Somebody was calling her.
Her eyes shut open but she couldn't make out anything besides the pervading darkness surrounding her.
Though she rotated around her own axis, there was nothing she could see.
„ Who's there?", she cried out, her voice echoing back from all around her.
„ Bloom!", the voice called again, louder than before.
It felt like it was coming from behind of her.
Bloom turned around narrowing her eyes to slits.
There! Very far in the distance she noticed a soft glow.
Without a second thought she started moving, running towards that light.
„ Daphne is that you?"
Right in front of Bloom the light began to shine as if it was the sun itself.
She was blinded for a moment, which forced her to cover her eyes with her arm.
As the rays began to slowly fade away she was able to see her sister standing in front of her, seeming proud and majestic at the same time.
The light surrounded her like a shining aura. But though she was smiling, there was a heavy seriousness written in her face.
„ Bloom my beloved sister. I'm calling you, because you all, even the dimensions, are in great danger!"
Bloom knitted her brow in confusion
. „ Again? We literally just defeated Valtor and the Trix! Who could possibly threaten us?"
„ Your victory is not accomplished by now! Those who were defeated will return!"
Blooms eyes widened. Impossible! „ What..."
„ Bloom, watch out. There's so much depending on you…"
Daphne's silhouette began to fade.
„ Daphne wait!"
„Your decision is the most important one of all…"
She vanished.
Now Bloom started running around, screaming „Daphne! Daphne come back! Will they seriously return? What decision? And why does it have to be me? Daphne! DAPHNE!"

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