Hi guys, I haven't updated anything in... well, in a very long time :') I started playing LoL last year and I love it, so I thought I'd share a first chapter I wrote. If people like it, I'll continue it, idk. I don't think this is particularly good but I'd really value people's opinion, I haven't written anything in ages.

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The Value of Strength

"Ask not the sun why she sets,
Why she shrouds her light away,
Or why she hides her glowing gaze,
When night turns crimson gold to grey."

Chapter One

I have my exam tomorrow. So what am I doing? Playing League of Legends at three in the morning. Elizabeth stretched in her desk chair and drained yet another can of Red Bull, letting the energy pulse through her veins and thinking about how she should really get some sleep. Her blurred vision making it difficult to concentrate on her spawning champion, failing to remember who she had even summoned. Just one more game, she thought, just one more, then I'll sleep. Her fingers cramped from the hours she had been hunched over her keyboard and mouse, refusing to even think about her final exams the next day. Her roommate had gone to bed hours ago, leaving her and the glowing light of the computer in the dark of the living room.

Elizabeth had tried to study, she really had. The desk was littered with old papers, textbooks, lecture notes, and everything else from her months of college preparation. After hours of looking sceptically at the hastily scribbled notes, she told herself that a 'well-earned break' was needed. By that, she meant close all her documents and tabs, and log onto League of Legends. The familiar click of the log in screen was like ecstasy. Invitations to games and private messages immediately popped up on the screen and she smiled. Of course, there was no going back now. Everyone knows the feeling of wanting a 'break' and the proceeding to play game after game until it's the early hours of the morning, and yet still managing to convince yourself that it'll be perfectly fine to get up for class in approximately 4 hours. Such was Elizabeth.

"For fuck's sake," she mumbled, annoyed at the sound of 'a summoner has disconnected'. A four vs. five would be lost within fifteen minutes, especially if their Nasus was left to farm top lane by himself. Her tired reactions still managed to get them to half an hour, after which both nexus turrets had been destroyed. If she was going to get to Diamond before the end of the season, she had to work for it, she supposed. Even when the game was inevitably lost, she still managed to score a triple kill and doggedly refused to surrender.

"lol why u dont surrender?" The Caitlyn from the opposing team typed in all-chat.

"cos u all picked noob champs and we can still win fck u scrub" The Garen replied. Elizabeth rolled her eyes. No game was lost until the end. Although when she died for the seventh time, she did begin to think it might be a lost cause. The grey view of summoner's rift would remain until her champion respawned. The combination of the grey computer screen and the darkness of the living room made her eyes heavy with exhaustion. A strand of long hair escaped the bun atop her head, but she lacked the energy to brush it out of her face. The computer fans whirred incessantly, complaining at being constantly switched on for such long periods of time.

She closed her eyes, feeling the heavy weight of fatigue. Maybe I just need to rest my eyes. Then I can get back to the game and carry us.. Her head slipped forward, coming to rest gently on the desk, her glasses digging almost painfully into the bridge of her nose. Just a minute, then I'll get back up... She fell into an almost instant doze, snoring softly as her eyelashes fluttered. Her last thought on this earth would be how she wished she could be anywhere but here. She didn't want to sit her exams or go out drinking with her flatmates. She wanted to be somewhere else

Elizabeth woke in a cold sweat, tangled in her own pyjamas and her glasses askew on her face. Before she even opened her eyes, there was a strong sense that something was not quite right. Disorientated by her change of position, she remembered falling asleep at the computer desk and now she could have sworn she was lying down, with what felt like cold stone beneath her body. A light breeze washed over her, smelling of grass and earth, and the tangy, coppery scent of blood. Her eyes snapped open and the words "Welcome to Summoner's Rift!" blared loudly within her own head, clear as day.

From her position on the ground and hardly daring to move her eyes, she surveyed her surroundings with an eerie calm. The first thing she was met with was a tiny ball of white fluff; it squeaked and nudged her arm when it noticed she was conscious, tongue lolling in a most peculiar fashion. Elizabeth squinted at it. The creature licked her nose. "Thirty seconds until minions spawn!" The voice came again, just as loud. Dragging her eyes away from what she assumed must be a Poro, she pulled herself upright.

This is a very, very realistic dream. The moss covered stone felt cold and damp beneath her bare feet as she looked out onto Summoner's Rift. I am in such deep shit if I am meant to be able to fight in this dream. The nexus glowed blue, wild flowers growing at its base and curling around the intricate stonework. A network of interweaving paths spread out into the dense forest that dominated her vision. Something nudged her foot and she looked down to see the Poro giving her a friendly head butt.

"What is it?" She asked the creature, throat dry and cracked, rubbing her cheek with the sleeve of her Winnie the Pooh pyjamas.

"LET US GO, CHILD!" A voice so deafening it almost made her fall over with the loudness of it. A huge, moustached man loomed over her, grinning. The Poro squeaked with excitement and ran in circles around the the giant's feet. Woad tattoos laced his vast shoulders with artistic precision, coiling around each arm in a brilliant blue. He leaned on what appeared to be a colossal door encased in ice, worn down from what must have been years of battle.

"...Braum?" Elizabeth said in a voice that squeaked like the Poro's, feeling lightheaded.

"I look after little one!" He spoke, proudly. "I do not know where you come from but you must be tested, yes? Come, let us be going."

"I just... I... what?" Even for a dream, this is strange. I think this might be a sign that I should stop playing league before I go to bed. The graphics are pretty awesome though... She thought, glancing down at her pyjamas and her general lack of armour or weapons or, well, anything. This dream better conjure me up some sweet sword or some shit.

"Minions have spawned!"

The announcer's voice echoed in her head. Braum was already half way down one of the paths before he stopped to look back at her, waiting. "Well, why not. I can't die, it's a dream, right?" She muttered under her breath and set off at a jog to keep up with her companion and almost jumping out of her skin when six small things emerged from the nexus wielding axes. "Minions..." She shouldn't have been surprised. They blinked up at her, not understanding who she was. She patted one of them on the head, "It'll be okay, buddy."

Braum was waiting for her at the turret, stroking his Poro on the head. "Time for the fighting, yes?" He beamed.

"Uh, sure." She answered, and realized for the first time that she was shaking, either from cold or fear.

He laughed. "Put away your worried face! Braum is here. As long as you kill the soldiers and keep back, I will keep you safe." Now would be a great time to wake up, I'm cold and this is getting a little weird.

"How will I kill when I have no weapon?" She said, dryly.

He pondered this for a moment, all the while the blue side minion waves trundled along and caught sight of the purple wave. They clashed and met in the melee and Elizabeth was surprised to hear herself wince at the gore the fighting soldiers produced. She was strangely fascinated by the blue orbs the caster minions fashioned and hurled at their enemies. The slight hissing sound when they met their targets was like strange music. It was just so... real.

Braum finally smiled and reached towards his door, grasping the ice in his hands and breaking off a long, sharp spear of ice. It did not melt at his touch, and where he pricked his finger, blood spilled out from the wound.

"Freljord ice! Sharp as steel!" He handed it to her and she took it gingerly. It was cold, as she expected, but not wet. Clear as crystal and smooth, it showed no signs of melting. The point was indeed sharp. The minions were still locked in combat. Experimentally, she threw the ice-made spear at one of the purple side soldiers, flinching when it passed straight through a blue minion and piercing the one it was fighting in the chest. The thing yelped, hitting the ground and eventually fading into the ground. The spear reappearing in her hand, just as it had been when Braum had given it to her.


Before she even had time to consider her confusion, Braum spoke, "Ah! Our opponents! Look alive, little one." He strode out into the lane, the massive door before him, only a relatively small chunk missing.

"This isn't a dream, is it?" She asked him, starting to panic. Except she would not understand true panic until she realized what Braum had said. "Lane opponents?" he raised her head to the purple team's turret. Then she panicked.

Two of the most intimidating people joined the lane. One glimmered with a spectral glow, alight with the ghostly spears strapped to her back and pitch black breast plates that protected her torso. The other glowed with a different light, honey blonde hair tumbled beneath her golden helmet. Sunlight seemed to radiate from every pore, emphasizing the solid armour that moved with her muscular body like liquid.

Elizabeth gulped. Their shields and spears would annihilate her within seconds. A strong hand on her shoulder made her look up to Braum. "Do not worry child. We all need to learn. You must be new champion, yes? Little thing like you needs to stay safe."

Kalista and Leona reached the minions, Leona disappearing into the tall grass that flanked the lane. Throwing the Freljord spear repeatedly at purple soldiers, she tried to still the quaking in her limbs. It was all too surreal for her to even think about how this had happened, or even what had happened; but that didn't matter now. The sheer presence of Braum brought her an undeserved sense of safety, but just watching how confident he was in lane granted her some comfort. Lightly stretching her shoulders as she had seen Braum doing before (but not with the same unexpected elegance, he really was magnificent ). With a deep breath she began launching her spear at the purple soldiers, rarely hitting any but that didn't matter. She was reluctant to reduce the poor creatures to dust anyhow.

Kalista narrowed her eyes at her challenger, then gave the signal. From the grass, Leona nodded. With a shout of, "Feel the sun's glory!" her zenith blade lashed out from the foliage concealing her, hitting a poor, unsuspecting Elizabeth square in the chest. Pain shot through her body, shaking her out of whatever unjustified self-assurance she once had.

She couldn't stop herself from screaming, "Braum!" There was more pain as her collar bone was punctured by Kalista's spear. Her vision turned red, skin tearing. Clutching her own spear, she flung it in Kalista's general direction. It rushed by her with just a scratch to show for it.

"Stand behind Braum!" Her support leapt to her side, holding up his shield, intercepting Kalista's next thrown spear.

Elizabeth struggled to catch her breath, chest tight and head throbbing with the pain. Wake up, wake up, wake up! She thought. If there was any chance she could leave, she was going to try everything.

"You are not supposed to be here." The eerie, spectral voice of Kalista broke through to her. "Soft are the targets of our spears today."

"She is new champion!" Braum said.

"She is weak. The Institute vowed never to make champions like her again. Her world is frail."

Elizabeth clasped her stinging chest. "Then why am I here?" She whispered, more to herself than to anyone else.

"That is not an answer we can give." Braum looked down at her. She was so small compared to him. Compared to all of them she was small, both in size and in significance.

I want to go back. I want to go home. At the word "home", a blue light enfolded her and she felt herself lift off the ground. She sighed. When I say "home", I don't mean "recall". Nevertheless, she didn't stop it. Kalista and Leona didn't even try to intervene. She thought she even saw pity in the Radiant Dawn's eyes. Braum gave her an encouraging smile. When back at the base, she asked the shopkeeper what she could buy, but her creep score was apparently so appalling she could only afford a vampiric sceptre. Her wounds slowly closed up and healed, her strength returning.

"I'm not weak." She muttered, walking the path back to her support. Even as she spoke, she knew that in this world, she was weak. No combat training, no experience with violence or war. The pain had shaken her, making it real, and no matter how hard she squeezed her eyes shut, her familiar flat refused to reappear. "I'm not weak!" She said again with more force. Annoyance began to course through her veins. Who did Kalista think she was? She didn't know a thing about her. Despite her irritation towards the Spear of Vengeance, she knew there was nothing she could do. Years of training did not suddenly appear over night, let alone a few minutes.

The game went on in a similar fashion; miserably. No matter how hard she tried to hit Kalista, her martial poise kept her dancing just out of reach. Braum kept intercepting the spears and stuns the pair threw their way. Elizabeth was tired. Often, the sound of "An ally has been slain!" reverberated in her head, as well as the less often, "An enemy has been slain!" She heard pings as well, knowing the individual sounds for 'assist me' or 'enemies missing'. Her muscles ached, lip swelling where she had gnawed it bloody out of anxiety.

The lane had been frozen for over five minutes, until Braum decided to recall. "Back I go." He spoke, looking weary. He had been dashing all about the lane, trying all at once to keep her from harm, as well as making sure he placed wards and poked them back. She wished she could be of more help.

She chewed her lip nervously. "Okay." The blue light enfolded him and a few seconds later, he disappeared.

Kalista looked at her. She looked at Kalista. "Oh no, don-"

It was too late. Leona was lifted up and, with a flick of Kalista's hand, brought back down again. The thump shook the ground and Elizabeth was thrown into the air, winding her and making her head agonizingly spin. Excruciatingly bright light blinded her, stinging sensations pricking her body like tiny needles. Spear after spear hit her chest. If she dared to glance down, she would see them all buried there.

With a snarl of, "Weak!" from the Kalista, they were all simultaneously yanked out. She could see black spots, her lungs screaming from the wounds inflicted on her. Elizabeth never felt herself hit the ground, but she could smell her own blood and feel her pyjamas grow damp, life slowly draining away.

With a last throw of a spear, she finally blacked out.

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