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Chapter 1: Numb


I heard the soft voice of my cousin, Rapunzel. "It's me…Anna." I whispered softly.

"Is everything okay?…." I heard her shifting in bed. "It's 2 A.M."

"I know." I spoke softly as her voice raised slightly with worry.

"What's wrong."

"I don't…I don't think I can keep doing this with Kristoff."


"Yeah." I answered almost silently.

"…Do I need to hit him with a frying pan?"

"No." I laughed slightly at that image.




"Idon'tthinkI'mstraight!" I blurted out.


"I don't think I'm straight." I said slowly. There was silence. I counted to ten. "Please say something." I begged.

"Say something I'm giving up on you." She sang softly.

I laughed nervously.

Rapunzel sighed. "I…I've known for a while."


"It was just a matter of you accepting it." Rapunzel continued on ignoring my outburst.


"So….you gonna break up with Kristoff?"



"Better now than later."

"K. Just don't have a scene with all those new kids showing up."

"Yeah…dockside kids."


"Dockside…Downtown…same thing…same area."

"Sure." She replied sarcastically.

"Do you think Elsa will accept me?"

"…. I don't know….but this is about you and I'll be here for you. I promise."



"Night." Anna whispered back softly. She heard the phone line go dead before hanging up and clutching it to her chest as she stared at her ceiling waiting….waiting for a sleep that never came.

So, I'll probably be updating once a week or every two weeks depending on my life. Probably till like May, it'll be every two weeks. This is basically an introduction for all the drama to start. Welcome all readers, to the insanity of my mind. And I have no idea if this story will reach level T, I just selected that to be safe. And anybody recognize the name for the chapter? (Hint: it is a song.)

Thanks for reading.