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Title: Encounters

Author: Magrat

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Rating: NC-17

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Summary: Even though apart, Willow and Tara need each other.

Disclaimer: Not mine; I would have treated them better.

Notes: some very light S&M. This is an old story but I have reworked it because I was never happy with the original.

Encounter One: Tara

I took a deep breath, doubts flooding my head, but I know I'm going to go into the bar. Sunnydale's one and only gay bar and a place I've been going to every Friday for about a month now. As I've found to my cost addiction is a terrible thing.

She's there, I knew she would be. She's sitting at the bar, I catch her eye when I order my drink and go and sit in a corner seat. Lounging back I take a long pull of my beer; Dutch courage. I felt her breath on my neck and she whispered lightly in my ear "I've missed you, once a week is not enough,". She then lazily dumped herself on my lap kissing me before I have time to reply.

"I've missed you too," I know she's not listening to me her mouth was already on my neck sucking at my pulse point, making me shiver. God it feels so good. Her hands weree starting to unbutton my shirt it takes me all my will power to stop her. "We can't do this not here."

She leans away from me, her eyes intense and cloudy with passion "I've waited too long. I want you. I know we can't go to your dorm room if people saw us together there, they wouldn't understand and well my house is so out of the question. I hope your not mad but I've booked a hotel room."

I'm shocked but almost instantly and painful aroused it's been so long since...No I can't even think about it not here not now. "O-okay," just one word that was all I could get out.

She beamed happily into my face "Wow I didn't think you would come with me but, I've been planning for this and I promise you a good time."

The thoughts and doubts run through my mind; I know I shouldn't be doing this but I have to. Just this once I want to be selfish; not Tara the homebuilder, the good friend, supporto girl. I am the girl who needs the love, the passion and to honest the sex; so I follow like a lovesick puppy into the unknown.


"Well the room is quite nice and at least the clerk only leered at us a little," she sat on the bed testing the springs with a big salacious grin on her face.

My heart started to thump "I shouldn't be doing this."

"Beautiful, don't go guilty on me now," she was on me kissing me, pushing my mouth open, and probing me with her tongue. My resistance disappeared and I can feel myself getting wet. "Hey I've got something to show you."

She took me into the bathroom and to my surprise it was just like one that I stayed at in a hotel room in Italy. The one and only time I have been abroad, my father thought it would be a good idea, a sort of catholic retreat. He said it would help with my demon and bring me closer to God. Funny, I can almost laugh about it now. The room was totally tiled there was the usual wash hand basin and W.C but the unusual feature of the room was the shower and the drain. The floor was tiled dipping to a drain in the middle of the room and the showerhead was just set in the wall turning the whole room into a giant cubicle. I remember it made feel free, I had fantasised about taking some good catholic girl back and fucking her against the wall; had I told her...I really don't recall.

She stood grinning and leaning against the doorframe "You like?" She started to unbutton her shirt and removed it. She moved to her jeans unbuttoning the fly making sure I'm watching her, she seductively eased them over her slim hips. She had amazingly muscular abs. I watched frozen in place as she continued her strip tease she was absolutely beautiful. She was now down to her blue lacy bra and panties set, such a feminine look on her slim boyish figure, it's driving me insane.

I must have closed my eyes because the next thing I knew I'm going the one being pushed against the wall. "I think you're a bit over dressed for this room," she breathed into my ear. This time I don't resist when she started to undress me. In her skilled hands it doesn't take long. I shivered with nervousness and anticipation; I have never done anything like this before. She looks at me concerned. "Your cold. Why don't you get under the shower." Again I allow myself to be propelled by her. The warm water on my skin felt wonderful. "I'm going to wash you now and I can't wait to get me hands on your boobs,"

"Your underwear will get wet," I protested pathetically.

She laughed. "A bit to late to worry about that," her hands were straight on me, soaping my breasts.

I couldn't control myself any longer; I take off her bra, pull down her panties and pull her into my arms. I kiss her deeply biting her lip; she gave off a small cry. My hand snaked down between our two bodies and I pull one of her small erect nipples, moving further down I traced the muscles standing out firm on her tense stomach. I hear her suck in her breath when my hand moved between her legs. I should probably wait, tease a bit more, but I can't resist pushing two fingers easily inside her wet pussy. "You were right about the wetness."

"Please, Tara no talking I need you to..." she said.

Her eyes were closed "Open your eyes and tell me what you want." I commanded her, this isn't usually me; tonight I don't care, tonight I want everything that was due to me.

"Fuck me please," my woman pleaded and I obliged. I kept the pressure up hard and my thumb tightly on her engorged clit. I was probably rougher than I am ever usually, but I could feel her teeth on my breast biting me hard and her hands clawing at my back urging me on to take her. She pulled her head back screaming my name over and over and I can feel her walls crushing my fingers with convulsions when she comes. I leant against the wall shaken and a bit trembley at the electricity that had just passed between us. She slipped from my arms and slid down the tile to the floor. "Wow, you were amazing and my knees have gone all dizzy. You have turned the tables, this is not what I expected." She smiled at me. "Tara do you trust me?"

I don't know what to say. Do I? I'm not even sure. "Why?"

"I have something special planned for you but you have to trust me for it to work." She bounced lightly to her feet and grabbed my hand, leading me toward the bedroom. I hadn't noticed before when I walked in; on the bed lay some handcuffs, a blindfold, and some silk scarves. "What do you think?"

"I think you're insane if you think I'm g-going to let you tie me up, I'm n-not into that."

"Not into what?" she shot back, not missing a beat.

"Whatever you've got p-planned." I cursed the fact that my stutter gave my nervousness away so bloody easily.

"See I knew you didn't trust me," her lovely green eyes started to look like they're about to spill some tears. "Tara please let me. I promise if you don't like what I'm doing I'll stop straight away, but don't use my name or say no, it has to be a safe word just think of one and if you use it I'll stop."

Okay at that moment alarm bells were going off in the back of my head, safe words not something I've ever had to think about before. Have ever been in a situation when you're worried but at the same time so curious that if you don't do this you might regret it for the rest of your life? I've played some things in my life too safe; I decided to take the plunge. "Moon."

"What?" Here eyes were huge like she couldn't quite believe her ears.

"My word is moon."

She had a huge smile on her face. "You won't regret this. I'll tell you what I'm going to do; I'm going to tie you up, handcuff you to the bed, blindfold you and I have these earplugs for you to wear."

"You're joking with me. You're just going to take funny photos of me." I laughed

"No trust me with this it might seem strange but I think you will enjoy the end results and remember I'll be here and I would never leave you."

She restrained me. it felt almost chaste as if we had put some distance between ourselves. Then I stared to realize I have to keep moving because my muscles kept seizing up on me. After a while it started to kick in; I could feel my mind clouding it felt really weird almost like I'm drifting off to sleep. I can't hear anything, see anything and because of the way my limbs are splayed I can't touch anything either. I don't know how long I stayed like this time seems to have almost frozen. I was flying, like I had cast a spell and left my body.

Out of nowhere I felt the sensation of a feather being brushed up my thigh but it felt almost 10 times as intense. I jumped and my heart raced when that gentle teases was replaced by the burning of an ice cube placed on my nipple, the ice-cold water ran down my side making me shiver. This was replaced by a strange sharp prickling feeling that made me feel like all my nerve endings have all come alive at the same time. I have given up using my brain and I allow myself to just FEEL the delicious feeling of giving up my pleasure to another when what feels like a piece of fur was gently rubbed between my legs. I tried to lift me body to increase the pressure on my clit, but to no avail, an ice cube was run up the inside of my thigh, then the feather, followed by the prickles and I have started to lose a grip on what was happening to my body as the feeling come thick and fast, wave after wave.

Without warning I felt her mouth on me, her tongue on my clit; the intensity of this moment was beyond any that I have ever felt. She entered me with two cool fingers an started to relentlessly fuck me hard. At the same time she never let up on my clit; sucking and licking and I could feel the inevitable orgasm building in my stomach. I come long and hard, riding her face and oh so talented fingers. I don't know why but I started to shiver and cry. she had me untied in what seemed like seconds and cradled me back and forth. "Come back to me baby, come back to me love," she crooned in my ear.

Eventually I get back to normal "You were...that that was amazing."

She smiled but the clock caught her eye. "Shit it's Eleven Thirty. I should have been home ages ago. Bugger it I'm going to stay here the night. Stay with me?"

"Well I'm free, but you know you can't," I reply.

She thought for a second and then picked up the phone. "Hi Buffy I'm glad I caught you before you went on patrol. Look my meeting went on for longer than I thought so I've decided to stay at my parents tonight with it being closer and all. Give my love to Dawn."

So now you know our secret, this is our spell-casters anonymous meeting I help her with her addiction to magic and she feeds mine to Willow Rosenberg.

I dangle the handcuffs in her face "Guess that means I have time to play with you now."