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ghostly voices

music lyrics


Sucking in a big rush of air

It hits me

What is going on?

the cold is what hits me first as I feel its icy grip at the ends of my fingertips aching from it, pulsing as waking from a random dream I look around and take in my surrounds, it was dark and cold, my breath hanging in the air as I breathed out, the stars twinkling out in full force the milky way smiling down as I stand underneath a single lamp post on a dark empty street, on the footpath corner next to a give way sign.

In my right hand I grip my Sony mp3 player , in wool gloves thin not so warm hence the aching fingers, like coming out of a fog I realise where I am, I'm on the same walking route I take every night after work, to workout/zone out from life, at the intersection looking both ways ready to cross, no oncoming traffic, darken houses lining both sides of the street

This is weird

Looking down I see I'm in my walking clothes, long sleeve black top with a wool lined blue hoodie, navy tracksuit pants with double stripes down the legs, my 8mile black beanie on my head, black track shoes

Yes this is my life

But what?

I feel a slight tingle in the back of my head, an oncoming headache

What's going on?

How did I get here?

Thinking back, well trying to the head ache gets worse,

"Like a bitch handover from hell"

I whisper in the night, deja vu hitting me, something's not right, I don't remember getting my clothes on and going for a walk, I don't remember getting this far, which in real time is 15 mins of fast walking I don't remember, the ache getting worse inside my head I pocket the mp3 player, using my right hand to hold onto the give way sign post.

The noises around me now tuning in, like an old radio, that's when I notice the soft low music coming from the ear buds in my ears, the low orchestra notes floating into my brain, soothing,

I don't remember this playing a moment ago,

As I hear the violins playing and seeming other instruments come into play I realise what the music was, Across the Stars- Star Wars love them of Anakin and Padme

What, why was I listening to this for, don't get me wrong I love it but ok weird

At this point nothing makes sense, emotions stirred in me as I looked both ways still no traffic, looking ahead as I step off the curb onto the road, seeing way in the distance the next intersection

Why does it look so far away?

I think to myself, the horns and violins now sounding onnoymus, slowly building to something, the emotions in my chest coming to a head with the familiar tune, humming it as I go

After several footsteps a sudden pain shoots thru my right leg, like a white hot branding iron running down the length of my thigh, grasping my leg I step hissing breath thru my clenched teeth, "shit" I scream into the dark cold air, as soon as it starts it stops, so does the music, silence fills the air, my hands still clutching my leg, I let go looking down at it, seeing nothing

"Ok that was weird" I say once again out load to no one

looking behind me, seeing if anyone saw me, nothing, just the night still, the houses on the street some were black others had lights behind there curtains, no one heard, I guess I don't know whether I feel happy about that or not, shrugging I start forward and continue on, pushing play on my player in my right pocket the music once again starts up, still the Star Wars theme, but starting again from the start.

Ok weird

Once again after a few more footsteps as the same section of music as before a searing pain hits me thru my left arm

"fuck what's going on" I scream out clutching my left arm with my right hand, I don't know how, feeling once again déjà vu hit me, but this time the music plays on and the pain gets worse, it was indescribable, never had I felt anything like this before, a liquid fire pulsing thru my veins and at the same time chilly like ice, sinking to my knees as it continued to throb, tears pricking my eyes, trying to not let them fall, breaths leaving my lips sharply, as I see it hanging in the air like a chimney form a train passing in the night sky, to un focused now, getting up on weak shaky legs, I made my way slowly forward to the curb, dropping onto the grass, looking around wishing for help, the pain increasing, not too far from home if I continue on, then I can find out in real light what is going on

Now panting, my heart beating rapidly thru my chest, the pain is incredible what is going on, wanting to be sick deciding I had to get home I make my feet move once again, noticing the music still playing that one song, laughing to myself at the sudden thought that the music was speaking to me, telling me to hold on to something, a love that I will have, ;laughing at the thought I stood once more, my legs still wobbling as the music once again built up and belt out to the chorus of soothing melody making me determined, walking forward my arm started to hurt less, subside to bearable

"Stay wake, stay with me"

"What the fuck was that?"

I stop rooted to the spot on the road surface, daring not to breath, terror racking my body I heard a male voice, speaking to me, looking around I still saw no one, totally alone, the feeling of being sick, washed over me, bile coming up into my mouth, clamping my lips together I suck it down,

"I just imagined it, surely I did"

I continued to walk ahead, forgetting about my arm for a moment, my legs now fine, the sickness now gone, replaced with dread, I surge forward starting to jog then break out into a run, my music in my ears now silence, I had it on shuffle a new song should of started to play by now, with more urgency an looking ahead at the oncoming intersection I run faster, must go faster, frightened

Carry on my wayward son, there be peace when you are done, lay you weary head to rest, don't you cry no more

Screamed into my ears,

Stopping suddenly at the fright, breathing heavenly at the guitar notes start up, shit you blonde get your shit together I mentally scold myself

"Aleisha can you hear me, you have to open your eyes, shit"

My eyes go wide as I hear the voice again, franticly looking around to find no one, the music once again stopped silent, my chest heaving, my head now pounding, placing my hands on the side of my head, my eyes still darting around in the darkness, little light coming from the above lamp post, left and right I turn my head and I see no one, no sounds or footsteps nothing

"I've gone mad I've gone mad, I'm hearing voices, I'm not blonde I'm just mad" saying out load once again, my voice crackling, terrified, my hands shaking and I try to swallow, small sharp breaths coming out

"ARGH" my voice screaming out

Without warning it hit me, the pain in my thigh and arm come back full force, screaming out loud I collapse to my side on the edge of the road, my vision blurry, the taste of metallic rust on my tongue, blood, wanting to be sick, tears falling down my cheeks, the rough stone chips from the road surface digging into me, feeling there sharp bits thru my clothes

"oh god" I choke out, lifting my now pounding head up I look at my leg, the feeling of cold hitting me my body shaking from it, I see the rapidly darking stain on my track pants getting bigger, slowly with a shaking hand I try and reach forward, I touch it with my right hand pulling it back trying to focus, my finger tips wet, I knew what that meant in the back of my pounding head, trying to focus my eyes blurry in the little light from the street lamp, shaking but slowly turning my hand around to just in front of me I see it dripping off my fingers, blood

I start to panic, my heart beating in my ears, breathing fast, dropping my shaking hand back on the road, stinging as the stone chips dig into my skin thru my thin gloves,

"I have to get home, I have to get home, this is not real, I have to get home" I keep chanting, in between gasping breaths, silence still in the air sitting awkwardly around me, why wont anyone help, where is everybody, thinking that I haven't seen any cars pass by me, slowly pushing myself up, vertigo hitting me, as my world sways around me violently, ghostly echoing in my ears...

Once I rose above up the noise and the confusion, just to get a glimpse behind this illusion,

My mp3 player suddenly again coming to life with that one sentence

"Sam hurry, I can't stop the bleeding, she's going to die if we dont stop it"

That voice again what's going on Sam, why do I know that name Sam, Sam, and Sam?

I was soaring ever higher, but I flew to high

Biting down on my bottom lip and shaking once more I get slowly to my feet pushing forward dragging my right leg, grasping my left arm, feeling the blood seeping thru my fingers,

"Oh god please just let me wake up please, let it stop" I cried out tears flowing faster down my cold cheeks as the voices and music continued thru my ears

"Pull it tighter I have to get the bullet out, give me the knife"

Though my eyes could see, I still was a blind man, though my mind could think I still was a mad man

One foot after the other come on you can do it, I thought to myself pushing forward still,

"I got it, thank fuck, give me the knife"

I hear voices the when I'm dreaming I can hear them say,

The pain in my leg was unbearable, spots of grey clouding my eyes, my vision kept blurring, burning my leg was burning, the smell of flesh charged hanging in the air, bile rose up my throat quickly, bending forward I had no time before it came rushing out my mouth, burning the back of my nose as it rushed out of there also, coughing as the smell of burning flesh still strong, gasping for breath as I spat the last vomit from my mouth

A small laugh escapes my lips; fuck my life right now as the bile taste sat on my tongue still, music echoing my life spoken to truth

"Son of a bitch"

His voice once again in the back of my mind thru all the pain and suffering as I tried to push on to home I could hear clear like a bell,

"Well done Dean"

Another voice, coldness creeping over me, as I stand still, numb, two names Sam and now Dean, I think I know who but a pricking at the back of my mind I searched for the answer came up nothing, still fuzzy like I was drunk , feeling tired and weak, looking forward thru foggy eyes the give way sign so far away in the distance, seeming as I haven't moved at all, swaying on my legs, shaking, it was like a nightmare that I could not wake up from, a bad never ending story that I...

"Fan fiction" I gasp out suddenly, out of nowhere I am falling backwards, images flooding in front of my eyes

Forest leaves, darkness

Stained jeans, finger wet with blood

Legs dragging forward stumbling

Flipping off the blue car

Incoming head lights, wheel screeching idling engine

Falling, strong arms around me, tar seal under my arms, smell of rust and musk...


"Sammy drive"

"Can we trust her dean?"

"I don't know, I just have a feeling I have to save her"

"Fuck she's been shot Sam"

"Well sweet cheeks I hope to god you don't ruin my leather"

"She's one of us, she's a hunter"

"She's gotten paler, she doesn't look good"

"Where am I?"

"Well baby girl, you're in the back of my car, bleeding out we found you in the middle of the road"

"Aleisha my names Aleisha"

"Stay with me, you need to stay awake, we are going to get you some help but we need you to stay awake"

"Winchester right, hunters, supernatural hunters"

"Zland, I'm from New Zealand, I'm a kiwi"

"Wow you're a long way home, what brings you to America"

Dean and Sam Winchester from the TV programme supernatural?

Gravel crunching under the tires stopping,

White house windows

Arms around me holding me, walking me hurriedly up stars, again the smell of his musk fills my senses

A rushing sensation and I feel a pull, the smell of musk once again but this time it's deeper, nearer

I hear a door swinging open, banging back against the wall

Hard wood, on my back, ripping sensation, clothes, my world now black, my eyes no longer mine to control, but my ears and body will not give me the same comfort from the burning pain

Hissing breath thru my teeth, pain, watery feeling over my leg and arms, cold to cold


His voice again

"your going to be all right, just hang on, I'm make it right", his strong hand on my forehead pushing my hair away from my sweat soaked skin, his fingers burning, wanting me to flinch away from his touch, will this pain stop please make it stop,

Gasping for breath I open my eyes my vision blurry, my breathing starting to become hard as I see it once again hang in the night air, silence still filled the night, my music still not playing, still lying on this empty road, houses nearby,

My chest rising and falling slower now, more slowly as I continue to see those twinkling stars smiling down on me, giving me no comfort, music echoing in my ears, the same lyrical phrase over and over, as my breathing shallows further, growing more silent

Carry on my wayward son, there will be peace when you are done, lay your weary head to rest, don't you cry anymore

Sam and Dean Winchester of Supernatural where, are real

I whisper those last lyrics in time with the music, gasping in my breaths my vision blurs, the blackness in my sight now clouding my overall, the wind whistling around me

Silence, peaceful...death?

Darkness, nothingness, quietness

Slowly unfocused muffled voices almost muted started to fade in around me, getting louder, trying to concentrate I hear them clearly, my world this black void

"Ok I got off the phone with bobby; he's on his way with his doctor friend of his, from Mystic Falls"

"Doctor Friend, does bobby have friends"

A picture of blue eyes smiling down on me washes across my vision, a memory of something important,

blue eyes what does that mean?

I hear the voices, the same ones I heard before trying to move I couldn't, the feeling rushing at me of pain, my leg my arm, now my chest ached my head throbbed, I tried to groan but nothing, the voices continued as I tried to move from this black prison.

am I even breathing?

"Yeah a doctor, Meredith Fell, apparently he ran into some trouble a while back in Virginia with a rugaru and she patched him up, apparently she's known in the circle; know about the supernatural stuff to"

"Well that will come in handy, isn't Mystic Falls some sort of supernatural mecca, I saw it in dads journal once"

The same picture of blue eyes washes over my vision once again, just like before, but this time there is another set of eyes, brown eyes, smiling eyes or love, what does this mean and why eyes I don't get it, that is the second time they have mentioned Mystic Falls and the second time I had a vision.

"Yeah, vamp problems"

Vamp problems?

listening into their conversation, Mystic Falls, Mystic Falls, where have I heard...

"OH HELL NO, HELL TO THE NO" I scream out in my head

This is not real it can't be, seriously someone is pulling my leg so to speak, Mystic Falls, thee Mystical Falls of the Vampire Diaries, thee Vampire Diaries as the bloody TV programme, hell no this is one really crazy dream and I want to wake up, shit, trying once again to move I am once again unsuccessful, so I guess this is what it is like to be in a coma, I mean I have read about it, typed my story about it but experiencing it is a whole new ball game in a word it sucked, tiredness sweeps over me

Drifting away with my thoughts their voices fade out, no doubt talking about the situation, hell I would if some random dude just, stood on the road into an oncoming car my car, fading into black once more, silence, it's peaceful

Coming back round again into my black prison I hear voices once again

"All I found in her pocket was what's on the table and of course her gun, no id nothing"

"I don't know Sam something is definitely weird, how the hell did she end up on the highway, not to mention this state and country, and at deaths door"

Beeping interrupted the scene between the two brothers, god I wish I could wake up, if this is not a dream and that is definitely the one and only Winchester boys I SO need to see, I mean its DEAN ARGH, feeling my heartbeat faster, only me of all people could get turned on about a fictional character which may or may not be real not my imagination, in darkness, seriously why me,

"Well that was bobby, on our mysterious hunter" Sam says his voice getting louder, is he coming closer to me?

"And" Dean replies his smell again hitting my senses as I feel him near me; I feel something in my right hand and something on my forehead

"You know Sam I'm all for dramatics but come on spill it, bitch" his hand slides over my forehead and thru my hair

If I could jump up and dance right now I would

Ok the one and only Dean Winchester is touching me ARGH

"Jerk, anyway they call her the arc, shes apparently well known in New Zealand"

"Really never heard of her"

Ditto same here buddy, I say back in a non reply as I listen further

"Apparently she's specializes in Maori legends and beasts, bobby got a hold of one of his contacts in Australia and yeah he sent a pic over and it is her"

"Ok then why is she here and why the arc"

Yeah I would like to know that also,

I say back, feels nice being in a convo with these two hotbots even those they can't hear me, my heart flickers and I get excited when I feel Deans thumb brushing my knuckles ARGH FANGIRLING, I think I just cumed, sorry

"apparently she's goes by the name of arc, it's her initial Aleisha R Carter so arc for short, the word is she was over here looking into a nest of baby vamps 2 months ago with a couple of other hunters they got separated, unfortunately for the other hunters they didn't make it and she had vanished"

Ok so that's my story I guess I wonder how that happened?

Baby vamps, as that sentence was mention a weird sensation hit the back of my head, like when you know something like a favourite song or film and you can't remember the title but a scene or lyric goes on repeat inside your head

Well that's what's happening now

Vampires, mmmmmm

And why Carter for a last name, it's not my real last name but why Carter, is it cos of the hole ARC thing, cos that is kind of cool, I mean if I was going to have any cool last name I would have like Mikaelson or Torretto, no Mikaelson, mmmmm vamp werewolf Klaus now there is a hot man/vamp, imagine what...umm,

imagine what he could...

What he could...

huh weird, my thoughts stopping there, like pressing pause on a old fashion tape deck, he's very good looking and awesome on the Originals, but for some reason I admire him more lovingly like not in the romantic sense, me and my girlfriends in the past used to talk about how hot he was but now just thinking about it makes me wanna be sick, thinking about Klaus Elijah and the whole originals saga with Mikeal and everything is kind of sad, and a sense of missing hits me, huh weird, longing like a part of me is incomplete funny that just popped in my heard but I cannot think why?

Such musing where my thoughts that I lost all sense around me and I guess time, as I concentrate again in the darkness I hear a females voice, I don't recognise at all, but I do recognise the new male voice in the room

"well we me meet again Winchester boys, now I've come to take back what is mine" his voice cool, cold and unfazed, his accent dripping thru each spoken word with a domance of leadership, almost growling I know that voice,


Feeling like a rubber band snapping and releasing in the back of my head, his voice triggering it at full force

It can't be, images flash thru my mind, forgotten memories of long past, one after the other flashing fast like a movie on fast forward, blurring together but still distinguished from the next, blue eyes brown eyes, family, my family...

"Where is she, where is Hope, WHERE IS MY DAUGHTER!"

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