisha" I whisper out, my voice seeming strange to me.

"Do you remember how you got on the road, who shot you Aleisha" he says back as his left hand pushes my hair back that is sticking to my forehead

Shot me, I'm shot?

God he is hot, even in real life, what am I thinking this can't be real; the pain is all too real though, as a moan escapes my lips, I feel the blood draining.

"Who are you" I croak out trying to stay awake and failing, my eyes start to close, I feel my shoulders being shaken my eyes spring open, knowing who he is I just want to hear it weird I know.

"Stay with me, you need to stay awake, we are going to get you some help but we need you to stay awake"

"no, no help, no hospitals please" I say with panic in my voice trying to sit up, full awake now, must be the adrenaline he gently pushes me down.

"Ok no hospitals, I'm Dean and that's my brother Sam"

"Hey" he says turning around quickly as I look towards him trying to smile, it's him, Sam.

"Winchester right, hunters, supernatural hunters" I say back once more looking at Dean, his face trying not to show the shock to my words, feeling the adrenaline wearing off, I have read somewhere when you are about to die you go thru a good patch then its shit creek basically.

"well baby girl, it takes one to know one" Dean says smiling as he pulls down my top above my heart, what is he doing, trying to move my head and look down I see the end of an all too familiar tattoo on my chest, the demon possession tattoo, omfg I am in supernatural, shit, I feel my body being shifted.

"Where are you from" I hear Sam's voice from the front, I can't believe this, just like my story but I am the one in the back of the impala bleeding and Dean is trying to save me.

"zland, I stutter out, I'm from New Zealand, I'm a Kiwi" I say trying to focus on Dean, his face keeps focusing in and out, my head now pounding squeezing my eyes shut, is it a bad thing to be turned on when you dying?

"Wow you're a long way from home, what brings you to America" Dean says, my head now in his lap.

"I don't remember, I think hunting something" I say I feel the car jerk to the right and the sound of gravel crunching, the car jerking side to side as we go over the rough gravel I think, I shake as the car stops, angling my head up I look out the window, dawn now breaking across the sky, I see what looks like a big white window, zoning out once more, I hear in the distance doors opening, I feel strong arms under me then the cold air hitting me making me shiver, my head against his chest, I hear his heart beat, I smell his cologne opening my eyes I look up at his concern face looking down at me saying something that I cannot hear, his lips moving now in slow motion, turning my head I see it, an old run down abandoned white mansion surrounded by forest, just like my story.

Wow so this is how Dorothy felt huh, I think as I let the blackness at the corner of my vision takes me under, sinking into him.

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