Author: Magrat

Rating: M

Disclaimer: Not mine; I would have treated them better.

Note: You've had Tara thoughts these are Willows. The conversation won't be exact, as two people tend to remember events in slightly different ways.

Notes; if anyone remembers the original they will know I have changed it. Thank you to Sao21; this is for you :-)

Hotel part 2;

I feel like a nervous wreck. I have been waiting in this smoky bar for almost an hour, its not that I don't think Tara will turn up, it's more whether she will agree to what I have planned for her.

She enters. I watch as she shoots me a look, grabs a drink and goes and sits in a quiet corner. I close in behind her. "I've missed you, once a week is not enough," I sit on her lap without invitation and start to kiss her neck and almost by magic my hands are on her shirt fumbling with the buttons.

"Not here," Tara growled.

I take a deep breath here goes everything "I've waited so long for you. I want you so much. I know we can't go to your dorm room or you come to my house so I hope you won't mind but I've booked a hotel room."

She looks at me in surprise and utters just one word. "O-okay."

I'm elated. "You won't regret this," I tell her, "I promise you a good time." I pull her quickly from the bar the excitement growing with every move.

The hotel clerk leers at us as I ask take her up the stairs to the room I've prepared, but I couldn't care less. I just can't wait to get Tara up those stairs.

As we enter the room she turns to me "I shouldn't be doing this."

I feel my heart start to sink everything is so raw and fragile. We probably shouldn't be doing this, sneaking about behind our friends back. I need this and I hope she does too. I just let passion take over and start to kiss her probing my tongue into her mouth. I can feel her breathing quicken and I know I have snagged her.

"I want to show you something." I remember her once telling me about a fantasy she had about fucking in a totally tiled bathroom with no cubicle or bath in it. I searched the whole of Sunnydale to find exactly what she wanted. "You like?" I ask her.

Her blue are huge and darken close to midnight with lust. While I have her attention I start to put on an impromptu strip tease. I wouldn't normally be so bold, but the way she is looking at me like she could eat is more than a reward for my boldness.

I push her against the wall. "You are too over dressed," with this I start to remedy the situation. She is shivering, I'm not sure if it's cold or excitement just incase I insist she goes under the shower. I start to soap her wonderful body. I love her full breasts and they way she reacts when I pull her hard nipples.

She starts to undress me pulling me into a passionate embrace. I cry out as she bites my lip. Tara isn't normally this rough, it seems to suit the moment and I'm even more surprised to feel her fingers enter me. She stops and looks into my eyes. God I need her to do this. I start to plead with her.

"Open your eyes and tell me what you want?" Tara whispered, her voice husky with desire.

"Tara fuck me please," I just about have the strength to whisper. She obliges moving quick and hard inside me and keeping an intense pressure on my clit. I know I have never been fucked like this before and it takes me all my strength to stay on my feet as she drags me towards my orgasm.

As I recover not really able to understand how she managed to turn the tables on me but feeling so unbelievably elated at what she did to me. The secret Tara; she always seems to want to hide from the world is how sexy and passionate she is. I don't mind as long as I have her to myself; selfish I know, right now I don't care.

Here comes the big part I hope I have the nerve and she has the trust in me to go through with; so here goes nothing. "Tara do you trust me?"

"Why?" Tara's response is wary.

"I want to do something special for you, but you have to trust me to make it work," I answer hoping to reassure her. I lead her towards the bedroom where I have set out a few things on the bed. She starts to back away

"Your insane if you think I'm going to let you tie me up. I'm not into that," Tara looks shocked that I would even start this.

"Not in to what". I try to keep it light; doing my best to hold things together. I'm not sure if I can take her rejecting me.

"Into what ever you've got planned," Tara whispered breaking my heart in two.

I start to babble anything to be able to have my baby where I want her. "I'll stop when ever you want... you can use a safe word. I promise I want do anything to hurt you."

"Moon" Tara's soft and unsure.

"What?" I replied not really able to take in what she just said to me. Does this mean she is going to let me?

"My word is moon," her voice loud and determined this time, soaking me even more than I already am.

My heart is racing. I wasn't sure if she would really let me. I explain quickly what I'm going to do and she makes a joke, I think to hide her nerves, about me taking funny photos. I cuff her hands to the headboard and use some silk scarves to restrain her feet. I blindfold her and push some earplugs into her ears. Sensory depravation, it's supposed to give you this huge head rush, I know I haven't got the most sophisticated toys but I'm hoping it'll work.

I know I have to sit back now and watch over her, it'll take her a while to get to where I want her, but to honest I could sit here all night looking at her, she looks so beautiful and I can't believe I almost threw all this away.

I think she has hit that place in her head where she is flying. I take some things out of my bag a feather, a piece of fake fur, an antique silver hairbrush and I got to the mini-bar and remove a tray of ice cubes. What to use first, I know I have to keep changing the sensations to make it more intense.

I start with the feather just gently down her thigh. She jumps, her back arching. This instant response more than I ever expected. I apply an ice cube to her nipple and I am rewarded with a groan. I use the hairbrush on her next; this brings out an amazing reaction from her, moving her hips and groaning in real pleasure. I gently stoke her clit with the fur; she is trying so hard to rub herself against it that I fear she will pull the headboard off. I then use everything quickly, over and love again, I try to bring her to a crescendo of feelings.

I try my best, there is no way in heaven or hell I can resist it and I move my mouth over her hard clit. I love going down on her she tastes and smells so good. I love to do it first thing in the morning so that I can have her faint scent on me all day. Her clit is so hard and she is so wet. I slip two fingers with ease inside her and fuck her hard. It doesn't take long before I can feel her clit throbbing in my mouth. Her back arches as she comes hard in my mouth. She tastes so fucking good when she comes; this should be my addiction, her taste, her scent and I could lick and suck her for hours on end.

I finally pull away and look down at her and to my dismay she has started to cry. I untie her and cradle her in my arms crooning her back to this reality. I get ready to apologise to her, thinking maybe I had gone too far, but instead she starts to tell me how wonderful I was. My chest heaves with love and pride at being able to put my self at this woman's service.

The clock catches my eye. "Shit its eleven thirty, bugger it, I'm going to stay here the night." I look into her eyes "Stay with me."

"I can but you know you can't," said Tara.

I have an idea I pick up the phone. "Hi Buffy I'm glad I caught you before you went on patrol. I'm going to stay the night with my parents, as their house is closer. See you, give my love to Dawnie."

I turn to Tara but can't get any words out as she is standing looking at me in a most provocative way the handcuffs dangling from one finger.

"I guess that means I have time to play with you," Tara purred.

I lie back on the pillow. "Do what you want"

She fastens my hands to the headboard. "Your happy to let me do anything?"

"I trust you."

She looks at me her pupils are dilated "Let me see what you have in your bag of tricks," she goes to the bag and pulls out an item I was going to use but forgot all about. "You were going to fuck me with this?" she asks her eyes flashing.

She has a leather harness and a silicon dildo in her hand. I just nod not sure if she is angry with me or not. I know she likes penetration, but maybe I've taken it too far.

She kneels between my legs, suddenly I feel very vulnerable. She takes the tip of the dildo and starts to rub it against the wet lips of my pussy. She is in total control now. I move to try and get it to rub against my clit, she carefully and skilfully avoid my aching bundle of nerves she and instead teases me for some minutes. Without warning she pushes a couple of fingers inside me, I gasp desperate for more much, much more.

"Your so wet, I think you need more," Tara's voice hoarse with passion and lust. She pushes one then and another finger inside and almost as suddenly withdraws.

"Tara, please don't tease me anymore," I cry out ready to beg for anything, promise her anything, if I can feel her back inside of me.

"I'm not teasing I am going to do something to you I've never done before," Tara replies.

I watch as she opens the tube of lube that I had brought with me and covers her hand with it. She enters me finger after finger and then to my surprise she curls her thumb inside. I've never felt so full, as she starts to me fuck me gently with her whole fist. It feels wonderful like she has total possession of me.

She catches my eye. "Tell me that that pretend dick could feel better than this?"

"Never," I breathe

She smiles and her beautiful mouth goes to join her hand and I come so hard I lose consciousness. She is panicked for a moment nothing like that had ever happened to either of us; I am elated and after a few moments the sexy half grin on her face suggests she is very proud of herself.

She lets me out of the handcuffs. I apologise to her if I have upset her with the dildo.

"No apology needed, in fact maybe we can use it another night," Tara said, with a wicked grin on her face, suggesting my innocent, beautiful witch is turning into the sex kitten she should always have been.